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Started by Hexxagon, August 12, 2014, 03:06:17 PM

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Download 'Save Manager'

How to download/use:
Click the link above, then choose 'Download', (or download from Ludeon.com, just click the file at the end of the post) after that use either WinRar, 7Zip or any Zip program to open it. Then unzip it into that folder, where your RimWorld exe is located too.
After that it�s ready to use, just run it, the program will save your 'Pre Save Manager' saves in a group called 'Vanilla', you can change that name, and the associated mods by editing it.
You can add groups of Mods, and switch between them, and their associated save files, so you don�t have to move the files all by yourself.


Current Features:
Changing between different Groups of Mods, with their associated save files.

Future Features:
Everything useful you guys suggest :D

Known Issues:
None yet :D

28.06.2014: First Release

29.06.2014: Update, program now shows the user, when it�s placed in a wrong directory, and where to place it correctly
30.06.2014: Upload on Ludeon.com
08.08.2014: Update for better saving

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Maybe some images? Also maybe have a feature that lets you change your colonist's stats?
Mod Help! The basics on how to download mods!


What kind of images would you expect?

And no, no save file modification, there are other people that did that, and my program was intended to only manage mods, sorry, but maybe another time, when there is no up-tp-date sava editor and there is no-one actually doing that :(


does this run alpha 6? it doesn't seem to work for me...