[1.4] Moody (v2.5.9) A colonist mood dashboard

Started by GiantSpaceHamster, December 26, 2016, 10:52:52 PM

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How is performance in A17? (Moody v1.1.x)

Great! No noticeable problems
27 (52.9%)
Small drop in FPS, but not a big deal
12 (23.5%)
One or more views cause a significant performance drop (please leave a post with more info)
5 (9.8%)
Performance is too poor to use
7 (13.7%)

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Latest Update
v2.5.9 Released November 27, 2022

Latest Changes

  • 1.4 support

Moody Description
Moody is a floating dashboard that provides information about your colonists' moods at a glance at all times. There are six views available that you can switch between using the icons along the top. You can also switch between colonists, prisoners, and pets.

Moody does not store any information with save games and can be enabled and disabled without affecting existing saves.

The colonist list in each view behaves very much like the colonist bar with respect to selecting colonists. For example:

  • Selected colonists will be highlighted in Moody
  • <Shift> can be used to modify selection groups
  • Right-clicking colonists behaves just like on the colonist bar (takes you to world map location of pawn)
  • Double-clicking will center the view on the pawn

Mood View
The first view shows each colonist's current job, mood, and temperature band. All three columns provide tooltips with more information. All columns are sortable by left-clicking. The mood column can be right-clicked to switch to viewing one of the basic needs (joy, space, beauty, rest, food). Note that when sorting on mood the colonists are sorted by how close they each are to their break thresholds, not by absolute mood value. This does not apply when viewing the other needs.

Unfortunately a lot of different kinds of jobs share the same job definition and I have not yet figured out a good way of differentiating these. This includes a wide range of "making" jobs such as cooking, tailoring, smithing, construction, and I think one or two others. I separated out the cooking tasks I could identify but the rest all share the same icon for now.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Thought View
The thought view shows the total mood adjustment by thought group across all colonists with the ability to expand a thought group (row) to see which colonists have a thought from that group. As an example of a thought group, "Cold" and "Freezing" are two thoughts in the same thought group. You can also switch to a list of all individual thoughts using the context menu by right clicking on the thought group column header.

Temperature View
The temperature view displays more detailed information about the current outside temperature and each colonists' individual temperature bands and current temperature. The current temperature is based on the current map.


Skill View
The skill view isn't really mood related, but once I had the other views in place I felt this information could also be useful. It provides a customizable view of colonist skill values. Passion skills are highlighted orange (interested) and red (passionate). Skills can be added with the "+" in the column header and removed by right clicking on the column. Reordering is only possible currently by removing columns and re-adding them in the order you want.


Job View
The job view simply shows the short description for each colonists' current task. It's mostly there right now because I do not have icons for all task types in the first summary view so if you encounter a "?" icon there you can see more details here. The tooltip in the first view shows this same information however.


Health View
The health view shows health status effects such as injuries and illness. By default, only conditions requiring immediate attention are displayed. This can be changed with the new modes along the top (below the different view tab icons).

Author/Mod Team

Current Version: v2.5.9 (November 27, 2022)
Also available on Steam
Steam version is compatible with RimWorld 1.4 and newer

How to install
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

Change Log
v2.5.9 [1.4.8363]
November 27, 2022
- Added job icon to job view
- Started adding some biotech job icons
- Added light background to weapons in skill view to make them easier to see
- Added some jobs to existing job icons
- Fixed pawn icon facing (was backwards)
- Compatibility with RimWorld 1.4

v2.5.6 [1.3.7871]
July 20, 2021
- Compatibility with RimWorld 1.3
- Updated a few icons

v2.5.5 [1.2.2753]
December 25, 2020
- Fix colonist default order not updating to match colonist bar reordering

v2.5.4 [1.2.2753]
October 12, 2020
- Fix need thresholds

v2.5.3 [1.2.2753]
September 20, 2020
- Compatibility with RimWorld 1.2
- Multi-version support (1.1 forward)

