Rimworld has been greenlit!

Started by Yarkista, October 16, 2013, 02:53:39 PM

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Quote from: British on October 17, 2013, 03:19:07 AM
It's obviously up to you, but, just so it's clear... The ogre has been fed, so you don't want to be distributed on the true DRM-free distributors, which do happen to have exposure as well ?

As I say, there is no decision-making happening with regards to non-Steam distributors. It's completely undecided.
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Awesome. Now it is just the 15 days left, before the x amount of days before people can get their hands on the prototype. I am amazed how far the game gotten on Kickstarter without a gameplay demo and really excited even more so now. The polishing has done really well and people are eager for the simulation type of games that they get nowhere else. Greenlight went like a breeze, too and now the only thing that needs to be taken care of is to not get too excited and overhyped and calmly wait for it. :D


There was no demo per se, but the smart use of YouTubers was the next best thing.


Congratulations on the green light.  I see an interview a few weeks ago from one of the guys who developed Euro Truck Simulator,  he said they was doing fine with sale and was quite happy.  Then the game got green lit and they just was not prepared for the explosion of the fan base.  Their sales tripled overnight and by the end of the first week the steam sales figures were higher than any other outlet.

I hope you get a similar success story and Rimworld becomes a hit.


Fantastic news. Congratulations Tynan!


congratz Ty for greenlit.. i also voted for Rimworld :)

it's a pity that your super-pre-alpha is not available for all backers immediatly.. this would have convinced me to back you via your page already (cause i wanna play NOW ;);) ).. but i guess i'll wait for early access on steam then... it's more comfortable for me to have all games in one place


Congratulations Tynan for the greenlit!


Congratulations Tynan! Voted for it as soon as I was aware of it. Here's to a lot of future success! :D

I'm so ready to get my Steam key.  ;D


Nice, good to see something good will be on greenlight again (There's a few stinker titles that came out of it, would be nice to get a title REALLY worth talking about.)

Can't wait to get my steam key for it when its available.
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Its bad because reasons, and if you don't know the reasons, you are horrible. You cannot ask what the reasons are or else you doubt it. But the reasons are irrefutable. Logic.


Congratulations, again!  I hope you keep GOG in your mind.  Their exposure has increased dramatically, and, at least from a customer's point of view, are really what Steam should be (dedicated to no-DRM, friendly community, extras with the purchase, good support, mod-friendly).  They really appear to be an awesome company from a consumer point of view.

I read elsewhere Steam takes something like 30% of sales (with Humble Bundle taking only 5%), so obviously, in terms of profit, selling here is best for you.  Of course, only people who have heard of Rimworld will come here.  While I wish you the best, I don't see this site blowing up like Minecraft, as the circumstances surrounding it were unique: it was a unique game that filled a much broader niche, and the indie market was much less saturated than it is now. 

On the topic of Steam, you may want to take a visit to your Steam Rimworld page.  Many of the people in the comments and discussions are very misinformed, and think that this game is a clone of Prison Architect, and even denounce you for stealing from them.  A lot of the information on the Kickstarter page is not present there.  A couple others and myself do what we can, but an official word or two from the lead developer could go a long way. 


Quote from: Blackbird on October 22, 2013, 12:29:09 PM
(...) what Steam should be (dedicated to no-DRM, friendly community, extras with the purchase, good support, mod-friendly).
Won't happen, they're too busy working on taking over the world and brain-washing people.
Scary, I know.


British, believe me, we know your feelings about Steam. Should I really ban you from steam-related topics?  >:(


Everything about Steam is to be abided, or else ?
So much for, you know, discussion...


First of all...CONGRATS Ty! And secondly, don't worry BRITISH I do not like Steam either.   ;D