[WIP] Common Sense in Rimworld

Started by TK3600, May 16, 2019, 12:29:39 PM

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Ever wondered why some things in Rimworld just make no sense? You see, metals will burn when rocks do not, bears eat less than a tiny dog, colonist use beer as food which give chicken brain damage. You name it. This mod will fix those, while protect the game balance.

What this mod will not do: Sacrifice balance for the sake of realism. If I make every gun fire full auto it will break the game. If I make animals having realistic weight then caravan cant carry anything.

Notable features:

1. Rain will wash away most filth including dirty and animal waste.

I know there is a mod does it already, but my version do no wash away heavy stuff like building rubbles.

2. Metals do not burn.

Why: It makes no sense IRL, and in game steel cost more than stone so no sense in balance either.

3. Alpaca, hare, and rat have reduced wildness. Alpaca will not reduce its tameness.

Why: Alpaca is a very domesticated animal, with very few wild variants, so the one you see should be abandoned domesticated variant. Rat and hare have long been domesticated too, makes no sense they are almost as hard to tame as bear.

4. The wet soil like mud, marsh, swamp, and shallow water now dry to rich soil, making the long pump time worth the wait.

Why: IRL these places have very deep collection of dead animal, plant, making it very fertile. As for shallow water, only moving water is gravel underneath, as water wash away the sediments. Pump only drain still water (pond) which have rich sediment.

5. Polar bear is bigger than regular bear, and no longer survive in warm places (max comfort temp 40 > 20)

6. Minerals are multi selectable via double click now. (QoL change)

7. Beer and Ambrosia are no longer treated as food. Save the poor chickens from brain damage because colonist keeps feeding them beer.

8. Dirt rework. Dirt floor is now dirtier (-1 > -2), and dirty filth on paved floor is less dirty (-5 > -2)

Why: It always bugs me that floor entirely of dirt is cleaner than paved floor with dirt on them. Now they are equal. Time to pave the floor like a sane person!

9. Road speed differences on world map. Currently all road have same speed. Now Stone road is same as before, dirt road are slightly slower, and asphalt are slightly faster.

There are more changes. They are all included in the mod as a txt file inside.

Let me know what you think about it! I will take suggestions!

Help needed: Would anyone be so kind to make a mod icon for me? I am not much of an artist.  ;D

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There is a mod already named Common Sense (https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=48297.0)


What do you think it should be named instead? The content is not redundant, only the name.


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- JAVTM (Just another vanilla tweak mod)


IMO the other mod should be called "Colonist Common Sense". Something like "Common Sense Balance" would work for this one.


While your mod should be named something like "Common sense rebalance", "TK3600's Rebalance mod" or "Common Sense Balance" suggested by AileTheAlien... To avoid confusion between two mods...

However i think i like the mod's way of balance, i can deal with the dirt problem by covering it up. And the Polar bear and Grizzly being a bit different than each other...

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@Tk Would it be possible to prevent colonists from shovling snow untill its done slowing?
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