[B19] Omni Core Drill - a deep core miner for *all* materials

Started by DoctorVanGogh, July 27, 2017, 07:58:02 PM

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Since theubie seems to be MIA and does not update his wonderful Deep Core Miner I went ahead and published an Alpha 17 version with some (minor) improvements. After writing three separate 'special material addon X' mods, I went ahead and made the drill simply support any mineable materials out of the box.

So, without further ado - here's OCD - "the one drill to screw them all" ;D No more Addons needed.

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New Feature with 2.1:
Drill how much you want!

As for the rest - I'll leave you (mostly) with thuebie words for his original mod.


- B19 version

- 1.0 version
- custom drill graphic
- added 'unfinished drill plans' to stop/resume drill work

- B18 support
- new versioning scheme (game-major.game-minor.mod-major.mod-minor)

Version 2.1
- In-game configuration interface for work/yield values per material

Version 2.0
- Explicit A17 support
- Supports arbitrary mineable rock types (Including mod added rock types)
- Tweaked a lot of mining recipes (work required/yield returned) as a result of auto generated recipes. For details see project page on github
- Moved interaction cell outside drill - now your pawns can sit in those comfy human leather armchairs while they mine.
- Use 'drilling' animation/sound
- Made drill use mining speed & mining yield stats of operating pawns correctly

What this mod is:
A deep core driller capable of pulling out any mine-able material you want, given enough power and work by your pawns. Doesn't matter if it's from vanilla or a mod. If it can occur as a mine-able rock on a map, the drill knows how to extract it.

Required Deep Drilling research from vanilla core. Should be compatable with most other mods.

Requires a substantial steel and plasteel investment. Also is quite a bit power hungry. The acutal process takes a while, since you're drilling deep into the core. To balance out the "infinte pool of resource" side, your returns are fairly small, but given enough power and time you can create a fully sustainable industry for your colony.

Idea Credit:
Original Deep Driller Mod by thebie

No longer necessary :D


What are the requirements for this mod?

No special requirements.  This mod does not depend on any other mods.  You can run this and the game core just fine.

How do I install this mod?

If you're using Steam find this mod in the Steam workshop and subscribe.
Or download the zip from the source repository and unzip its contents into your mods folder.

What order should your mod be loaded in?

The base mod can be loaded anywhere after the game's core mod.  It does not depends on any other mod to function.

Are there any known issues?

There are no known issues at this time.

This mod does add a jobgiver, so it has a tendency to freak out any pawns who are currently active in jobs if added to a saved game.  There is a work around (use dev mode to down the pawn and heal them back up) or you can of course create a new game.

Can this mod be used with old saves?

The base mod was able to be added to a vanilla old save with no issues.  There were some issues with a very heavily modded old save, but runs fine with the same list of mods on a new save.  Conclusion:  use on old saves at your own risk.  See above.

This mod is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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Ohhh! Dr. VanGogh!

I could kiss you for this marvelous update.

Oww.. I think i'm gonna cry!



Is it possible to change the mineral ammount mined? In defs I only see the obsolete stats. I'd like to double plasteel and uranium. Great mod by the way! Keep up the good work!


To enable the 'support everything' part I literally just use a formula to crunch mineable rock properties to work/yield values.
Which means there's no easy way to make this stuff better, and that stuff worse. It's all the same to me. I might in the future add some options that allow tweaking this formula in total (no idea, if I can get this to work), but this would only reduce/increase values across the board.

Since you're asking for Uranium & plasteel I'm guessing you're using EPOE and building a metric sh*t-ton of energized components.
I always felt that it was a bit too easy to get any amount of plasteel or Uranium from even a single core drill, so I'm quite happy with the reduced yield values.

My suggestion would be to "build another drill" :D

Also: The current version (finally!) uses the correct values for mining speed & yield (Though vanilla caps mining yield per pawn at 100%). But if you have a skilled miner operate the drill, you will get the results faster. This did not happen in the old version. So just use more drill and/or restrict the plasteel & uranium jobs to your skilled miners.
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Thank you, missed the drill!

Could it be possible to save the progress of the drilling (work done on the job) on the bill?

Now when somebody starts digging and ends the job before finishing (all the work), it "resets" back to no work done (job is removed I guess) - it's pretty anoying to lose all the progress on higher work jobs (plasteel). I think it might be possible to bind job to a pawn and keep it until she finish it, like with tailoring. Even better would be if anyone can drill (perform the job), leave at any time, the amount of work saved, and then somebody else can continue drilling, but I don't know how complex that would be (probably save it as a mod data and connecting it to bill/job).


New feature upon popular request: Configurable work/yield values - see initial post.

Drill away ;)
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Hey man, many thanks for creating this mod and for going through the effort of letting us tweak the resource yield and what not, appreciate it yo  =D


I am amazed by the automatic recipe generator, i imagine the obsolescence of all the "EPOE" and "ADS" patches for the new races or new animals if it is somehow included in those mods.
Nice work!


It's quite possible I'm just being stupid about the way GitHub works, but I can't find a non-Steam download link anywhere... :(


Well... If you're not familiar with that site it's options can be somewhat overwhelming.

There's a) a green 'Clone or download' button on the top right and b) a '[1] release' link above the green bar. Both will lead to downloadable zip files ;)

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Does this work like the Drill from industrialisation where you can pick what you mine or is it random?

Looked at the workshop picture, you can choose.

Question: How would I go about modifying the graphic of the driller? I want to use the old extractor graphic from mechanical defense 2.

The current graphic is that of the standard deep driller 


Since there are no textures inside the mod I assume this is a direct reference to the standard rimworld graphics. Can I simply copy paste the new graphic into this folder and rewrite the line accordingly or will steam refresh the folder when I start rimworld? Would I have to change the draw size since the deep drill graphic is 1x1 cell and the one I want to use is 3x3 cells?

I don't know anything about modding so any help would be appreciated!


New experimental feature (upon popular & repeated request): Unfinished drilling plans.

Should allow pausing & resuming drill jobs.


Install/Uninstall: switching from the current OCD version works fine, switching from the experimental version back to the release one requires canceling all unfinished drill plans.
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