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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Darth Fool

Colonists with Doctor set as a priority should automatically attempt to rescue characters if possible without being ordered to do so.


Some things that would be neat to implement would be:

Some kind of object that can turn slag into metal, maybe 10 metal per slag pile. You get plenty of slag from raiders dropping in or having materials drop in. Over time a slag pile can be very beneficial.

Vehicles possibly. Your colonists have to walk around the map and if you're on one side and a material is on the other, it can take a while for that colonist to return. They can also have some kind of inventory system so you can carry more than 75 items.

Traveling system. You can expand your colony instead of having a small square with a colony.

Radars. These can be used either to detect when a raid will happen or to increase your map size. Raids are random but if raiders are dropping in from the atmosphere, you should be able to detect them and prepare a defense.

Tamable animals. These animals will randomly appear and eat your food if it's left out. right clicking on the animal with a non-drafted colonist will allow that colonist to tame the animal and it will become that colonist companion.

Breeding. I for one hate waiting for muffalo to respawn after slaughtering them. Some kind of mechanic that will allow the muffalo to mate will be very helpful. May even be able to have a new job 'Herder'. Can even be implemented with colonists and pets.

Hopefully you can take some of these into consideration for an update sometime in the future


ability to add/modify LinkDrawer's.
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Pirx Danford

Remove the throwing stones from the tribal warriors.
They would be much more dangerous if they rush in full out brawling.


Quote from: Typo on April 24, 2014, 10:44:06 PMSome kind of object that can turn slag into metal, maybe 10 metal per slag pile. You get plenty of slag from raiders dropping in or having materials drop in. Over time a slag pile can be very beneficial.

Nope.  This is too much.  1 metal per slag would be more appropriate.  But even that can be abused if done right.  Metal roof drops slag, so if you build a section of wall big enough then tear it all down, you get a whole lot of slag.  You gotta think about this carefully.  It'd be nice if the game would give you 2 or 3 build layers really.  One layer for everything, one layer for underground (wires, conveyor transport tunnels, irrigation, etc) and one layer for roofing only.  So you can build your own roof either out of  glass (not raider proof), metal, wood, stone, or whatever else you might have.  Colonists wouldn't be able to leave the layer they are on, middle I mean.  They'd just have to go to the square or next to the square like normally building stuff.  For roofing it'd be like standing on a ladder, and for underground, they'd basically just be laying down on the ground next to what they are doing.  But this won't happen, I don't think.  :P
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Riding and taming muffalo. Ride them into battle fore a faster and deadlier approach. Your colonists can shoot and the muffalo rams at the same time. Tame muffalo with a lot of agave or somethin 8)
Video games, are pretty good

Darth Fool

Radius around light fixtures when you are planning to construct them


Jack 123

This idea may not be as easy but I think it's a fairly obvious suggestion.


-metal pole
And various stuff like that the problem would be that melee would probably be underpowered because you have to get close and be hit but if raiders had melee weapons then it could possibly work.

Jack 123

Rams not sheep but battering rams too knock down doors faster. I think it would be cool to have a group of raiders come a and break down your doors. The only problem would be that you would probably need reinforced doors or something like that to make it worth it.

Jack 123

Riot shield or portable cover this ones pretty self explanatory.


I'd like something as difficult as dual-wield.

This would allow those with pistols or (future) melee weapons to carry around some cover. Or a second weapon of course :)
Though I'd like it to be limited to disallow people to carry 2 mini guns or 2 M-24's and the likes.
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Jack 123

Robots made of scrap metal and stuff like that maybe half human half robot augmentations?


I don't know if this has already been suggested, but...

Have your allies request your assistance against raiders.  An ally "strongly requests/demands" x number of fighters to disappear for y length of time.  If you accept, your goodwill goes up.  If you deny, your goodwill goes down.  After y length of time, some or none of the fighters return, with varying degrees of damage, possibly depending on how good a fighter and the weapon they took was.  Possibly have the tribe send you a reward like food/silver/slaves/metal/etc. if they did a good job.


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Quote from: Tynan on October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM
Barbed wire: A building that slows down movement.
Weaponbuyer: A story event where a trader offers to buy all of your weapons for a high price.
Potatoeater: A muffalo gets a taste for human crops and starts eating them exclusively.
Please make these happen. :P

Quote from: Tynan on October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM
Assassin: A raid from one super-powerful raider.
I had a similar idea earlier, while fighting a pirate band.

It was about 12 guys, but between my bunkers and turrets that got their asses handed to them. How about a special little wave that sends a few snipers instead of several lesser-armed guys. They don't need to be exceptionally powerful, just 3-6 guys with long-ranged weaponry that will let them out-range turrets, forcing the player to respond or take heavy damage.

Seems like a cheap idea to me, and the player needs more incentive to not just rely on kill-zones.

Non-cheap aspects because I can't help it.
If the pirate faction maybe sent this type of a wave specifically because they got slaughtered due to being funneled into turret fire, that'd be great. If they could be sent down with spotters, guys with pistols and SMGs who act as guards for the snipers who specifically make sure to stay out of the colony's range, that would make it a little deeper, but would required extra AI functions.

Fencing, probably metal. Just to keep animals in or out of specific areas. Feature could be expanded with gates that can be left open or closed via colonist interaction and allowing the player to electrify the fencing by attaching it to a solar panel/geothermal plant.

I was thinking of like a chainlink fence, but a simple farm wire/post fence may be more thematic, ranch-like, you know? In the case of a chainlink fence, perhaps humans (colonists, raiders) could climb over it slowly. Allows it to 'defeat' animals, but raiders will just knock it down or go over it.