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Started by ATLA5, June 10, 2018, 10:07:11 PM

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Android Tiers


         This mod aims to add several tiers of sentient android colonists, mechs, drugs and tons of upgradable and downgradable parts.

Requires Humanoid alien Races to be loaded before this mod.
Order: Core - Humanoid alien races - Androids

5 Tiers of android
Mech and 4 Mech Weapons
Android Doggo
Robotic Muffalo
Over 45+ Different parts / implants for androids
4 Android Dog specific implants / parts
4 Android specific diseases
Custom body layouts for android / doggo
New android faction
Artificial brain implants that alter abilities
Ai Persona Fabrication
2 New Incidents
5 Android specific "drugs"
Android specific capacities

If you feel particularly generous, feel free to check out my patreon  :)
Our Discord:
Basic Summary of parts:


  | Basic Replacements| Advanced Replacements  | Adv+ Replacements| Implants / Plating
    | basic replacement arm | high power arm| cybernetic arm| Positron rewiring
    | basic replacement leg  | high power leg| cybernetic leg| Soldier upgrade
    | light receiving diode| multi-spectrum eye| heat ejector| Blueprint banks
    | crude heatsink| multi-layer heatsink| multi-dimensional eye  | Implanted tricorder
    | flimsy coolant pump| advanced coolant injector  | zero kelvin injection
    | small battery pack| nanowire battery| vanometric battery cell  | Neural highways
    | tube sealant tank| nanite storage device| archotech nanites| Geological banks
    | low power cellulose converter  | high power material converter  | molecular decomposer| evolving AI
    | basic dc converter| high power converter| zero point converter| Composite Plating
    | basic counterweight| gyroscopic counterweight  | Plasteel Plating
    | crude jaw| cybernetic jaw| Steel Plating

Android parts / upgrades are made at the android parts table
Androids drugs can be made at the parts table or drug lab.
Androids are made at the Robotics production casket


Tiers of android


Tier 1

80 Plasteel
80 Steel
20 Components
Crafting: 8

Can install;
- Basic Replacement parts (T1 replacements)
- Steel plating

Speed :     ●○○○
Upgrades: ●○○○
Strength:  ●○○○
Health:     ●○○○
Cost:        ●●●●

Summary: the cheapest of all the
androids and also the worst in every
other way.

Tier 2
140 Plasteel
80 Steel
25 Components
20 gold
Crafting : 10

Can install;
- Basic Replacement parts
- Steel plating
- Plasteel Plating

Speed :     ●●○○
Upgrades: ●○○○
Strength:  ●○○○
Health:     ●●○○
Cost:        ●●●○

Summary: Somewhat cheap but not nearly
as cheap as tier 1. This tier of android works
at 80% efficiency to that of a human, with
moderate health. The middle tier of all 4 tiers.

Tier 3
180 Plasteel
12 Adv Components
1 Ai Persona Core
40 Gold
20 Uranium
Crafting : 12

Can install;
- Basic Replacement parts
- Advanced replacement limbs
- Steel plating
- Plasteel plating

Speed :     ●●●○
Upgrades: ●●●○
Strength : ●●●○
Health :    ●●●○
Cost :       ●●○○

Summary: an expensive tier of android
with near human abilities, quite strong and
fast with average mental capacity.

Tier 4
250 Plasteel
30 Adv Components
50 Uranium
2 Ai Persona Cores
30 Gold
Crafting : 15

Can install;
- All types of replacement parts / Plating

Speed :     ●●●●
Upgrades: ●●●●
Strength : ●●●●
Health :    ●●●●
Cost :       ●○○○

Summary: the most expensive tier of android
but also the best, far surpassing the mental and
physical abilities to those of a human.


Tier 5
Uncraftable (Event only)

Can install;
- All types of replacement parts / Plating

Speed :    ⍟●●●●
Upgrades: ⍟●●●●
Strength : ⍟●●●●
Health :    ⍟●●●●
Cost :       N/A
Summary: The tech used to make these androids is beyond human comprehension, boasting near
unlimited power and requiring little sustinence to operate. They deem all races other than themselves
to be somewhat below them and believe that living on a rimworld is a fate worse than death.

Special Trait: ; Intolerance. When this android's mood is too low for too long. There is an increasing chance of mental break and the android entering a murderous rage.
To add to that: this trait restricts the android's mental break types to only those that cause bodily harm. Such as bezerk and sadistic rage.


Non-Humanoid Androids


Uncraftable (Item Only)

Can install;
- No Upgrades

Speed :       ●●○○
Upgrades:   N/A
Strength : ⍟●●●●
Health :    ⍟●●●●
Cost :         N/A

Summary: A Mechanized infantry unit, deployed from orbit using a rare transceiver. Very strong
and tough but quite slow, with a major downside: due to the specialist equipment needed to refuel
the mech; The battery will be drained within 2 days of deployment, rendering it useless come then.
Comes with it's own set of weaponry. Listed below:

Hand Cannon

Damage:    ●●○○
Cooldown : ●●●●
Range :      ●●○○
Summary: A quick, yet somewhat weak firearm. Great for close - mid range and for short cooldowns between shots.
Only shoots one projectile per firing.

