Comms console breaks after removing a trader type mod

Started by Reddraegon, June 10, 2022, 11:00:21 AM

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btw by "comms console breaks" i mean it throws a red message in the debug log when you right click it ( i included the red log in the file)
please help


1. just readd that mod. It is allways a bad idea to remove a mod during gameplay.
That's why you should keep the savegame before you add new mods, incase you don't like the mod or if they cause problems.
Sure noone say you such things.
2. Here is a picture of my car/PC, it don't start anymore. Could you help ?
That is basicly the same like just snip the last error msg. instead to post the full logfile. Hugslib got a nice feature "Share log" button, which include modlist and patchlist.
Just the error msg. alone  is mosttimes not enough.

You should try and readd the mod, and when you are lucky the error/problem disappear.
But when you are unlucky that problem allready got into the savegame and you need to life with that problem.