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Cybernetic Storm adapts and improves on the limb system in the current version of Rimworld, Alpha 9.  This MOD adds a vast amount of additional limbs and adaptations for the body, as well as a new power system, weapons, turrets and armours that will turn your lonely colonist into s cybernetic army. Also added a research tree link so you can se whats going to get you where!

19/03/15 - This update has a more balances to the point where I am definitely a lot happier with the way the mod performs.  There are tweaks to weapons and armour across the board. In addition to this there are a lot of changes to creation times to make them more realistic in game play terms.  Nanoponics saw big changes with a change in construction cost demand, lowered energy usage and sped up growth times.  The Cybernetic Coven are back in the mod with lots of tweaks making them a little less dangerous to you.  They no longer hold the extreme rocket launcher they once did and other such things. Hopefully they become game friendly and a worthwhile ally. A new colony and world are required to play

Download: v3.5
Cybernetic Storm Downloads
A new colony and world are required to play

Implants, Limbs and Organs: (there is one image for each item ;) )

Workbenches & Production:






Research tree:
Click Here for Tech Tree

Mod Team:
Coding, Graphics, Odd job manipulation:
- elStrages aka David
- Vas - Modular Hydroponics Code

Cybernetic Storm Mod Spotlight by Feniks
Workbench, Bionics Constriction
Blitzkriegsler Plays RimWorld


•   7x Workbenches offering progression in implants, weaponry and medical supply.
•   Growing advanced plants to make advanced materials
•   Advanced Power systems to power your colony
•   Cybernetic Faction
•   A whole host of items including:
   o   Construction Materials, Advanced Items and Plants
   o   More body parts and Carbon fibre limbs
   o   Bionic, Nanotech, Cybernetic Limbs, Organs, Exoskeletons and Skins
   o   Melee, Skill at Arms, Visual and Audio Implant
   o   Nanotech and Cybernetic: Armours Helmets and grieves
   o   Nanotech and Cybernetic Weapons and Turrets
•   Advanced limb and organ Harvesting
•   Weapon crafting vanilla and new
•   Material crafting old and new including medical supplies
•   New Traders
•   Research progression throughout the systems

|========Bug reports: (fixing for patch 3.5)========|
Problem Unresolvable | Current Problem | Problem Resolved | Problem Unfound / May have fixed by accident
3.45.a: Nanothread not growing correct
Lifespan of plant put up to 60 days, growth in 8.8 should sort it out
3.45.b: Turret still in traders
Added "<tradeability>Never</tradeability>" to turrets should resolve.
3.45.c: What's up with "Rifling Technology" and "Bionic Aids"? They're research topics that don't seem to do anything and don't have a description..
This was my screw up, rifling tech no unlocks rifling bench and bionic aid tech will unlock the Implants production bench once it is complete.
3.45.d: I think the resource costs for weapons are okay (it doesn't take much steel to make a weapon) but the times should be cranked way up.
This has been stated several times so I have upped all times for creating weapons and armour. please test in the update and I will adjust
3.45.e: Nano brain and advance nano brain description
They were around thewrong way, been fixed
3.45.f: just noticed, that default file has <loc>(60,30)</loc> and your fixed has <loc>(60,50)</loc>.
Fixed to correct number.
3.45.g: Nanoponics too cheap in cost and build time.
Nanoponics: As a way of balancing I have added the ability to build them with half the materials from any resource base and the the other half plasteel also added cloth of 10. so it can be 45 stone/wood/metal 40 plasteel and 10 cloth  also takes longer to build.
Advanced Nanoponics: increase to 80 Nanosteel and added 10 Nanohread. it halves Nanothread growth time.  Also takes longer to build
Test and adjust with feed back
3.45.h: Create Nanotech exoskeleton bill appears on the bionics workbench, rather than the nano workbench.
Moved to right bench
3.45.i: Nanotech apparel has two listings on the stockpile configuration menu, although only the first contains any items.
removed second listing, it was a duplication mistake
3.45.j:Traders are heavily unbalanced. Cybernetic and nano weapon are ridiculously cheap.
they were based off of vanilla prices of weapons and are more expensive. I will up the price of Nano by 20% and Cyber by 30% to see if this makes it more compatible. As per test and adjust on feedback
3.45.j:Return of the Cyber Coven
cyber faction back in the mod with a lot of tweeks and changes so they aren't as brutal :)