40MM Cannon

Damage:    ●●○○
Cooldown : ●○○○
Range :      ●●●●
Summary: A modified 40MM Cannon that fires in bursts. It has very high range but with very slow cooldown periods.
Mech Blade

Damage:    ●●●●
Cooldown : ●●●○
Range :      ○○○○
Summary: A somewhat simple, long bladed knife made from 3 inch thick titanium, giving even more melee
strength to a mech than what it did have before.

Mastiff Shotgun

Damage:    ●●●○
Cooldown : ●●○○
Range :      ●○○○
Summary: A mech shotgun, designed to deliver a heavy punch. Dealing heavy bleeding damage, this gun is perfect
for close quarter combat, firing 8 pellets; it practically rips through the target .



M.U.F.F Unit

130 Plasteel
20 Components
80 Steel
10 Uranium
Crafting : 8

Can install;
Steel plating
- Plasteel plating
- Composite Plating

Summary: a very strong robotic hauler that is very
useful for caravan trips as it is able to carry 175KG
but not very useful for really anything else. The most
basic robot the colony can produce.



180 Plasteel
40 Components
30 Uranium
Crafting : 8

Can install;
- Basic Replacement parts
- Steel plating
- Plasteel plating
- Cybernetic Jaw / Crude jaw
- Crude Counterweight / Gyroscopic counterweight

Speed : ●●●●
Upgrades: ●●○○
Strength : ●●●○
Health : ●●●○
Cost : ●●○○

Summary: a very quick, strong cybernetic
dog even without upgrades. Useful for quickly
taking down attackers without sending
colonists out.





Hi Atla5,
finaly at the forum too, thanks.

- It don't made sense that the basic replace are below 100% eff..  When you can produce new androids with 100% parts, you should be able to produce 100% replacements too.
You can move the Basic replacement before the T1 androids research, to craft cheap replacements. Special for the T2 androids would like to have 100% replacements since they can't get adv. replacements.

- do you know Dub's hygiene mod ? He recently changed the need for his mod for non human races.
Since andoids use Bioreactor and not Matter to energy reactor, they need to leave the organic waste somewhere, and they have some sense for beauty or they wouldn't be able to craft art, so they want be clean too.
Could you take a look to enable these need's for them. Maybe ask Dubwise about it.

What do you think about to change the android internal energy production from a Bioreactor into a chemfuel generator ?
They need to eat chemfuel.
And the M.U.F.F. Unit become the Bioreactor and produce Chemfuel like Boomalope's. Ofcouse the scenario should add one of the M.U.F.F. to the starting instead of food.
But i think this would be hard to implement, since chemfuel don't got a nutri. value. It would require some good c# coding skill.


This mod is incredible like; srsly I can not belive that I see something that amazing.!
~+ many to respect!
[ I'm 'bout to test this soon, but it looks like some requirements in resources for assembling a Robot is not that expensive. Goona test it out; but that hard-end-game stuff should be more challenging 'cause of the high-benefits potential.


Welcome to the forum, I really enjoy your mod! :)


I kind of want a version that doesn't add weapons or is compatible with combat extended.
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░─╤▌██ |
                           TO WAR WE GO


You still need to delete the "Weapons_Guns.xml" and you got no weapons.


does it work with

craftable m.u.f.f oh boy,
a dog said


(regarding dead man's apparel)
"I think, at the very least, the buff should go away for jackets so long as you're wearing the former owner's skin as a shirt."


Quote from: BetaSpectre on June 12, 2018, 12:10:34 PM
I kind of want a version that doesn't add weapons or is compatible with combat extended.

there is a CE patch


Unfortunately doesn't seem compatible with Prepare Carefully. Shame, as it looks like the best android mod available.


I don't got trouble with Prepare Carefully, worked fine at my side.


Now that's interesting. I thought it's Prepare Carefully, because when I launched Rimworld with AT and other mods, when I click Prepare Carefully it just throws up errors and doesn't go to the PC screen.

However, when I disable AT, it runs just fine.

I'll try and run the mod with PC and other mods one by one, to find any incompatibilities.

EDIT: Nope, it's definitely AT. Launched the game with only two mods - PC and AT and it still doesn't let me do anything.


I wouldn't await much responce from the author/poster, i think he is only active on steam/discord.
But since he develop this mod at daily base, i just would download it again and try it again.


Well that's odd because prepare carefully and my mod work fine for me, did you remember to install humanoid alien races and load that before my mod?


Alright, I'm a massive idiot, I'm sorry. I've downloaded the Alien Races Pregnancy addon instead of the main mod. Now it works. Apologies.

Now that I played with the mod for a bit, I have to say that it's absolutely outstanding, tried a few robot (android) mods before but this one is the best. And the best looking, too! I don't really like the humanlike appearance of other mods, this one fixes it by having very nice (tiered) system of different looking, actual, bots.

One thing though, did you think about bots, instead of eating, to charge their batteries, using a very inefficient charger at first, having to charge for like 10 hours a day? Maybe as a replacement for the biogenerator?