[1.0] Medical IV's - Update 1.4.1

Started by Knight, June 09, 2019, 10:46:08 PM

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Medical IV's aims to further improve your healthcare quality by adding IV drips (Intraveneous Therapy).
So far the mod adds 6 different IV's; a blood transfusion that reduces the bleed rate of a colonist, a nutritional drip which provides an immobile colonist with constant food,
a painkiller drip which reduces a colonist's pain significantly, an antibiotic drip which improves a colonist's blood filtration/immunity gain speed,
an anesthetic drip which keeps a pawn in a medically induced coma and finally a glitterworld drip that combines the functionality of the painkiller, antibiotic and blood drip.
Additionally, each drip will provide boosts to both medical tend quality and surgery success chance when placed adjacent to a hospital bed.

- Powered by Harmony and HugsLib


[How to Use]
All of the IV's will function when placed adjacent to any bed or sleeping spot. They will provide the health benefits to all pawns that are in a bed and directly above, below, left or right of the IV but not if they're diagonal from it. The 6 drips are based on the Vitals Monitor and as such each machine should be placed adjacent to any hospital bed for the medical offsets to work - this means that tend quality and other bed quality benefits will only work for hospital beds.

[Medical IV's](The Big Update)
Medical IV's introduces a new, key piece of technology from the modern era of medicine - intravaneous therapy or "medical drips". In real life, these drips contain fluids such as antibiotics, painkillers or any other medication and make use of tubes to directly inject the fluid into a person's bloodstream. This update for Medical IV's sees the majority of code rewritten, the addition of 2 extra machines and dozens of bug fixes or general QoL improvements or balancing. Minor changes include a new logo (Made by me, Knight) and implementation of coveted features/suggestions put forward by others.

Currently includes 6 machines:
- A blood IV for reducing blood loss by 75%
- A painkiller IV to block all pain
- An antibiotic IV to speed up recovery from infection and disease
- A nutritional IV to keep bed ridden colonist's fed
- An anesthetic IV to induce a medical coma in a pawn
- A glitterworld IV that combines the functions of the painkiller, blood and antibiotic IV

[Additional Features]
Other features are bundled with the drips to add to the level of realism and improve gameplay. These include:
- Addition of craftable/consumable painkillers
- Addition of craftable/consumable antibiotics
- Addition of blood bags
- A new plant with interesting qualities
- An overhauled refill system
- Ability to upgrade to more convenient machines requiring no refill through research
- The ability to draw blood from colonists / bleed a prisoner to death
- An updated research tab for the mod

Knight: Code & XML ; Minor graphics and Logo
Kotobuki Mugi: Graphics & Large assets
ilikegoodfood: For his BleedRate hediff code

Common FAQ

  • Can I make suggestions? Sure. As a matter of fact, I encourage it! I'd like to push my abilities whilst making the game as fun as possible.
  • Is there an impact on performance? It's highly unlikely you'll experience performance problems with my mod! It only updates every 60 ticks and should absolutely be fine as long as you don't have thousands of the IV drips on the map :)
  • Is it safe to add to existing saves? Yes, it should be absolutely fine to add to existing saves. Nothing has been edited, removed or changed that's related to Rimworld or any other mod.
  • How about removing it? I imagine it wouldn't cause significant issues but obviously be cautious of the fact that placing down objects and then removing the mod associated with those objects could be problematic. It's always best to remove the objects first before uninstalling.
  • Permissions? Don't reupload it anywhere and don't blatantly copy the code - feel free to make patches and compatibility edits (if needed).
  • How do I get blood bags? You can get blood bags by either drawing blood from colonists/prisoners or by growing bloodleaf, crushing it into a powder and then synthesising it into blood bags at a drug lab. You'll require Penyoxycilin production and bloodstem infusion research unlocked though.

If you like or use my mods, consider buying me a coffee on ko-fi. It'll speed up the delivery of updates, any future mods I've got planned and generally motivate me to make more!


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I'm going to need a bigger hospital at this rate. Good stuff!


thanks for sharing your mod with us.
But could you please provide a download ability ?
If you want keep it steam only that's fine but then you don't need to public it at the forum which is mainly the source for non-steam user.

Btw. what's about the blood packs from the Vampire mod. That mod is pretty popular too, and you should made some modcheck patches so these could used with your IV's too.


QuoteBut could you please provide a download ability ?

Sure. Just added it now. I forgot since I was mid-bug fixing.


Very interesting idea, But there are some solutions that I don't like.
1.IMHO painkillers must cause addiction (and may be tolerancy), like other drugs.
2.Receiving blood bags via draw blood operation may be exploitable on prisoners. Draw blood - give a rest - repeat - ... - a whole lot of blood bags! Hint - let a draw blood operation adds hediff to a donor, something like: "Blood harvested x times". When counter reaches 3-5 let new draw blood kills the patient.
3. If we have some blood bags, then where is ability to "Administer blood transfusion" to cure blood loss? IMHO  this is more useful then reduce bleeding.
4. It is intentional that tend quality offset and surgery success factor has accumulated effect if some different drips installed around medical bed? I have +15% tend quality, and +30% surgery success when istalls three IV drips (nutrition, blood, and painkiller). This is a lot!
5. I saw many times how wounded pawns jumps on their feet (to change clothes for example) after administer drug who ease pain. How about painkiller drip? Could it be that the patient under the action of the painkiller drip feels well enough that he wants to get up, and immediately falls again from the pain?


Hi, is there a non-Steam download link for this mod? I bought the game off of Steam, so it won't let me download the mod from there  :'(


Keep login at the forum, then you might see the file attachment at the first posting.


Hi, I know it's long time but still... I'm not capable of restricting what my pawns do put in those nutrition IVs. Is it supposed to work that way?