I grew colony from 1 to 9 pawns in 5 years... then my guests destroyed it

Started by Garwel, December 18, 2022, 01:51:57 PM

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I want to share the most epic story that happened to me in RimWorld since I started playing roughly 3 years ago.

I wanted to give myself a challenge. So I played in Tundra. As a tribal. In Naked Brutality. In Ironman mode. To top it off, I use lots of mods to further spice up the experience.

So I started with my lonely colonist, Llama. He was soon joined by Alexandria, who I first captured, then enslaved and then recruited as a colonist. Not long after, the two happily married. There were also other colonists: the colony was growing well, although every winter was a challenge. For a long time, there were no losses (not counting a few prisoners).

Four game years later, Alexandria was attacked by a hungry Megawolverine. Unfortunately, she was far from the base and from other colonists. She fired at the beast and seriously injured it, but didn't have time to escape. She was eaten alive in front of the colonists who were rushing to help, but were too late. Of course, Llama was overwhelmed with grief and from that point, he would often have mental breakdowns.

Another year passed, and the colony survived another winter. In the spring of 5505, Llama had a catatonic breakdown (not his first one since the loss of Alexandria). While he was recovering in an infirmary, a group of 10 guests from a friendly faction showed up, complete with the faction's chief. A couple days later, Lex, one of the colony's veterans, casually tried to convert Tolque, one of the guests, to his ideoligion. Tolque didn't like it and started a social fight.

What began as a little brawl, quickly turned into a brutal, genocidal war. All of Tolque's faction started attacking my colonists, whose two best fighters Llama and Craesky were catatonic and another two rejected any violence at all. In a few minutes, the fight was over: 6 colonists and 3 guests were on the floor of the base, bleeding out. Five their enemies were lurking around the base. Two others, like I said, were in a coma and the only active one, Bry, was incapable of violence and (for now) safe in the hospital (a separate building). Two angry enemies were patrolling the area aroung the hospital and wouldn't let her out. What should I do?

Suddenly, Llama comes back from his catatonic sleep. He was also in the hospital, but he had no weapons! He waited for the enemies to wander some distance from the hospital and, together with Bry, beelines outside the colony's gates. He leaves the door to the killbox open, and one of the enemies runs after Llama and comes under fire from a turret. Together, the two enemies destroy the turret, but its explosion kills one. Meanwhile, Llama set up a spike trap near the exit gate, opens it and runs away. The second enemy (it was Tolque, the one who started the brawl) runs and gets into the trap, dying immediately.

The area outside the base is safe! But inside, the colonists are dying. I manage to rescue two: one was lying outside and another one inside the base, but close to the door. This latter one is Lex. They are now in the hospital. But I don't dare to venture inside the base and face five angry enemies, my former guests. I can only watch helplessly as my colonists bleed out and die.

So what should I do know? Try to storm the base and face off the enemies outnumbered five to one or two (if Lex wakes up)? Or should I wait and see what they will do when they get tired and hungry? Or perhaps abandon this colony, take what I can and travel elsewhere to found a new one? But how can I abandon Craesky, another veteran, who is lying there on the floor of the base, unconscious?