[A17] JT's Field Surgery - Combat Casualty Care and Essential Medicines

Started by JT, July 05, 2017, 03:57:16 PM

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Yeesh, I hate that I keep missing these replies.

I still have 15+ minute load times in the new version.  Better Loading, RIMMSLoadUp, and ModCheck don't solve the problem.  Granted, I have a few mods in my now-319-mod load order that have rather questionable source code -- SeedsPlease does some chaotic stuff, for instance, that it really shouldn't.  That said, I've been working on several mods fairly religiously since mid-June!  Field Surgery is more or less OK for release, but I haven't done a full testing phase yet.

Here's the changelog as a teaser for now (note my rather incorrect estimate on when I figured the release date would be):
01 July 2019 - 1.0 Version 5
* Updated to 1.0, finally.  (There's that qualifier again...)
* Happy effin' Canada Day, eh?

* Fixed bug with XML missing products for production recipes in release version.  Bug had been already fixed in dev version even before I released the release version... sigh. (Exoray)
* Fixed bug with XML linked to wrong class for plasma extraction recipe and saline administration.  Dev version had this bug, too -- oops. (mimib14)
* Incorporated LocalDefOf tweak from HardcoreSK fork to avoid RimWorld locating and referencing defs at runtime (much more elegant). (sidfu)
* Actually included the ability to drink blood in desperation, even though I had added the thoughts -- could've sworn I had done this already, but even the dev version was missing it.  Maybe I edited it into the A16 version by mistake?  In any case... sigh. (via sidfu)
* Patch added for Cupro's Drinks (dismar's update) which will sort jinnantonyx and tonic water into its drinks categories.
* Nerfed antimalarial Blood Pumping penalty from -10% to -2% (Blood Pumping affects everything including Manipulation and Moving, which was a far worse penalty than intended); starts at -5% for the initial few moments
* Endotide now injects faster and plays appropriate sound effects.
* Fixed missing endotide JoyKind.  I missed this because another mod overwrote vanilla abstracts.  (Bad, bad, Children & Pregnancy!)
* Tweaked thingfilters for plasma pack and saline pack surgical bills for better compatibility with Dub's Mint Menus.
* Endotide now causes total heart failure when multiple shots are injected.  As an overdosing person falls unconscious long before this, it would require someone else to do this.  In other words, the polar opposite of the mod's initial feature (amputating without anaesthetic) has been added...
* A specific surgical bill now specifically allows you to elect to use too much anaesthetic, to put your patient to a painless death.  It requires either six units of any medicine (for painkillers), or three units of endotide (more powerful, more specific).  This is instantaneous, even if using Death Rattle (the above is not).
* Mod Settings menu is now available!
** Disable elective dismemberment entirely.
** Disable freeze degradation for blood packs (currently does not alter/remove freezable blood packs).
** Disable torture thoughts independently for prisoner, surgeon, and/or your colonists.
** Configure how angry the target faction will get when you torture/execute one of their actors.

Nothing really impressive other than basic maintenance and balance, although I'm pretty happy with the Mod Settings menu (UI design is NOT my field of expertise).  A lot of work has gone into mapping out vanilla code for Harmony patches, for a rather large expansion to features that I'd like to tackle after I've gotten the official update done, but (like almost everything I ever do) I wound up getting so excited over the potential that I started doing the work before I'd gotten the official update done.


I still have 15+ minute load times in the new version.  Better Loading, RIMMSLoadUp, and ModCheck don't solve the problem.
RIMMSLoadUp got integrated into the latest rimworld version, you don't need it anymore.
Better Loading is just a visual mod, don't improve anything.
ModCheck is just a libary like hugslib/harmony, don't improve anything either.