Non-compatible with Alpha 8 and bellow mods.
-- Extended Surgery
-- Zombie Apocalypse
-- Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering


Change Log: v3.1 - v3.45

[b][color=green]Change Log: v3.45 Alpha 9 Release[/color][/b]
[color=red]Save game will break if any of your colonists have brain implants[/color]
- Nano Sleep Tube
- Nano Healing Pod
- Rifling bench for vanilla weapon crafting
- Medical Lab for crafting medicines
- Can now craft Glitterworld medicine and Nanotech medicine
- Nano-Thermal Plant (currently produces power but will change with dll)
- Nanotech and Cybernetic Shields
- Armour Vest, Military Helmet and Kevlar Helmet recipe for construction.
- Added Nanosteel for construction. Made form nanothread and steel 1:5
- Left Brain Implant (two implants can be installed) see changed section
- Advance Nanoponics for double growth (requires tech)
- two ned plant pots to mage a different feel to the standard
- Nanotech flooring
- Massive code move and seperations plus code trimming.
- Complete overhaul of the reserach system [url=http://i.imgur.com/Le8LR2H.png]Click Here for Tech Tree[/url]
- Complete resource demand / recipe overhaul
- Complete Pricing overhaul
- re added experience for medical and crafting
- Nano Swarm damage recalculation
- Cyber Storm damage recalculation
- Robotics Workbench Sprite change base colour to red
- Cybernetics lab sprite changed base colour blue
- Halved nanopower plant output by 1/2 reduced construction cost 1/3
- Nano-batter storage power cut by 1/3 reduced construction cost 1/2
- Nano-Skin changed body part effects.
- Cybernetic-Skin rebalance, reduced to only effect 2 stats rather than everything.
- Nanovine output reduced form 5-10 to 2-5 and lowered grow days
- Cybernetic Armour focuses on Shooting
- Nanotech Armour focuses on Melee
- Cybernetic and Nanotech armour health increased to be better than power armour varients
           - Nanothread Graphic colour
- Changed brain implant to right brain implant
- Melee and skill at arms install in right
- Audio and visual install in left
- Nothing
|========[color=cyan]Bug reports: (fixing for patch 3.45/3.5)[/color]========|
[color=red]Problem Unresolvable[/color] | [color=yellow]Current Problem[/color] | [color=green]Problem Resolved[/color] | [color=orange]Problem Unfound / May have fixed by accident[/color]
[color=green]3.4.a: Cybernetic Turret Brought from trader[/color]
removed trader tags and tested, 15 traders no turret hopefully its resolved.
[color=green]3.4.b: No crafting experience recieved[/color]
I Thanks to the guy above for pointing out the code line to be re-added.
[color=green]3.4.c: Unable to install implants.[/color]
Played through a cross section of my implants and havnt found an issue installing anything. The bud may be a compatibility issue with another mod.
[color=green]3.4.d: Degrading of armor too fast[/color]
Coding error, fixed now and degrading is lower than standard apparel. This may increase in later versions are testing. As it stand standard deg = 1, nanotech = 0.8, cyber = 0.6.
[color=green]3.4.e: Shield and armour cannot be worn together[/color]
I changed the application area of the armour levels of cyber and nanotech, they don't represent vanilla anymore but I you can wear them together now.
[color=green]3.4.f: Hand install part not working.[/color]
Hand locations where wrong.
[color=green]3.4.g: Power armour/ helmet produces nothing.[/color]
Code checked and slight problem in ingredients. Now fixed and produces what its supposed to.
[color=orange]3.4.h: Nano rifling bench production broken.[/color]
couldn't find issue, Was able to create all weapons hassle free
[color=orange]3.4.i: No skill warning on bills, possible code issue.[/color]
couldn't find issue, got bill warning from all bills

