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Started by System.Linq, June 30, 2017, 02:39:52 AM

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In vanilla indeed, but I have a "Pretty" pawn and nobody seems to have the +20 opinion bonus toward him, so I'm wondering if it's a bug or one of Psychology features.  ???


HelpTab does indeed prevent the "cure anxiety" operation from appearing. Disabled it and the operation can be performed again. Would be nice to have a response.


does the minimum level 6 social skill apply to operating on other mental illnesses like chemical addiction or pyromaniac?

is there a list of all treatable mental illnesses (I didn't know Insomnia was one for example) and what are required minimum skill levels from the doctor?

never mind i found it:
Quote from: Lethe on March 15, 2018, 12:27:22 PM
I looked at the files and it takes a level 15 doctor and 3 glitterworld meds for anxiety treatment and 7,000 work amount. No social requirement (tbf I think the level 15 doctor is high enough). Treating other conditions like chemical interest or fascination, pyromania, or insomniac requires a level 3 doctor and 6 social and 4,500 work amount.


nsomniac trait is too crippling. I have an insomniac that sleeps most of their life, or sometimes doesn't sleep at all. Results in exhaustion and starvation. Basically just another mouth to feed and another thing to micromanage. I feel like it should be nerfed so that they do need to sleep more, but don't subject themselves to starving or exhaustion.

Sebastian Cigar

is this normal?
2nd year elections came right after, she refused to run for office   :D

The Real Soviet

In Vanilla colonists have a better opinion towards pretty and beauty colonists, but with psychology they don't. How does thoes traits work with Psychology?


I think a neat feature would, instead of a prude trait, there was an amount of prudency each pawn had. like, while some people genuinly wish there weren't nudists running around, some would just be put off by it, some would be completely neutral, and some might even like it?


Quote from: Kait on June 05, 2018, 01:56:17 PM
Is it normal that "Pretty" trait doesn't give a social buff ? Is it like more implicit with the mod, like people liking the pawn more easily, without a fixed buff ?



Quick question about Mayoring...
There is an "Work" priority, where the Mayoring work is supposed to be?


Another question about mayoring...
Can the mayor can be considered as a "founder" and well respected by the community ?
I have no mayor office, but one of my settlers has a +1 mood "посетил учредитель", which means "founder visited". He is the mayor.
(I play in french and this is the only thing I've never seen in russian in this game)


Nothing to see here.


Id like to post my problem since i still havent fixed the problem despite all the supposed solutions ive gathered around the internet. My colony isnt having elections since the first year. It's been my fifth year and ive already done all of what the others have done (Claimed all structures, opened all unexplored areas mostly by dev mode and finding small patches, and explored all ancient dangers). Waiting till fall and, well, winter just started without any sort of elections going on. Is there any fix or a way to kick start an election to happen?


I think you have to have a certain number of colonists, six or eight. I can't remember.


How do you force an election ?

I realy can't find how it's nowhere on internet...


Quote from: Viix on July 09, 2018, 04:42:12 AM
How do you force an election ?

I realy can't find how it's nowhere on internet...

There should be an election incident you can force from the dev console.

Side note, I'm currently experimenting with mayor meetings providing mini-inspirations. Any ideas?

EDIT: Of course, I can't do squat until I can get the project to build properly...
Getting a lot of "Config error in Election: conditionClass is null" or "Config error in Mayor: hediffClass is null" type stuff.
I do know that the dll is the problem, and not the XML.