[V1.1 to V1.2] Chemicals extraction & Neutroamine crafting (R1)

Started by ShadowTani, September 14, 2016, 09:06:28 PM

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Chemicals & Neutroamine

As I'm generally a purist and only do mods after having played vanilla to death I like my mods simple, yet as balanced and immersive as possible. Unfortunately, the current mod alternatives for crafting neutroamine was either too simple, or too much, for my taste. I usually don't publish my mods though, but decided to share this one. That makes this my first public mod.

Enables the extraction of neutroglycering from Boomalopes and Boomrats that can be used to craft Neutroamine and ChemFuel.

• Adds Item: Neutroglycerin
• Adds Recipe: Neutroamine from Neutroglycerin x1 and x4 (to Drug Lab)
• Adds Recipe: ChemFuel from Neutroglycerin (to BioFuel Refinery)
• Adds Feature: Chemical extraction (from tamed Boomalopes and Boomrats)

Note: Will overwrite the vanilla B18+ feature of milking Boomalopes for ChemFuel directly.

Neutroamine is unlocked as a crafting recipe together with the Drug Lab (no additional research required). It takes 2 buckets of Neutroglycerin to refine one bottle of Neutroamine.

Neutroglycerin is drained from Boomalopes and Boomrats, male or female. It takes Boomalopes 4 days to produce 6 buckets of Neutroglycerin. It takes Boomrats two days to produce one bucket of neutroglycerin.

Neutroglycerin can also be used to produce ChemFuel at the Refinery. It takes 7 buckets of Neutroglycerin to make one batch of 35 ChemFuel.

The mod is not designed for large scale drug operations to prevent making trade of neutroamine entirely redundant. It's not impossible to make profits on drugs this way though, but may require large herds to get good stocks out of it. For an average colony's internal medicine needs and modest drug abuse a smaller herd (relative to colony size) should be sufficient. Let me know if this balance is off in some way.

Note that colonies that use Penoxycyline regularly and colonies with more than 20 pawns is not considered average in this context and the balancing is expected to be off for these colonies.

Language Support:
This mod supports: English, and Norwegian.
Let me know if you are interested in providing translations for additional language support.

translations is discontinued

Mod Support:
For immersion or similar reasons this mod provides additional content with the mods listed below; the fixes are applied automatically.

• Combat Extended by the CE Team. Immersion: The Chemical fullness term on animals is separated into SFX fullness and Neutroglycerin fullness.
• Doomalopes by cucumpear. Expansion: Chemical extraction (from tamed Doomalopes and Boomalotters). Doomalopes provide 12 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 4 days. Boomalotters provide 4 buckets of Neutroglycerin over 2 days.
[A17:R3] Elemental Boomalopes by Mehni. Expansion: Chemical extraction (from tamed Elemental Boomalopes). They provide the same amount as regular Boomalopes. Mod not up to date

Feel free to suggest other meaningful immersion fixes.

Optional Features:
Some versions of the mod have an optional folder, from V1.1 R2 and up these optional features are offered:

Clean Bucket: an alternative Neutroglycerin texture to the grimy bucket version
Volatile Neutroglycerin: if you prefer your neutroglycerin to be a fire hazzard

Copy and paste the extra content you want from their respective folders into the Main folder (the files inside have the same folder structure as they would had if they were in the mod by default).

Mod Conflicts:
• No known conflicts with the V1.2 or V1.1 version

If you still come over any potentially conflicting mods let me know so I can list it or even fix it.

[V1.2] Revision 1: Adf.ly Download (direct)

Note: This version have multiversion support from 1.1 and can be considered as revision 2 for 1.1 (all 1.2 additions are backwards compatible).

Download Archive:
[V1.1]: R1
[V1.0]: R2 R1
[B19]: R1
[B18]: R2 R1
[A17]: R3 R2 R1
[A16]: R1
[A15]: R3 R2 R1

How to install:
The mod is compatible with existing saves (doesn't require a new game).

• Unzip the contents and place them in your mods folder (manual path is: "\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods\").
• Copy-paste any desired optional content from the mods optional folder.
• Activate the mod in the Mods menu in the game.

How to uninstall:
Savegames may be preserved after disabling mod without savegame editing by ensuring the save don't have any instances of the new additions.
Though if you forget or don't bother then these are the expected behaviors as of A17 (earlier versions will be more unforgiving):

• Unknown items will be removed automatically by the game.
• Unknown recipe bills will leave behind a blank bill that bugs the workbench (no new bills can be made) and causes interaction errors while development mode is enabled. Fixed by disassembling them.

