[MOD REQUEST] - Better Unit Managing - Gear and Apparell

Started by MightyGooga, January 26, 2016, 10:53:02 PM

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So this is a dead thread? After seeing that image I want to set up my clothings like that too.  :'(
Bleeeee. . . . .


Never dead! Just waiting some GOD modder to engage in this idea. Im still learning and not apt enough to make this happen.


Quote from: MightyGooga on January 26, 2016, 10:53:02 PM

For who it may concern, I would like to request a mod that would improve in the interface of managing clothing, equipment and general gear for the colonists.

Yeas Im aware of dozen mods that tweak interface and they are all amazing, but what I would like to see, and I believe other would like to is a interface for managing the equipment of a colonist that would allow you to actualy define what he/she is wearing graphically. Let me try to explain.


1 - Select Colonist Open New Outfiting interface
2 - In this interface you would see your colonists and around him there would be icons with descriptions of what he is wearing (Like in a old RPG style game)
3 - In a different space, you woul be able to see your inventory of equipment, graphically, with description. And you would be able to click and drag the equipment to the convenient slot. This would generate a order so that colonist would go to inventory and equip it.

This would bring caring for equipment back into the game, so you could dress and create uniforms cliking and draging itens into slots, but also you would know what you have in stock so your colonist wouldnt run around naked.


4 - I would like to see, like in Dwarffortress, colonist have preferences for itens, like one in particular likes, rimram fur and iguana leather, so equiping itens with those properties could bring a boost to morale, even if the iten is shoddy and shattered maybe.


5 - I would like a graphic and easier wayt to stablish uniforms, and range for uniforms. For example, the colonist mentioned above could be allowed to wear whatever he wants as long as is within this group of itens and properties

I dont even know how to start a mod like this, but I think it would improve the game a lot.


First and foremost: I think a mod like this would improve the gameplay experience a lot!

BUT: it would be rather useless without the pawns getting some "sense" of equipment-ownership (different outfits and loadouts, lockers asf) that lasts over map-exits (current mods seems to have problems with this), and a more robust inventory-infrastructure (again mods seems to have problems with items dropping to floor).

On top of this the current "layer"-design needs improvement to force different mods to be more compatible with eachother in terms of how items replace, complement or augment each other.

TLDR: I think its more of a "equipment-and-inventory-infrastructure" software design problem then an UI problem.


We are here! We will defend the need for better apperal managing!!


pawn control

Mod Desc

A RimWorld mod that allows bulk assignment of animals to zones and colonists to outfits (or drugs) in one single action. Setup different policies and switch at will.
Annoyed by manually having to set animals to safe zone with no master when raided? This mod can help you!
You wish to have different outfits policies by season or by incident? This mod can help you!

This is a simple mod to solve a simple problem!
This mod depends on the HugLibs library mod.
This mod avoided messing with vanilla code at all costs (so it will be easier to maintain :))

Save compatible. You are free to add and remove this mod at any time. 

Have fun!



Thank you tonsrd, I already know about this, and i use it a lot with SK Hardcore. But what we are talking here is more friendly and immersive UI for controling outfits.

But thinking about it,  the problem would be the need for ownership.


Ahh yes factorio the most complex yet simple game to get the grasp on I can understand fluffy how factorio can effect ones mindset since of its addictive complexity. Also If you want this mod created maybe help out a different way then doing the coding of mod making such as the art aspect to speed things along. Also it's not that hard as long as you grasp the information and take your time in the coding part of mod making.
I love stories and I hope that everyone try's to contribute in telling their stories as it is interesting and intriguing to see people connect through the tales they create.