[B18] Android Tiers and More

Started by ATLA5, June 10, 2018, 10:07:11 PM

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The forum entry not, but you can get a non-steam download link from the workshop entry.


Is this thread still monitored for bugs? There seems to be a conflict with the mod that adds the rottweiler /my guess is Vanilla Animals Expanded - Cats and Dogs/.

The bug was hilarious though. Upon a raid I noticed that the raiders stopped to attack a MUFF unit. How strange, I thought, as I started the game with only a dog and did not acquire more animals. Did it join randomly? Even more strange was that the name of this MUFF unit - "Rin" - seemed familiar...

So I started looking for the rottweiller. She was nowehere to be found and not listed on the animals tab. However I knew that one of the colonists was training her, so I checked under her social tab. "Rin" is currently off the map. Rin? So the game engine assigned the same random name to two of my pets or what? I still couldn't believe what may be obvious to you now.

But as a raider shot the MUFF unit to death, she instantly transformed back into a rottweiler. Funniest shit I've ever seen.


The author is only active at steam and discord, but not at the forum anymore.
So when you want report/comment anything and don't use steam, try it at the discord.