Note: If you run the game in development mode when trying to load a map with the above issues then it will result in major errors that will prevent the map from being loaded. Load the save outside development mode.

• Stockpile allowances that allows storage of the new items will cause an one-time minor error if map is loaded in development mode (will be fine once savegame is resaved).
• Boomalopes and Boomrats with "Chemical Fullness" will be ignored and load without error or issues.

Mod-Packs are free to include this mod without notice.
Other modders are free to expand on or include this mod in their own mods provided they notify me by PM.
   (it's mostly to let me check out what cool things you did with it, so you can notify me with a link after having released the mod ;3)
I'd like to be credited in both above cases.
Mods that modify this mod only through the patching function need not give any notice or credit.
Ludeon is free to take any or all aspects from my mods without notice or credit.
For any other uses or cases the creative commons (CC) license applies.

[V1.2] Revision 1 / [V1.1] Revision 2
- Multiversion support added, folder structure changed accordingly
- Optional content folder changed to to be more accessible and user friendly
- Boomalope compatibility fix (will now be compatible with Combat Extended and any similar mods)
- Bulk recipe is now part of the main mod and changed to be similar to vanilla bulk recipes
- Doomalopes Immersion fix reenabled and updated
- Combat Extended Immersion fix added

[V1.1] Revision 1
- Rimworld 1.1 compatibility update (XML script and DLL assembly)
- Updated .NET compatibility from 3.5 to 4.0
- Updated Neutroglycerin texture and added an optional clean bucket texture

See the full update log on this mods steam profile for change notes in regards to earlier versions and revisions.


i've seen that idea on reddit today and i thought it was amazing. And there you are bro, love it.

Thank you


Before anyone says this is way too much work, think about Muffalo wool.
It gives the Animal handler more work to do, gives the boom animals some purpose other than kamikaze.
And every 5 days with a single Boomalope you have enough neutroanime for a Go-juice or five medicine conversion.
A very nice addition imo



 _ More reasons for me to grow a horde of boomalopes as an army of moving bombs, very good at hall ways or choke points. Thx alot OP ! my drugs empire gonna be come true with this mod :)


I love you! Not necessarily for this mod even though its great , but because we have the same exact mod philosophy. Keep it simple. keep it balanced. Don't make another aspect of the game useless. Try to give a useless aspect of the game more purpose.


This is a really good mod. It's built very well from what I can tell, and I love the idea. We discussed this in another mod's page but that one was a bit too complicated IMO, I never thought about using boom-nimals for it so kudos!

I have only 2 caveats: you might want to change "Chemical" into something less generic and you should add a license to the OP probably just to be safe.


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Quote from: Aatxe360 on September 15, 2016, 01:49:29 AM
Thinking of a Steam release?

Yes; if nobody notices any issues I will try to upload it to Steam this weekend.

Quote from: Dingo on September 15, 2016, 06:22:12 AM
I have only 2 caveats: you might want to change "Chemical" into something less generic and you should add a license to the OP probably just to be safe.

I was considering it, but my creativity failed me. Any suggestions for what to call it instead is welcome. :3 And you're probably right about the license, will add.


I vote for Neutroglycerin. It's -almost- like nitroglycerin, it's made from explosive animals and it's used in medicine production.




That's actually a really good idea, love the wordplay!

I'll update the mod this weekend, so there will be a bit more time to suggest alternatives for those who think another name would work even better. The update shouldn't break any savegames as I'll just update the label, not any defs (I'll consider changing the defs for A16 though if that patch breaks the savegames like A15).

Deimos Rast

this is in a word: brilliant.
Do you have any plans to expand the mod further, or is it just a one and done type thing?
Eitherway, very nicely done.
I would mention in the op that this probably isn't compatible with anything that touches the boomer races defs.


Ok, will add potential conflict section, thanks for the suggestion.

There probably are additional things one can consider for the mod, but not as I have plans for at the moment. If there is interest I could make an optional add-on for the mod that includes the chemical/neutroglycerin in more recipes (such as the incendiary launcher, and even enabling molotov crafting).


This is a great way to utilize a less popular animal! Normally in my plays I avoid them cause it is just too risky to me since they explode and if one ever self tamed I usually sold it off ASAP or threw it in a pen far away. Now I will likely stockpile the things in a secure part of my base!

Outstanding work! Hope to see more mods in the future from you! :)
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