Today's patch broke my comms console

Started by Jan2607, March 06, 2020, 11:06:19 AM

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Since todays patch, my colonists are not able to use the comms console. The right click menu doesn't appear and the error log throws red messages. This is my error log:
Trading with caravans does work.

I'm using some mods that change traders, but even deactivating those mods didn't help. So I have no idea which of these mods broke my game. Any help would be appreciated.


I did deconstruct the comms console with godmode and reconstructed it. First, it did work out and my pawns could use it again, but after saving and reloading the issue appeared again.


When a reload break it.
Since i don't hear about such a problem at the vanilla gameplay, a mod should cause it.
Destroy and rebuild the console, safe the game.
Disable one or more mods which are safe to disable (like More tradeships) and load the safegame.
If you can use the console, you found the mod.

You can try it out on a new colony too. Use quickstart feature from hugslib (top right icon), place energy, place a com console, create incident orbital trader, safe & load check if the console works.
When the error happen, you can disable even mod's that would break your safegame.


After I deconstructed and rebuild my console a few times, it does seem to work now. Hopefully, it won't break again, when a new trader arrives.
But thank you anyway :)