[1.0] Natural Surgery (More) [ModSync RW]

Started by Encode, December 31, 2014, 08:40:53 PM

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There is a file attached to the first post of this thread. NaturalSurgeryA15.zip, just click on it.


Quote from: Dingo on September 18, 2016, 05:08:00 PM
There is a file attached to the first post of this thread. NaturalSurgeryA15.zip, just click on it.

Omg... thanks a lot. Looked everywhere but there it seems. Many thanks!!



Am i the only one who can't see the dl link?


EDIT : Nevermind found it after registering


Is this compatible with EPOE? I ask that because there are also brain surgeries. I am looking to get this mod because it sucks that so advanced colonies cannot repair a scar.


Thanks for this mod, Encode! I just had a blast playing a game centered around the mod as a pyschotic pirate surgeon, taking organs off my prisoners and unwanted colonists to sell to exotic goods traders. I really enjoy these features you added. I also like how I can regenerate the bodies of my more beloved colonists! All in all, this is one amazing, featured packed mod that I can recommend to a lot of people. I've had no problems with it causing errors either, and i'm running some dozen or more mods at the same time.

On a side note, why does removing both kidneys automatically kill the person? I was hoping to get the most bang for my buck per person, but it seems as if at most I can get a lung, a kidney, ears, nose, and one of either another lung, kidney, brain, heart, or liver. Also, removing the liver seems to auto kill as well. Is it because the torso has taken too much damage?

I'm tempted to test regenerating after removing the max number of organs to see if the organs come back.

If I could have one modification, it would be to prioritize bandaging over operating. I've had to manually force priority changes in the middle of surgery to get my guys to bandage up the ear holes and nose holes left behind so the patient doesn't die midway through by bleeding. (I queue up the whole list at once and my doctor gets a-operating.)


Hey man, can you fix fingers with this mod?


Is it correct? Surgery can recover torso but can`t recover limbs (only transpantation as with EPOE?)
Also I found a bit strange thing.
First try was failed, and patient had infection. But the next try deleted not only scar but all wrong cuts and infection too.
I think mod should prevent it or even say something like «can`t do such complex operation, until patient will be cured from infection».

Also after curing torso the brain was cured too somehow.
No option to cure limb (scars on hands and legs).

Looks raw and too imbalanced.
How about neck? Can I recover it with mod? It is rare and bad injure, that affects on feeding, voice and pain.


hello and thx for the mod. I cannot see A17 update mod !
Could u help me ?


It's B18 time. It may be a simple mod, but it's a much loved mod.


Anyone able to update this for A18?


Added changes to v1.0.
This mod is now ModSync RW compatible and you can get future updates using it.
Or download directly from GitHub.