Unable to start New Colony, only Learning Mode

Started by rdz1122, August 30, 2016, 04:07:50 PM

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I posted this in General; I tried deleting everything (including Mod config file), re-downloaded the .Zip, unpacked and just hit Go, and still no New Colony start ability.

Has anyone found a way to "skip" the learning mode?  Both the Windows and Mac versions (non-Steam) are forcing me to go through the learning modes, and I can't select New Colony even after "completing" the learning mode.

Any ideas?

Also, on a strange note, both my Windows and Mac versions are forcing everything to be made of Wood?  5 in the Windows version and 25 wood in the Mac?  The Mac one even disallows the creation of Rocks/Mountains, and destructing existing walls turns them into wood!


I read somewhere that deleting old "scenarios" would help; I deleted the two custom scenarios from A14, and I can now select New Colony.

I will update if I run into other issues with Wooden everything again.


Thx had the same problem. Erase the old scenarios worked realy good.


On a side note, I found the mod that was creating ingredient difficulties for anything constructed:

Auto-turrets mod - https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=6770.0


I'm not able to reproduce this. rdz1122 do you still have those scenarios in your recycle bin? If so can you zip them up and post them here please?
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