[b][color=green]Change Log: v3.35 Bug fixed and Cyber-Coven Changes[/color][/b]
[color=green]3.3.a: Cyber-Coven Heavy makes the game unmplayable[/color]
Cyber-Coven Heavy (cyber storm wielder) removed
[color=green]3.3.b: Bionics are never made due to resource requirments[/color]
Bionics changed from plateel to steel and removed hyperweave requirements
[color=green]3.3.c: Audio and visual implants are pointless[/color]
stats changed on Skill at arms and Melee implants to 5% to bring back use of visual and audio implants at 10%
[color=green]3.3.d: Prosthetic legs are epointless[/color]
now only need 10 wood and 5 steel as apposed to 45 wood and 10 steel
[color=green]3.3.e: Nanoskin creates wrong item[/color]
Recipe fixed to produce the right item
[color=green]3.3.f: Armour ingredients visual problem[/color]
removed recipe maker, added recipes
[color=green]3.3.g: Cyber sniper damage[/color]
Was using wrong bullet, now fixed
[color=green]3.3.h: Cyber sniper text[/color]
Typo fixed in description
[color=green]3.3.i: greaves text wrong[/color]
Typo fixed to the correct spelling
[color=green]3.3.j removed cybernetic faction from main file.[/color]
This is now a separate optional download. requires main file to work. link found here in original thread.
[b][color=green]Change Log: v3.3 Cybernetic Faction, traders and Fixes[/color][/b]
- Cybernetic Faction!!!
- New categories for items
- Cybernetic and nanotech sorted into weapons and apparel sections
- Cybertech Trader
- Trades all tyes of cybernetic goods
- Weapon Sounds
- Nano advanced brain recipe
- Cyber Weapons:
- Rifle implimented
- Baton  dif resolved
- Nano Wepaons
- baton: dif resolved
- Rifle: wrong creation code fix
- sniper rifle creation code fix
- Turrets Issues:
- Cyber turret research fixed
- turrets ramped up in damage
- Cyber turret cost comes down
- Normal Body parts can now be surgically added
- Arm
- Leg
- Ear
- Eye
- Nose
- Jaw
- Stomach
- Fixed spelling and text in lots of places
[b][color=green]Change Log: v3.2 Weapons & Other Stiff[/color][/b]
- Cyber Weapons:
- Pistol
- Machinegun
- Rifle
- Sniper Rifle
- Bow
- Batten
- Cyber-Storm�
- Nano Weapons:
- Pistol
- Shorgun
- Rifle
- Sniper Rifle
- Bow
- Batten
- Nano-Swarm�
        - Turrets:
               - Nanotech and Cybernetic Advanced Machinegun Turrets
- Workbenches:
- Nano Rifling Bench
- Cyber rifling Bench
- Research:
- Rifling Technology
- Implants:
- Cybernetic Jaw
- Cybernetic Nose
- Melee Implant
- Skill at Arms Implant

[b][color=green]Change Log: v3.1 Factions![/color][/b]
- Jaffa Faction with Cybernetic Update
- Norbals Faction with Cybernetic Update
- RimTrooper Faction with Cybernetic Update
- nanotech jaw and nose recipe added
- Hydroponics basin is now modular (old removed)
- Plasteel recipe now uses synthread not hyperweave
- implants no longer require hyperweave
- advanced implants require hyperweave
- Exoskeleton nurf to make standard and cybernetic more realistic in game
- nanothread grow time reduced
- all armour mob drop rate lowered
- nanofusion power tech order changed to require nanotechnology
- NanotechJaw Recipe was installing into the wrong place

Change Log: v2.1 to v2.4

[b][color=green]Change Log: v2.4 Balance, Change and Bug Fixes[/color][/b]
- Cyberskeleton - advanced from exoskeleton
- Nanoskin - lower form of cybernetic skin
- Advanced Visual and audio implants
- Cybernetic helmet stats fixed and rebalanced
- Changed Cybernetic suit to cybernetic skin
- changed Cybernetic suit graphics
- Visual and audio implant stats reduced
- Nanomites implant, wasn't practical
[b][color=green]Change Log: v2.35 Bug Fixes 20 Dec 14[/color][/b]
- Bug fixes accross the baord
- balances of all systems for added content.
- reworked health difs and stat bonuses
- re-location of all armour sprites to align on body properly.
- decrsiption fixes on several items

[b][color=green]Change Log: v2.32 Bug Fixes 20 Dec 14[/color][/b]
        - More Bugs Resolved from compile, sorry for any inconvenience

[b][color=green]Change Log: v2.31 Bug Fixes 20 Dec 14[/color][/b]
        - Apparel construction times increased.
        - Value of items changed to reflect construction material prices
        - buildable walls from nanomites, AI chips and processing chips removed
        - Duplicate Carbon fibre recipe removed

[b][color=green]Change Log: v2.3 Adding some removals 19 Dec 14[/color][/b]
- Body Part Removal for natural body parts
- Nanotech Nose & Jaw
- Cybernetic Nose & Jaw
- Plasteel recipes
- Nanotech armour (with new sprite)
- Cybernetic armour (with new sprite)
- Power Armour Recipe (at Biotech Workbench)
- Most Sprites have been updated to new and improved ones.

