Started by Reptavian, February 06, 2015, 12:08:31 AM

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I'm going to assume this has been said before, but just in case shouldn't our colonists be able to cook some food over a campfire?  That would really add to my ability to role play with these guys.  Now obviously there should be some motivation to build a stove at some point, but having to get right on that seems unrealistic to me.  The fire should be able to cook up only small animals and produce, the meals have a slight effect on mood based on backstory and traits, either a positive or negative mood effect for the rustic quality of the meal.  The food however isn't really as satisfying to the hunger and nutrition and you can't make foods which raise mood very well like birthday cake.

Just saying, yes we need campfire cookouts and ghost stories but at some point we also still need that stove for cake.


We're nowhere near that classy out on the rim. Embrace your inner hobo!