[1.1]Ancient Rim (28th Feb 20)

Started by koni, August 17, 2017, 07:46:12 AM

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Would you preffer to add following content(Egypt, Persia, Gaul,..) put in separate mods or should I merge all into one?

Yes (separate)
23 (60.5%)
No (merged)
15 (39.5%)

Total Members Voted: 38



Looks like there is already a mummy mod!

Dead Can Serve


I am currently running a game with this mod as the focus and am enjoying it so far, except for one issue: the shields are not able to be put in a storage zone or any other thing that uses the list of items. I believe they miss an xml tag to enable that.

I could fix it myself with some searching and maybe release a patch mod, but practically nobody will truly benefit from it and it will only clutter everybody's modlist.

I hope you can fix this issue, since it is annoying to have all the shields from raiders strewn around the map and having to resort to devmode to clean them up.



Congrats on your Egyptian mod in this series!


Oh yeah I forgot to mention here. Here's the link:
I also forgot to mention that the bug where you can't store shields is fixed. Download links on the first page



Please combine with the boat mod to make triremes!



The mods (except for the Mediterranean Faction) are updated for bug fixes and a bit new content for the Orient.


All four mods are updated for RimWorld 1.1 but will work as before for 1.0
Features like wine fermenting and shields are disabled for the moment because required frameworks aren't up to date.
You now can find Egyptian sarcophagi in the Orient mod.


Egyptians now populate the Rim. Have fun with the new factions mod:
You need to re-download the Oriental Edition, some  changes were made to support the faction.



So some ideas from before and some new ones ...

- Mummification
- Egyptian Canopic Jars (Decoration)
- Egyptian Gold Jewlery (Give social bonus)
- Hand Fan (Passive Cooler Alternative)
- Cat Sclupture (Decoration)
- Chariot Sculpture (Decorative)
- Lyre (Musical Instrument)
- Papyrus (Crop)
- Reed Boat (Boat)

Many thanks in advance!



With the recent April Fools mod Vanilla Vehicles Expanded it got me thinking. Its weird for cars to eat and make meat but no so weird for a Chariot. In short perhaps do just as they did in the mod. Just make a normal animal based on the horse but just have it include graphic of a chariot attached and done in a way for the pawn using Giddy Up mod to sit in the chariot correctly.

(Not intended to be used. Just giving an example of how it could be set up)

EDIT: Alternatively maybe it could use the Animal Armor mod to equip the horse.

Chicken Plucker

Wow so anyway guys, NVGs and tactical tactics.. Oh sorry wrong thread.

Hi I was asked by Hydromancerx to post these, he had no chariot textures since that side view he posted was all he had.

I went to sketchfab and made this with ease, took a 3D model, changed the view to basic colours and then I added black outlines. It's resolution is equal, higher than RimWorld but it's HQ. Hope it's of any use to you, cheers.