[1.1] [KV] Keep Your Hands & Feet [ModSync RW]

Started by Kiame, October 01, 2018, 11:03:32 PM

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Lets pawns with bionic arms and legs keep there hands and feet.

Works with mods that add bionic hands and feet.

If you have pawns with bionic arms and legs already, adding this mod will force the game to display that they are missing hands and feet, the mod is not removeing hands and feet, they are already gone. However if you add bionics to a pawn after installing the mod they should not automatically loose hands/feet.

This does the same thing as Don't take my feet but re-written from the ground up.

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Thanks To:
Joseph - original idea


I don't know of the inner working of the mechanic but will the game correctly recognize pawn as having artificial limb on top of their original one or it will think the pawn have extra limb? It would be funny if a pawn with bionic arm get his meat arm shot off but the game still allow him to work at 100% efficiency because he still have bionic arm and the other one.


Hmm. I am gonna try this. Installing bionic arms automatically invalidated the use of gauntlets from MEdieval Times mod, which are the only way of protecting fingers probably in the whole workshop. Now hopefully i will be able to use gauntlets with bionic limbs. Thanks.


This mod remaps the hands and feet to be from the torse and not from arms and legs.

There could be times when a pawn is missing a leg but still has a foot


Hmm that means i can install Bionic legs and Bionic feets ! :-)
Exploidable !


so will this raise more manipulation for the added hands or feet ?


Ok, i tryed out that mod.
Yes your pawn's still can wear your shoe's and gloves with bionic arm/legs or similar things.
But since hand&foots are now no longer part of the arm/leg a proper operation don't fix the finger/toes.
To fix those, you need to replace the foot/hands.
I don't think it is a big things, but you should put it into the description so people arn't surprised by that.


hmm what the code does it changes the parent of hands and feet to be torso instead of arms and legs.

To that end, all children of hands and feet (fingers and toes) will still be the same.


Added support for alien races


is this the successor to dans hands and feet mod? i noticed you asked for permission to revive it last summer




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Kiama allready update the armor mod [B19] [KV] Hand & Footwear]


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