[Mod request] Additional visitor/trader interactions

Started by crusader2010, January 21, 2018, 06:34:04 AM

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I'm looking for a mod that allows for keeping visitors in your medical beds until they get properly healed, plus allowing you to feed them wherever they are on the map. Should be compatible with Hospitality.

Here's what happened: a visitor came that had an addiction problem. While moving around the colony he collapsed from withdrawl. I rescued him and tried to cure his addiction, but the moment he could move (even if extremely slowly), the visitor wanted to exit the map. Of course he collapsed again somewhere away from my base and died from malnutrition (didn't care to rescue him again).

This is what I want a mod for: prevent visitors from leaving medical beds until they get cured of possible illnesses that can cause loss of motor functions. Also, the ability to feed a collapsed visitor no matter where he is on the map.

My mod pack: {A13} Mod Mega Pack


Until you found a mod for your request.
You just should setup a hospital bed next to a map border, and rescue these pawn to that bed.
Then the chance for him to leave the map are higher.

But i agree too, and many others too, that visitors should stay longer at the medical bed until they are healthy.
Rimworld is a dangerous place, pawn's shouldn't walk around ill or half dead except they want be food for predators.