The cybernetics have arrived v2.2 17 Dec 14
- Medicine Recipe (Herbal + Cloth + Steel) implemented at Craftsmans bench.
- Cybernetics (Legs, Amrs, Hands, Liver, Lungs, Heart, Kidney, Stomach)
- Cybernetic Suit (expensive installs to sternum)
- Arm prosthetics now install to the shoulder, this brings it in line with Tynens code.
- Nano-Brain stats improved
- Advanced Nano-Brain stats improved
- Stack limits, changed for different resource
Bug Fix:
- Work table priorities set to 116, 117, 118, 119 for the respective tiers to try reduce clutter for work given order
- Code in recipes removed form one large file to 7 small files consisting of around 600 lines each. to resolve clutter again.
- streamlines item code to cut back on all unnecessary things
- Evil code remove = <volumePerUnit>0.05</volumePerUnit>

Change Log: v2.1 complete rework to resolve large issues 16 Dec 14
- Bionics Workbench for creating bionics
- Bionics Research
- Cybernetics Workbench - for later use
- Processing Core - for later use
- AIChip - for later use
- Nanotech research -> bionics research
- advanced nanotech research -> nanotech research
- recipes have mostly changed
- Nano generator now rotatable
- conflict with Apothecary's' mod
- fix issue with not being able to start processes
- Biotech research -  it was unnecessary.
- Advanced Surgery - pointless
- Exoskeleton research - combined into nanotech and anvanced nanotech research
- Biotech workbench -  it was unnecessary.
- Organ Press - not needed
- Nanosteel - over complicated recipes
- Nanoweave - over complicated recipes

Change Logs Form v1.0 to v1.6

v1.6 A little bit of growing..  14/12/14
- Nanotech Arm 30% Manipulation per
- Nanotech leg 30% Movement per
- Nanotech hand Increased personal damage
- Nanotech eye 30% extra sight per
- Nanotech ear 30% hearing per
- Nanotech liver  filtration +30%
- Nanotech lung 30% Breathing per
- Nanotech heart 50% Blood Pumping
- Nanotech kidney  filtration +30%
- Nanotech stomach eating +20% & metabolism +20%
Medical Surgeries:
- Nanotech Arm, leg, hand, eye, ear,
- Nanotech liver, lung, heart, kidney, stomach
- Nanoponics - grow products with nano properties to aid you in your on quest of cybernetics.
- Nano Vine - makes nanothread
- Robotics Table now produces only Nanotech Organ Press makes Bionic.
- Nanothread - material for advanced nano based production
- Nanoweave - made form nano thread at the Robotics Workbench
- NanoSteel - made from steel and Nanomites :D
- Nanoweave - Nanothread + Plasteel = strong material at the robotics table
- Nanotech Arm, leg, hand, eye,  all craftable at the robotics table
- Nanotechear, liver, lung, heart, kidney, stomach all craftable at the robotics table
- Bionic Arm - crafted at the organ press
- Bionic Leg - crafted at the organ press
- Bionic Eye - crafted at the organ press
- Nanothread
- Nanoweaver
- Nanomites Updated
- Nano Vine
- Nanoponics Table 1x3w
- Nanosteel - shiny

v1.5 With Great Power.. 13/12/14
- Nano Fusion Plant - generates a lot of electricity, costs a lost of materials - rectangle building.
- Nano Fusion Battery - holds a vast amount more electricity - larger building
- both need nano fusion power research
- Nano Brain - will restore a brain to normal function
- Advanced Nano Brain - will restore a brain and will improve functions
- Nano Brain at Robotics Workbench requires 'Plasteel' + 'Synthread' + 'Nanomites'
- Nano Advanced Brain at Robotics Workbench requires 'Visual Implant' + 'Audio Implant' + 'Plasteel' + 'Synthread' + 'Nanomites'
- Advanced Surgery - step through research with possible new surgery bench at some point.
- Nano Fusion - Nano electricity, crazy power exensive to build

