[1.3] Children and Pregnancy - v4.1.0

Started by GhostData, March 22, 2020, 04:32:51 PM

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Well, this might be the end of the line for one of the best mods for this game. How unfortunate.


Coming back after a long absence post-news drop. It's been a wonderful run and I definitely thank everybody involved with having kept this mod alive through all the version updates, especially GhostData for heading the helm on most recent maintenance & updates for it. This mod has definitely made my game experience much more interesting over the years it has existed. Never thought I'd see the day a proper life cycle system would be introduced to human pawns officially, but here we are.

That said, it doesn't necessarily mean "the end" altogether. It could mean a slight evolution of mods like this, especially if features we're used to seeing in C&P aren't fully present in Biotech... but we all won't know for sure until more info is introduced about the inner workings of it all. It will definitely take responsibility of maintaining the whole system off the modders, though.



Howdy Folks.

To say that I am surprised children have been added to the core game in any capacity is an understatement. I've used this mod and it's iterations more or less since I started playing Rimworld, so the feature in some form or another has always been a core part of my experience for long play. I have been planning a successor mod for CNP for a while now, with the intent to solve many of the largest pain points of the mod - seamless mod integration and more features to fully integrate children as a concept to the core game. Naturally, with the release of Biotech, the core functionality - and the most difficult part to maintain - of this mod is no longer necessary. I'll be ending support for the mod and closing down the discussion thread. The source will remain available for the time being.

Being the first large scale mod I have ever worked on, the past releases have been bumpy to say the least. That said, thanks to everyone who provided feedback and tested the mod even in it's roughest state, as the feedback and project have helped develop my abilities as a modder for future projects.
I can still be reached via my development discord if you have suggestions and the like.


like you I have been using a children mod since they showed up in the modding forum, thank you for your efforts