Imperial traders never sell psycasts

Started by Alenerel, February 27, 2021, 05:17:40 AM

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Im not sure if this is a bug but I find it very weird. I called in a hefty amount of imperial trader caravans and they NEVER sell psycasts. The imperial traders ships also dont sell any.

I find it weird since they sell them in their bases if you go visit them, and also you would think that if anyone sold a psycast it would be them.


Do you mean they never sell psycast amplifiers or psycast abilities?  Just need that quick clarification.


Since he mention base (settlement) i think abilities, since amplifiers are only from title (at last from the empire) or quests (rebels).


I confirmed the psycast abilities not being sold.  I'll assume that is what is being meant.  Bug reported.


It's as intended; some items require player to actually caravan and buy them instead of just sitting in base.
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