Rimworld late game improvement

Started by Nusevart, June 23, 2020, 03:22:39 PM

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Main goal: To improve life game. Give the player the feeling of unlimited final power. Unlock advanced tech to increase contrast between early and late game.

1. Power Armor (Fallout style)
Jet pack (jumping over walls (destroying roof)
Blade for close combat
Heavy Sniper

2. Animals equipment:
Simple harness:
- transportable load enhancing
- Simple improvements:
o Blade armor (hurting enemies during close battle)
o piloted bomb

Powered Body Armor:
Improving durability
For heavy animals:
Can load turret (laser or autocannon or flamer)
Improving moving speed
Can carry One or two pawns.

For tiny animals:
Durability + piloted bomb (better than with harness)

For midsize animals (dogs):
Speed improvement
Improved jaws for close combat
Can carry one pawn (wolf rider like – World Of Warcraft style)

3. Nano tech: (and not the least!)
Add a micro bot production unit that can produce 2 half size micro production units and so on (10 times?) to finally let the player make a nano bot production unit (this production unit can duplicate itself).

Nano bots are invisible and managed from a specific screen (with several tabs).
Nano bots needs computing power to work together. Need to build server to coordinate limited number of nano bots (100 000?) and need to be electrically powered.
To let the nanobots working out of the base : (limit the nano bots action in the base in early time – defense) : player need to launch satellites : work like the server : limited amount of nano bot coordinated by one satellite. If more than manageable by the satellites number, then: the extra quantity sent outside stay in base camp.

Nanobots Management Screen:
Show the available bots' quantities (50 000 / 100 000 / 1 000 000 ...)
The production frequency (depending of the number of productions units)
Division of labor (% allocated for each task type – specific screens to let player set up the tasks):
- Healing (can fix up body parts – with 120% efficiency – mobilize number of nano bot permanently)
- Mining – find nano part of specifics materials : need to set a destination storage for each type of material – nano mining speed depending of nano bots number allocated to the task – possibility to set up to 4 mining targets (metal / components / uranium / jade ...) with specific % repartition of the mining population allocated.
- Cooking (like for mining: set up the type of meal and find nano raw material to cook directly in the destination storage)
- Cleaning up
- Field work
- Builders (auto construction – with speed depending of the number of nano bots allocated – building level depending of calculation level – research level on nano bots' skills)
- Allow % to prioritize fire extinction than their task.

Can set a % of bots in standby mod (using their own solar panels to electrically recharge their batteries):
If % < than needed: bots work faster but a cooldown is needed between different tasks.
Nano bots' batteries can be improved (1-5 levels) to decrease the % needed to be in standby mod to work correctly.
Each nano bot battery improvement also improves the "vanilla" batteries capacity.
Nano bots' solar panels can also be improved (1-5) and work the same: decrease the needed number for standby and improve the power of "vanilla" solar panels.

Can see the managed limit in base / outside (depending of severs number / satellites number)
Nano bot loss (destroyed) when:
Working: % of workers are destroyed for each finished task.
Enemies shooting
Fire start (nano bots are "everywhere so they are where the fire starts too)
Electrical shortcut
The management screen let the player see the past loss.

Can produce a Nano armor: (mobilizes a defined quantity of nanobots: 50 000 / 100 000 / 500 000?)
Tier 1/2/3: (each level is more and more nano bots consuming)
Owner speed increase
Tier 3: jet pack included (like for the power Armor)
During battles: injured the owner and destroy an amount of nano bots
Auto-heal the owner

Can produce nano guns: (mobilizes a defined quantity of nanobots: 50 000 / 100 000?)
Long nano blade
Assault rifle
Long range rifle
Energy rifle

When used: a few % of nano bots are destroyed.

To let a pawn, go outside the base map: need enough satellites to manage the number of nano bots equipped.

A capsule (limited number of nano bots – 10 000?) can be carry by a pawn to let them auto-replace destroyed nano bots (healing / armor / guns ...) : can be carry by non-equipped pawn as healing kit.

Can produce cheap early stuff:
Nano Gun
Nano Dagger
Goal: Let the player enjoy the power of nano tech in early time.
Relatively efficient but "easy to set up" (not a lot of nano bots required: 10 000 / 30 000 ?)

Specific tab in management screen for stuff:
Threshold when the nano bots allocated to work task go to "fix up" each stuff (stuff prioritize over the work tasks): 60% (if going at 59%  reload number to go to 100%) / 100% (consume bots all over time / no fixing up : let the stuff progressively destroying (prioritize work tasks).
Pawns allocation: the stuff is created directly "on" the pawn (nano bots go to the pawn to organize themselves into the designated stuff) no need to go to equip the stuff.
If not equip not visible on the floor – and message box to let the player know that several nano bots are mobilize for non-equipped stuff.
"disassemble" stuff: released the nano bot to return in the global work quantity.

Can manage body part in a specific tab:
Can remove each body part to release the mobilized bots (cripples the settler – can kill him if vital organ removed)
If a body part is replaced by a medical operation: release the number of nano bots.
Can manage the colons who are automatically heal / body part replaced by nano bots.
Can force body part replacement for each colon/each part.

To balance the difficulty: enemies can use all the tech describe upper.

Bots capsules can be looted from enemies / can be bought to advanced sellers.

For nano guns:
Can manage (directly in the stuff management screen) a % of damage to focus on enemies nanobots destroying instead of injuring the target: destroying the armor / the gun of the target.

Nano meca treant and golem:
Selecting a tree or a raw rock allow a new action: set up a nano meca treant (for trees) or a nano meca golme (for rocks)
Tank type fighters: low speed / lot of health / hight damage (but few dps): effective for destroying structures.
Specific screen:
To let the player, rename each meca
Can release the nano bots allocated
Set up the fixing up threshold for each meca.


Does anyone would like to play with those extra features?
Any comments about your feeling about it: want to try it / not enthusiastic at all (with the reason why)
Wanna know if anyone else is in!


Sure a few would do it.
There is even a more extreme modpack, try to look for the Hardcore-SK.
A modpack that grow over many releases now with a not that small fanbase.


Keep on wishing nanobots mod creation


RimWorld 1.3 is coming up soon! There will be more in-game items when 1.3 gets released by the Ludeon community.Will you like the new update when it's released?
Born with pleasure and patience.