v1.4 Expand and conquer 13/12/14
- Bionic Liver with filtration +20%
- Bionic Kidneys with filtration +20%
- Bionic Stomach with eating +10% & metabolism +10%
- Bionic Jaw with eating +20%
- Bionic Nose with +20% breathing
- Carbon Fibre Leg - better than prosthetic 100%
- Carbon Fibre Arm - better than prosthetic 100%
- Carbon Fibre - green cloth woven from cloth and steel
- bionic liver & kidneys & stomach at Organ Press
- bionic jaw & Nose at biotic workbench
- Carbon fibre material as well as carbon fibre leg & arm to craftsman bench
- Exoskeleton crafted at the robotics table (for now)
- Advanced Nanotechnology - Robotics Table
- Advanced Surgery - not used yet
- Exoskeleton Production -  not used yet
- Robotics Workbench - does everything a nanotech workbench does plus more
- Robotics Workbench - Temp

<!-- v1.3 Continued Improvement 12/12/14 -->
- Organ production
- Organ Press, organ creating recipes moved to this station (temporary image)
- Updates Nanomites Materials Image they will be used for creating advanced nanotechs
- Updated Bionic lung, heart, ear to use hyperweave, synthread and plasteel all small amounts (crafting skill 9)
- Added Implant construction to the Nanotech Workbench
- Medical recipes now give exp
- Nano and Advance Nano Brain (advanced brain is pretty cool ;) will improve most stats ) all can be installed

<!-- v1.2 Continued Improvement 12/12/14 -->
- Nanomites Crafting Materials
- NanoTech, Craftmanship, Biotech
- Craftsman Workbench, Bionics Workbench
- Biotics workbench texture
- craftsmans workbench texture
- updated nanotech workbench
- Bionic Lungs, Bionic Heart, simple prosthetic legs and arms, synthread, hyperweave, Nanomites

<!-- v1.1 Research and Production 11/12/14 -->
Workbenches - 4cost and time to build etc
- total of 4 workbenches will be available providing all manor of things
- bill for workbench have been added.
- workbench has image
Research - added technologies for further playability
- Prosthetics, Advanced Prosthetics, Nanotechnology, Advanced Nanotechnology
- will add prerequisites when it works properly
Head implant - added body part to humanoids implant no fix into socket
Exp Gain - 10% complete.

<!-- v1.0 Initial Outlay 09/12/14 -->
Nanomites - Increase sight ( i want this to become healing )
Exoskeleton - increased movement and manipulation.
Visual Implant - increases sight
Audio Implant - increases hearing
Bionic Ears - increase hearing
Bionic Heart - increase pumping of blood
Bionic Lung - increase breathing



Quote from: Igabod on December 11, 2014, 07:11:51 PM
Some screenshots would be nice.

I have added a couple of screen now.  one of the workbench (which will be improved) and another of one of the items added stats.
Hope that helps.


looks great!

It would be even better if there was some kind of AI chip to replace the brain, for when your colonist gets shot in the brain and generally becomes useless.


Quote from: MysticA3ther on December 12, 2014, 03:19:40 PM
looks great!

It would be even better if there was some kind of AI chip to replace the brain, for when your colonist gets shot in the brain and generally becomes useless.
This is something I have looked into :) I will add it to the list.

Also Just updated the MOD



Quote from: Tbone9921 on December 12, 2014, 06:52:39 PM
Being able to craft bionic limbs would be nice. ;)
haha indeed, well they are in there, plus a few extras, I will be adding more advanced things as I go.
but here is my order of superiority for thins so eventually there will be 6 things for each limb :)
prosthetic > carbon fibre & original limb > bionic > Nanotech Enhanced > Cybernetic (living machine tissue)



Quote from: Tbone9921 on December 12, 2014, 07:33:55 PM
Good. Looking forward to it. :P
I should hope so haha ;)

just had major drama getting it to upload but its now there is anyone couldn't find it.


It wont let me open the folder for some reason it says the folder is invalid 
Some people call it cannibalism i call it recycling


Quote from: pollgg12 on December 12, 2014, 10:29:45 PM
It wont let me open the folder for some reason it says the folder is invalid

How strange, I have just checked and the file is fine.
and it has 15 downloads on mediafire.



But Yah it happens to me.
Can u Change the file to new one?

i cant open it ,it says folder is invalid



What was the issue so I can try warn other people off?


I got the same problem but I don't know how to fix it.


Me need good mod and this is good mod  :-[
I hear the voices... They are telling me to do terrible things... Sounds Fun!