[A16] Deep Core Miner (+addons) (UD:1/13/16) - An End Game Resource Solution

Started by theubie, September 01, 2016, 07:38:22 AM

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Deep Core Miner - An Endgame Resource Solution


Direct Downloads (including Glitter Tech and Stone Add-ons)
Steam Page for base mod A16 A15
Steam Page for  Glitter Tech Add-on A16 A15
Steam page for Stone Add-on A16 A15

User Created Plugins
CorePanda, Powerless, and Industrialisation

Change Log:

    -Fixed issue with instant build time.
    -Updated to Alpha 16

What this mod is:
A deep core driller capable of pulling out any non-rock vanilla material you want, given enough power and work by your pawns.

Created the mod to address the issue that the new deep drillers still have a limited amount of resources you can pull. For people who like to play long term that's still not enough.

Required Deep Drilling research from vanilla core. Should be compatable with most other mods.

Allows you to mine for Steel, Plasteel, Uranium, Gold, Silver and Jade.

Requires a substantial steel and plasteel investment. Also is quite a bit power hungry. The acutal process takes a while, since you're drilling deep into the core. To balance out the "infinte pool of resource" side, your returns are fairly small, but given enough power and time you can create a fully sustainable industry for your colony.

Idea Credit:
Idea lifted directly from the Industrialization mod. All credit for the idea goes to eatKenny from the forums.

Reuse Policy:
You can use it in a pack and/or tinker with the source with my blessings.


  • Glitter Tech Add-on - Adds Titanium to the possible mining options
  • Stone Add-on - Adds all stone types as mining options.  Quicker work time, produces 1 chunk per.


What are the requirements for this mod?

No special requirements.  This mod does not depend on any other mods.  You can run this and the game core just fine.

Add-ons require this mod + the mod they are targeting to be installed.
Stone Add-on does not require anything additional other than the base mod.

How do I install this mod?

Either download the zip file and unzip its contents into your mods folder, or if you're using Steam find this mod in the Steam workshop and subscribe.

What order should your mod be loaded in?

The base mod can be loaded anywhere after the game's core mod.  It does not depends on any other mod to function.

Any add-ons should be loaded after both the base mod and the mod it targets.

Are there any known issues?

We do not modify any base code in this mod, so it should be compatible with just about any other mod.

This mod does add a jobgiver, so it has a tendency to freak out any pawns who are currently active in jobs if added to a saved game.  There is a work around (use dev mode to down the pawn and heal them back up) or you can of course create a new game.

Can this mod be used with old saves?

The base mod was able to be added to a vanilla old save with no issues.  There were some issues with a very heavily modded old save, but runs fine with the same list of mods on a new save.  Conclusion:  use on old saves at your own risk.  See above.

The add-ons should be compatible with old saves provided the base mod and the target mod were both already part of the old save.

I found a mod or want to request a feature.  How can I let you know?

You can, of course, reply to this thread...however there is a bug report/feature request feature found on the Infinite Possibility Games sit (the link to the direct download should take you there.)  You can submit new ones there and see the status of ones already being worked on.  I strongly encourage you to use it!



crazy request, but mabye the ability to extract various types of stone? (possibly including types other than what are avalible in the reigion?)


That is doable.  I'll whip up an addon for that.  It'll just have all the stone types as I don't feel like writing an assembly to figure out what stone types are on the map.  Look for it some time this evening or tomorrow morning.



I tinkered around with trying to make it do a random, but I got nowhere.  I know I can do that if I wrote a custom assembly, but I'm a) too lazy right now and b) not using my full dev setup (living with family at the moment, so only have my laptop which doesn't have my dev environment on it).  I'll be putting up an addon with all the stop types here in a little bit.


Updated to add the Stone Add-on, also updated the FAQ with a reported known issue and workaround.


I'm getting some weird error when I load your mod regarding titanium.  When I disable the glittertech addon it disappears.  Here's a screenshot of the mod load order and the error message.  Could you give me a possible solution? Thanks! :)

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]


Here's the mods at the end.  Sorry for the double post but I could only upload 600kb max for the screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]


The Glitter Tech add-on is for the Glitter Tech mod, so if you aren't using that mod then you don't need the add-on.  If you are going to use the Glitter Tech mod, make sure it's loaded before the Glitter Tech Add-on.



could you do a addon for cupo panda's mods that does copper, glowstone, froststone, coal

or theres a few mods that add copper.


I can, but I've got a mod I'm about to release that I'm finishing up, then I'm adding new features to Verify Start so it will be a while before I get to it.

Having said that, anyone who is adventurous can look at the add-on mods and see how they are made.  Those are pure xml def files, so making a new add-on mod is actually very simple.  As I've given my blessings for anyone to use my code, they are very welcome to release add-ons for other mods.

If no one gets one out by the time I am done with what's on my plate, I'll look into making more add-ons.


I have the industrialisation mod from EatKenny that adds aluminium and copper. If I want to add a recipe to get these materials form the deep core miner, do I need to do anything besides adding the recipes in the Recipes_production_coredriller.xml?
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As long as you use the same def name, you just need to add an xml recipe.