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Started by Uuugggg, March 29, 2018, 07:22:56 PM

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Is Replace Stuff okay to use alongside Better Coolers & Vents? I use those which changes the vanilla coolers/vents to in-wall objects rather than solid wall objects themselves


Would it be possible for Replace Stuff to enable replacing regular doors with autodoors?
That's a feature I was hoping it would have already but alas it seems to not. Unless that's a mod conflict on my end, anyway.


Yea what? Replace Stuff should let you make doors into autodoors.

Replace Stuff okay to use with other cooler mods - you can turn off Replace Stuff vents in the settings.


Btw everyone, 3 new mods:

Crazy Cat Lady
-A trait that makes you happy, but distracted by cats.
Everybody Gets One
-Craft things until therrs one for each colonist.
Ground Scanner Re-design
-Re-thinks how it works - builds area over time, detects surface resources.


Annd there's a Build From Inventory mod now.



I wanted to use Replace Stuff alongside Materials for Coolers. However, replace stuff includes a cooler designed for double-walled freezers. This item is nifty, but it's put into a context menu on the stock and modded overwall coolers- preventing Materials for Coolers' context menu to choose material and forcing coolers built to be wood.(see attachments)

I was able to find a hacky middle option(renaming OverWallCoolerVent.xml and CoolerOverWallPatches.xml) which allows material selection but with a visual bug- the constructor shows the input and output of a wide cooler, though a regular cooler is built. Of course, this means losing overwalls as well.

In the end I just uninstalled Materials for Coolers. If the wide cooler could be added as its own item(you're making space for it by hiding the stock coolers that your over-walls make obsolete) it should at a minimum allow MfC to pick stuffed stock coolers, yeah?

ps, the other mod's author is also aware and might find a fix on their end as well.

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I encountered a bug with the "Replace Stuff" mod. I'm not sure if it's due to a mod interaction, as I didn't do that much testing aside from determining which mod was responsible for the bug.

Basically, when a colonist grabs a meal to take it to a table to eat, when they get to the table, the meal disappears and they are still hungry so they go grab another meal, etc. etc.


when you post a problem you allways should take a look at the log window to check if some error (red text) happen.
When there are no error say so, if not include the full log file and modlist to your problem.
If you use hugslib mod too, use the green "Share log" button that include modlist + log.


Hi! I really love all your mods (especially replace stuff, share the load and enhancement pack) and i find that vanilla should have all this behaviours. All i wanted to say is keep up the good work and i'll wait impatiently for your mods to update, and hope you'll make many other great mods! :D



Hi, i have a problem with ReplaceStuff mod - basicly, when i activate it, i cant build anything. I tried to modify a mod load order, but i doesnt work. I tried some advices from Steam Workshop, but theres only this about load order. Can i ask You for a help?
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