Geothermal fires: new update?

Started by LWM, April 26, 2020, 01:13:48 PM

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So the most recent update seems to have changed how geothermal power plants work?  I have had one top of a geyser, tightly enclosed in a room attached to my living quarters.  It's cold out, so I was keeping it roofed and venting to the rest of the base.  During summer, I would remove the roof so as not to overheat.

This year....this year I am on the Apr 20th update and now geothermal plants are no longer walkable?  I don't seem to be able to do anything about the roof - which seems a terrible terrible choice (esp for any new players who find out too late they shouldn't have left roof over the inside squares!  Too late now!), but which also means that spontaneous fires are starting on the doors around the building, as they spike in temperature to over 400C and start burning.

So....geothermal plants are no longer as viable as heat sources...  Unless there's a way to use them I'm not seeing?


in my experience they never were walkable. i say this because i always build the first ring of floor before building the generator, otherwise the floor below it cant be constructed.
i think you moved a mod, or a mod changed, or something with a mod that caused your generators to go from walkable to not walkable.

have in mind that you dont need to remove all of the roof for it to vent. if you made a room with only space for the generator then you can remove a wall so it becomes instantly outdoors and all the heat instantly equalizes with outdoors.

about the fires, its due to that after certain temperature the things that are flammable will be lit on fire. this was always the case.


At 1.1.2598 the temp never grow up above 80°C with single wall and 110°C with double walled.
But i let 1 free tile between generator and and wall.
Without free tile i even got a peak of 700°C for a short period. But the temp never is long enough that high to enflame something, not even the wood walls/doors on my test.
Ok i notice if you give the generator room a few free tiles (2-4), the high temp. keep longer inside the room so it could be possible to enflame objects there.


I have a tight wall all around it.  I register door temps that get up to 420C.  And apparently the vent that I have no longer ...vents.  So it is not acting as a heat source for the rooms :(

The heat that WAS going to keep my colonists from freezing to death (before the plant was built) is NOW burning their doors down.  I'm 100% sure that's not the ideal way my pawns would have wished to set up the geothermal plant.

:( :-[ :'(


id recommend to remove one wall piece of the south so it becomes instantly outdoors.

about using it as a heat source... since there is no way to automate it i just dont rely of them. i know, if i microed it i would save power, but either power or my mental health microing things, and this game already requires a massive amount of micro/clicking.


yep with that design you will get the highest temp.
Play around a bit the god mode, and give the generator room a bit more place. Expland it to the south and west that will reduce the peak temp.
And if you need the geysir for the heat, you maybe shouldn't place the generator on it.
And about the micro, there are mods with vent that open/close on specified temp.

Or try the RedistHeat mod, that add pipe's that allow you transfer heat from one room to another. But i don't know how that mods works, maybe the new author made a good overhaul for 1.1.
I stoped using it since B19.


I'm going to take Option C:

Make it traversable (walkable? able-to-be-walked-on) with a really slow speed.

Temperature flow seems much more like what I would expect, altho I will look into the RedistHeat mod.