v2.5.2 [1.1.2624]
May 21, 2020
- Fixed issue with temperature view when there is no local map

v2.5.1 [1.1.2557]
February 26, 2020
- Compatibility with 1.1 branch
- Removed 1.0 compatibility

v2.4.2 [1.0.2096]
January 9, 2019
- Fixed issue where <Enter> would close Moody window until game reload

v2.4.1 [1.0.2059]
October 25, 2018
- Fixed pawns not being added to colonist list if colonist bar is off (again)

v2.4.0 [1.0.2059]
October 17, 2018
- RimWorld 1.0 release compatibility update

Older changes are available in the change log in the mod download


Hoooooly moly, I will still test it, but by what I've seen... it's simply amazing! Thanks for it!



Humm... Reminds me of "Numbers" :P
Looks good, will definitely try it
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Hi! great job on the mod! I'm trying it already and I love it
Can you make it part of the menus bar instead of a floating window?



This is very interesting! I'll keep my eye on this one. As said above it would be nice if there was a button on the bottom menu so the window could be closed if you wanted, but it still looks extremely useful!
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Quote from: poolday on December 27, 2016, 05:14:58 AM
Hi! great job on the mod! I'm trying it already and I love it
Can you make it part of the menus bar instead of a floating window?

I considered that, but one of my intents was to allow the window to be visible at all times. The menu window along the bottom closes whenever you interact with things on the map. I may consider adding a "docking" mechanism later, but for the time being it will be floating only.

If the size or position are an issue you can move it by clicking and dragging pretty much anywhere in the content area or borders, you can resize using the handle in the lower right, and you can minimize it with the angled arrow in the upper right.

If you really want a docked version check out Numbers. It has some similar features and is docked in the menu area.


Great GiantSpaceHamster! Would it be possible to include an icon to see what type of weapon the pawn is holding?  I remember KFbar (something like that) and you could zoom in the hud at the top.  When you did that you see the pawn plus their weapon.  Either way, your mod is an AMAZING piece of work!


Quote from: asquirrel on December 27, 2016, 05:34:36 PM
Great GiantSpaceHamster! Would it be possible to include an icon to see what type of weapon the pawn is holding?  I remember KFbar (something like that) and you could zoom in the hud at the top.  When you did that you see the pawn plus their weapon.  Either way, your mod is an AMAZING piece of work!

Displaying the currently equipped weapon is on the short list for the next major version. I'm not sure which view to put it in at the moment. My current thoughts are to either add it to the skills view or make a new Equipment view.


I checked out the mod today, and I have to say it's a nice addition. I ran both this and numbers to do comparisons, they both have their merits. It definitely helped keep track of a few of my volatile colonists! Thanks for your hard work.

If I could suggest one thing it's to add a transparency option to the widget. No idea if that's possible, but it'd be cool.



Transparency is certainly possible, but might require a good amount of fiddling with the color profile to ensure that things are still clear noticeable when partially transparent. When partially transparent, there might also be an expectation that you can select things under the window, which is also possible, but would require me to rethink the UI a bit since there are a number of places that respond to clicking (sorting columns, selecting colonists, switching views, and of course dragging the window around and resizing it).

So not infeasible, just complicated to support well. There is a minimize button to get the window out of the way when needed that will have to suffice for the time being.

I will add it to my list of suggested features to consider though.


This is pretty cool. One very minor issue - could you make it auto-capitalize the first letter of the job names?

(I'd have fixed it for myself already, but alas, no Github link, heh.)


Looks like this'll help the micromanagement. Sounds useful I'll give it a spin and see where this mod progresses

Ahh I've hit a bug. Mod worked fine at first and I added some more mods and now:

Caravan Spots+Quality Builder https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=28678.0 is causing the issue I just tested. Also the issue is not resolved when the mod is removed. all icons have disappeared but if you click at the correct location the buttons still work. Just the UI is messed up. Restarting the game will fix the broken UI upon removal of the other mid