[1.3] Glass&Lights Last Update: [8/13/21]

Started by jacob814, August 06, 2015, 10:20:53 AM

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jacob814's Mods

A mod that adds an assortment of lights to the game as well as glass to go along with it.

- To start using this mod once enabled, you should research the glass and lights. They do have a decent beauty factor so it isn't aesthetically pleasing just to the player, but the pawns as well.
- If you have questions, concerns, or even a suggestion, let me known down below.
- This mod is on the Steam Workshop. This forum post is for those who have decided not to migrate to steam for one reason or another. All latest releases will be on steam (small bug fixes/changes). I will only update the GitHub when a major update is finished or a bug I've missed is making it unplayable/annoying.

Mod Team/Credit
- Author: jacob814 (NanoCE <-Steam)
- Texture Artists:
    Steam - Cammerel
    Steam - jptrrs
    Steam - EvilChaosKnight

  Chinese/汉字简化方案 : Future93
  Japanese/日本語 : Proxyer
  Simplified Chinese/简体中文 : NBurger500
  French/Français : qux

- Latest Glass&Lights Github Download

All update notes can be found on github and on the steam workshop...

Modpack/Public Release Permissions (Updated):
-Modpack Authors: If you are to release a modpack with this mod, I would love to showcase your modpack on both this page and the steam workshop. Please let me know either by a pm or posting here.
-Modification: What you modify with this mod is not up to me but if you redistribute my mod without written consent from me, the mod author, I will be doing everything in my power to remove your mod from whatever platform you decide to distribute it on. Ask me first. If you create a feature that is well done, it is likely just to be added in the mod itself.
-Youtuber: If you are a content creator and want to showcase my mod, for the better or worse, I would be more than delighted. I would love to show off the video here, just let me know.

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Wow nice love new ideas and CCL ablilities, like Kexici graphics. Waiting for release  ::)



Updated to 12b. Sorry about the late release, being sick and slammed with school isnt fun :P
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Since CCL demands a new save, there's no way to get the ceiling lights working with an existing save, right? :<


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I super <3 the glass stuff!

But... I already have *way* too many lights from all the various other mods.

Is there any chance of getting a nifty "glass only" mod?

Or--can anybody instruct me on how to gently lobotomize a mod?

Thanks in advance!


I love the visuals of this mod and really like using it!

However, after a bit of testing, I noticed that the beauty values were quite astronomical. For example, two windows had the same beauty value as a solid gold table! Luckily the XML files were easy enough to tweak, but I thought it might still be good to say something.

I'm going to test it out for balance, but given the time and effort required and the fact that most vanilla walls and lights don't seem to have beauty values, I'm setting the lights down to 2 on par with a carpet, and the windows and doors themselves a bit higher at 10 (down from 80 and 100), which makes them on par with basic furniture and such. I could be really off on the numbers, but it definitely seems better in my test game (a tiny wooden room with a dirt floor had a rating of "extremely beautiful" with just a ceiling lamp and a single window!)

Hope that info's helpful for future versions! Keep up the great work!


I understand your concerns about the beauty value but they are in place for a reason. Other than looking nice, I am giving the player another reason to use them past light and another wall. These glass walls and lights take another resource the player has to gather and make. I do agree that the glass walls are a bit out of place and I will lower it in a future release. The ceiling lights though will probably stay at that beauty level for now. If you have another suggestion on another stat these lights and walls could use, let me know.

If you mean separating the two mods for release. I wont do that but if you want to remove my lights for only the glass it would take some xml tweaking and deleting. I dont see why you just dont leave the lights alone and only use the glass. I will though take this into account and make it easier later on in a future release.
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I seem to have issues with this mod activating? Anyone else?


Quote from: Ungrateful on December 02, 2015, 11:56:36 PM
I seem to have issues with this mod activating? Anyone else?

Yep, to me the mod is loaded but there's no items or wall materials from the mod


This mod has the glass walls and doors hidden behind research. (small amount but its there) So you wont be able to see them at the start of a colony, Also the ceiling lamps themselves are also behind research, to easily check to make sure the mod is working enable developer mod in the options, then click the little god mod button.... That will un-hide everything