[1.0] Graphic Chair Overhaul - Make your colonists sit on em chairs!

Started by Bunkier, January 14, 2019, 06:58:25 AM

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Graphic Chair Overhaul

Mod that makes your colonists look like they're actually sitting on the chairs!

But how does it works?
It simply overlays backs of the seats on the colonists as the second texture which gives a look that they're sitting in the chairs instead standing on them.

Now works Vanilla Furniture Expanded!

Load it above GCO to make it work.

Currently supports:
- More Furniture Mod
- Rimkea
- Gloomy Furniture
-Vanilla Furniture Expanded

Further Plans
-Addons for other chair-adding mods


If you will find any bugs or conflicts please report those there.

Legal stuff
You may do everything with this unless you make money on it.
You can use it in your modpack when you want but inform me about it first.



Rimworld says that the version is unknown and may not work with the game.




I noticed while using this mod, that tall objects like large statues will be behind the backs of chairs if they're in the tile to the south. Do you have enough control over the depth-levels of objects, to have the backs of chairs "behind" objects, but still "in front" of the chairs?



1.7 Version is out.

Fixed conflict with newest update of Gloomy Furniture.


1.8 Version is out
Added support for Vanilla Furniture Expanded