Mod to keep us in medieval weaponry age longer?

Started by jpinard, October 04, 2018, 04:54:12 PM

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In all my games thus far, I never end up needing plate armor, advanced bows, swords etc.  Is there a mod that changes who we're attacked by and research times for the "other stuff" so we can spend some more quality time in pre-industrial times?



Maybe try out the
Removes higher tech objects from RimWorld,.....


Have you tried Naked Brutality?

I'm using plate armor and swords and just traded a bows and raider garbage for constructed LMGs after 2 long years. Naked Brutality and being picky with my recruits has made research a tricky - and lengthy - affair.

Another possibility is to limit yourself to 1 research bench, though that may not be enough.
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