[1.0] Compact Benches. Make your Lab compact!

Started by Bunkier, March 22, 2019, 02:03:09 PM

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Compact Benches

Adds compact version of research benches.

Compact Benches is mod that adds two new benches which are smaller versions of normal ones from Vanilla game.
They cost less but also work slower due the size of them.

- Tenshi~Akari - Person who gave me the idea.


If you will find any bugs or conflicts please report those there.

Legal stuff
You may do everything with this unless you make money on it.
You can use it in your modpack if you want but inform me about it first.

Lex Silvas



Bless you for this!

*Edit* Coming across one issue with one part I was looking for, but going to go note that in the original thread topic for right now. But this is definitely a start!


Ah yes, now i see what you meant by that, i'll try making this soon.