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Started by von_Gunter, February 09, 2021, 04:34:23 AM

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Hi guys! I'm not a newbee in this game, but still i got some problems to solve. Sprry but one of the questions is asked by me in another thread. p.s. My rimwold is modded.

1. Recently i've built my solar shield, but when solar flare appears, the shield simply doesn't work (there's a "lightning icon" above the shield like other electric devices have when affected by solar flare). It doesn't consume 25000w or produces heat like it should do. I double checked everything, everything seems correct. What can it be?
2. My base has two entrances and basically surrounded by the "U" shaped mountains. When some fraction attacks me, the enemy pawns don't run to my entrances where all my turrets, guns etc are located, but instead they come to my triple thickness armored walls or even to the mountain walls and try to break them through by digging or damaging them. My killbox entrances seems to be useless and pointless at this point. Is it normal actions from enemy pawns or there's some clue how to solve this problem?
Thank you very very much in advance :)


1. The shielding use ALOT of power when it is active, not to compare about the idle power consume.
I suggest that you use RT's power switches (the one which can turn off when a battery is full) and some battery bank to store a few throusend Wh.
With the power switches, the bank get disconnected from the grid and don't get lost on short circuit events.
Once you run out of power, you can't restart the shield for that current flare.

Edit: i just saw at the other posting you know that the shield consume 25k while active.
When you got that power reserve but the shield don't work it could be a conflict with another mod.
Try to move the mod at the end of the modlist or nearly at the beginning to check if that help.
The mod itself works fine, i just tested it.

2. Keep the doors of your main entrance open. This allow the raiders path to your interior. If they can't find a path to your interior they just made their own doors throw your tripple walls.
But that don't work against sapper, my tactic against them to intercept them, same for siege.


1. I mean solar shield doesn't do anything. Just switched off by solar flares the same as all my other electric devices, doors etc. It is properly connected to my electric sysmem of my settlement. There's enough energy in my batteries. Tried to build it inside and outside. Still nothing helped. I can make a screenshot for you to see.
2. There's no doors or gates, just the narrow entrance. When the enemies spawn they don't go straight to the entrance which is logically, but instead choose to go the shortest way which is a very thick mountain (not a big problem for me, but still annoys, and makes all the walls and fortifications i've built useless)


For the raid question, it might help if you upload some screenshots to show, maybe then people can understand and help you better.