[A17] OPAL: Orbital Peace Assurance Laser

Started by lost_RD, April 10, 2017, 12:36:54 PM

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Latest update: July 14, 2017 | Download

Click here for a video demonstration!

Got a manhunter problem that won't go away? A siege that is wrecking your shit? A psychic ship you can't get near? You need OPAL! For a modest* fee, our satellite will position itself above any target you choose and beam down pure energy until the problem is solved**. Contact OPAL to see if we service your Rim.

* 10,000 silver per use
** 10-20 seconds only

OPAL is a satellite that orbits your rimworld and every now and then it will come in range of your comms console. Buy a use of OPAL's laser and you will be given a laser guidance device. In a time of great need, deploy the laser and watch your foes be vaporised! You only get one use per purchase though so use it wisely.

Thanks to the Industrialization mod, originally developed my eatKenny and currently maintained by duduluu, for their skydriller code, without which this mod would not have been possible.

This mod was designed with modded storytellers in mind, such as Pandora Dark by Britnoth. For vanilla gameplay, it might be a bit overpowered, although it is very expensive to compensate. For Pandora, however, the concept of overpowered is meaningless. This is because the difficulty increases exponentially, which means that adding 10,000 to your wealth might add 3 raiders to the next, then adding 10,000 more might add 6 more raiders. The result is that something overpowered in the early game becomes merely average in the middle game and underwhelming in the late game. Modded storytellers allow us to go past the late game stage into something I'll call the late-late game and vanilla content does not keep up. When you're facing a horde of 5000 manhunter wargs, you'll be glad OPAL has your back.

Updated to A17!


This mod won't be updated because something very similar - but way better - has been added to the base game in a18 :D


This sounds epic. I'm gonna give it a shot.


Not even say 5000... My laptop will crash from that. As well as from using this Ion Cannon Mk.II
Eat lead, walking pile of silver! (greedy Player)
I...I can't do it. Leave it alive, please!(inner soul)
It lives 200 years to end up as a jacket?!(realists mind)
If I would go to vacation in off-Earth, even fictional place, I'd choose Nibel.


Quote from: kubolek01 on October 25, 2017, 10:24:43 AM
Not even say 5000... My laptop will crash from that. As well as from using this Ion Cannon Mk.II

lol guess I wasn't the only one to think how well this would work with the Tibrim mod XD