[A17] Colony Leadership and Teaching v1.3

Started by Nandonalt, January 22, 2017, 04:27:35 PM

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Write here, and the on Steam I have little opportunities. Dear Nandonalt's and McKay your work is good! Just to clarify, I have a leader and he is good - 3 lvl, there is a simple table, chairs, Board, but no type of work "learn" - what did I do wrong? First built the table, and chairs, passed the vote, built Board - options for work there is no. In the list, there where "work" "entertainment" "dream" and "that anywhere" -, too, empty.  Perhaps you should increase the description of the mod and its functions? In any case, thank you for your time and effort.


Sorry for the trouble, I found the cause of my error in the description of the mod to version A17, it needs to be moved to the description of the mod version 1.0 in Steam. Thanks again, continue you're great at.