[1.2] Alpha Biomes

Started by SargBjornson, August 21, 2019, 11:57:46 AM

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Adds multiple unique new biomes to Rimworld.

Adds 10 new diverse biomes to your Rimworlds. The mod has been designed with the Alpha Animals mod in mind, although it is not a requirement.

  • The Mycotic Jungle: a warm and humid biome filled with HUGE mushrooms. Home to the Wildpod and some weird mushroom varieties of usual creatures.
  • The Gallatross Graveyard: an arid temperate biome, littered with the skeletal remains of ancient beasts.
  • The Feralisk Infested Jungle: a warm, wet biome with incredibly dense vegetation, filled to the brink with extremely dangerous predatory spiders.
  • The Ocular Forest: a weird transdimensional realm intruding upon our Universe. Home to strange new flora and fauna.
  • The Gelatinous Superorganism: a swampy biome that is actually the upper surface of an extraordinarily large mold-like creature. No rocks to be found, but plenty of food.
  • The Mechanoid Intrusion: a desolate temperate biome with mechanical ruins. Apparently an ancient mechanoid attempt at turning the planet into a megastructure.
  • The Propane Lakes: a frozen wasteland, colder than the most inhospitable Sea Ice, but teeming with aberrant flora and fauna.
  • The Forsaken Crags: permanently clouded by a preternatural darkness, light is the most valuable commodity in this desertic landscape. Inspired by (and compatible with) the Forsakens mod.
  • The Tar Pits: an arid biome rich in vegetation, filled with treacherous tar pits that make movement quite difficult. Beware the Bumbledrone hives!
  • The Pyroclastic Conflagration: a volcanic expanse of unrelenting and brutal nature. Fire and lava are both your worst enemy and your best friend in this biome.

The biomes have been tweaked so they don't take too much space in the world map, and you might have to generate a planet again if some biome is not appearing, since they have different temperature and humidity characteristics.

Balance is obviously always a concern, although it has been playtested. Feel free to tell me if you think something is too wacky.

Plans for the future
Obviously, more biomes!

Compatible with any other biome mod
Compatible with Alpha Animals (obviously)
Compatible with Dinosauria
Compatible with Megafauna
Compatible with Animal Collab Project
Compatible with Rim of Madness - Bones
Uses Harmony (no need to download)
Uses ModCheck (no need to download)


Bone planet: Hyptosis https://opengameart.org/content/bone-planet
Some sounds by Mike Koenig at http://soundbible.com

See full changelog on GitHub


 ;D ;D creator's tips for surviving the mechanoid biome??


Any ideas how to fix the microlag in the Myconit or Occulus Forrest Biom?

Kranon the Relentless

I love this mod. what are your plans for the next update


I'll probably be adding some sort of volcanic landscape :) Or other cold biome


Hey! so I noticed something that may be a bug. if you use the regular stone block cutting feature of a bench, the hardened slime chunks yields steel. just thought I'd bring it to your attention if you weren't already aware.


So um, is red wood supposed to be so... useless?
You can't make chemfuel out of it, you can't fuel wood generators with it, you can't make bridges out of them, you can't use them as a wood replacement, etc.
They're basically like stone blocks that grow from trees, but more or less crappier in every way.


Because I'm an idiot who likes suffering, I have made a planet that's 97% Feralisk Infested Jungle, because it sounded like a cool idea. I also made the planet hotter because why not.
Could be because it's so hot, but the place is crawling with basically every feralisk species other then the cold one. There was also well over twenty feralisks and like, a dozen capybaras for them to share.
I'm pretty sure the spiders ran out of food on day one, because any visitor, friendly or hostile that arrives gets swarmed and murdered by spiders near instantly.
On the plus side, we managed to gather a whole bunch of free loot(apparently, the spiders don't eat robots) and the spiders are like the best free defense ever. On the minus side, I'm pretty sure every faction will hate me before the year is up because I keep on getting negative rep every time someone visits the colony.
Also, almost lost the colony on two separate occasions because I kept on forgetting that animals gone manhunter for any reason(like a trade caravan trying really hard not to die) will still try to eat my colonists.
Never really bothered with biome mods much but this one is hugely fun. Possibly because nearly all the biomes are trying to kill everyone in the colony in one way or another.


I can't find a post for Alpha Biomes 1.2 so i'll just post here. I have an issue with "remove vanilla biomes" option, it doesn't work... even when turned on vanilla biomes appear on planet generation. Any help?


The only reason it could be not working is if any other mod is modifying the same biome generation methods. Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about it. Using only Alpha Biomes it should work without any issues