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  • September 19, 2020, 04:43:49 AM
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Hey Guys 2 questions.
Can anyone tell me what's causing "Faction [name] has no usable PawnGroupMakers for parms"
error? Is there a way around it?

Is dev mode making more issuse with mod [like stack trunecating] or it dosent matter?

You need a specific research to install artificial limbs. I think it's "hospitals" but i'm not entirely sure.

nah I got all the research needed. I can install all new body parts into Narn colonist but cant with Humans or Norbals. Can someone guide me which files form github release should i take to maybe fix it?

Hey guys im playing on 4.0 version of the mod from the first post. I cant install EPOE parts like wooden foot, only craft them. Any way to fix this without starting new game? I dont mind editing some files.

Quote from: skyarkhangel

Electric ConcreteMixer fix 1.7b

This one is wrong, you should upload it again mate. I belive there should be <singleBillGiverDef>EConcreteMixer</singleBillGiverDef>

I only registered to tell you that I love your modpack. Keep on good work man !

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