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General Discussion / Is anything in the works?
October 12, 2019, 04:12:12 AM
So, it's been half a year since the last update came out. Is anything big in the works? Anything at all?
Help / Disable marriage
September 11, 2018, 05:04:15 AM
Is there an easy way to just get rid of it? Or preferably, only make it possible when the colony has a minimum amount of citizens?
The german version of RimWorld currently contains the word "völkisch", a term invented by the Nazi-regime for propaganda purposes, which should not be a part of this game.
Mods / Start with a corpse
September 09, 2018, 05:27:26 PM
I'm working on a scenario at the moment and want to start with a corpse carrying specific gear next to my starting position. I didn't find anything in the scenario editor to accomplish this. Did I maybe miss something or is there a mod which could do that?
General Discussion / Questions on traps and trading
March 06, 2018, 06:53:00 AM
Hi, been a while since I played this game frequently, so I have some questions about a few details:

1: Can I still only sell items to orbital traders which are inside the radius of the trade beacon or can I sell everything in my stockpiles just like when trading with caravans?
2: Will my colonists avoid traps if they walk over the tile or will they trigger them?
3: Are sieges still a thing? Because I haven't seen one in ages.
Although the AI has again been improved with this Alpha, there are still some annoying little issues. The most important of which is that your colonists are still not able to anticipate how long it would take for them to reach a certain destination. I had this today when two miners where on the last hour of there working shift and headed out to a distant mining site. They got there, hit the stone twice, and then returned to the colony.

A similar thing happens when they reach their destination, decide that there are now hungry, go back to the colony, eat, then go back to their work. Usually they take meals in their inventory to prevent this, but for some reason they don't do this when using NPDs. So either give them the ability to take nutrient paste in their inventory (I know it's disgusting but what you're gonna do?) or to plan on how long it will take to reach a destination and react accordingly.
General Discussion / Eating like animals
June 01, 2017, 05:12:34 PM
Colonists seriously need a wider search radius when deciding what and where to eat. I have a NPD and a table set up in my main building, but when they get hungry while they are in the storehouse 20 meters away they grab some raw meet and eat of the floor. And then complain about both! This gets really unnerving and needs to change.
Ideas / Factions interact with crypts
May 30, 2017, 02:33:29 PM
So you have these ancient cryosleep crypts present on your map. I imagine that with all the secrets and power they hold, they would attract people from other factions too, so here are some ideas what they could send people to do once you opened a crypt on your map, but haven't cracked the cryopods yet:

- Scientists would be send to investigate them and possibly gain valuable research data. Dependent on the skill of the scientists, these could either lead to new discoveries which the faction might share with or reward you for, if you have a good stand with them, or to an accidental opening, releasing whatever lies asleep inside.
- Scared cities in your vicinity could also send a bunch of workers sealing the crypt again, followed by an armed force to defend it so you don't open it again, possibly endangering you and them.

-  A shaman would be send to perform a sealing ritual, which wouldn't actually do anything if it succeeds, but upon failure anger an ancient god or god-like being which would then unleash a massive thunderstorm or snow in the summer or any other crazy apocalyptic weather on your map you'd then have to deal with.
- Very brave tribals could also physically seal the crypt just like the outlanders do.

- Pirates are very stupid so if they hear about an ancient crypt, they would probably just plunder it, opening the cryopods themselves without even thinking about the danger it could provide.
- More vicious pirate groups could also set up a siege camp near one of these crypts (if sieges are still a thing in this game, haven't seen one in ages), and then open the cryopods when you attack them, trying to utilize whatever they hold as a weapon against you.
Ideas / Finding psychic wave machines
May 30, 2017, 02:06:58 PM
Whenever a psychic wave event is triggered, it says something about a "distant machine" that causes it. Now that we have the world map and the site system, why not make these things present on the planet? Of course these wouldn't just be marked on your map. Here are some suggestions on how you could find them:

1. They could spawn next to some kind of remarkable terrain. My current planet generated a small valley surrounded by impassable mountains. A lonely island could also be suited for that. You could then form a caravan and investigate these places.
2. When a psychic wave event is triggered, it could give you some suggestion of the direction it's originating from.
3. If you have a really high standing or complete an important quest for a faction, they could give you the location of such a device, but that should be the exception.

Once found you could then use them and target your allies or enemies with it, at a substantial resource cost of course, giving you the opportunity to improve your relation with friendly factions and make enemy camps tear themselves apart in psychotic rage. Control of the intensity and exact effect of the machine could be research opportunities.
However, you are not the only ones searching for these things so you would have to defend them against enemy attacks or may find them already occupied by another faction. All in all I would say this could make for some interesting late game content and give the players the opportunity to engage in some larger scale planetary campaigns and tactics.
Why is there only one comment on each of the last three blog posts, always in some weird language?
I just saw that RimWorld made it into the Top 100 steam sellers this year, "measured by gross revenue", so this isn't counting all the pre-steam players who activated their key, but only the people who actually bought it on steam itself. This is an outstanding achievement for an indie game to be on par with highly anticipated games like Mafia III and Dishonored.
General Discussion / Why split human and animal zones?
September 01, 2016, 06:24:06 PM
Is there any reason why humans and animals cant share the same zones besides home zone? Because it's really annoying not being able to set your pet to a certain zone your pawns are set to and to manage every zone like indoor or safe zone twice.
Mod bugs / Colonists refusing to work
June 01, 2016, 07:25:31 AM
Two of my three starting colonists just refuse to do any work. No weather what I set up on the time table or which jobs are activated. I can't even force them to do something by right-clicking on a blueprint. There's no menu popping up at all. The third colonist works just fine so I wonder what could lead to that sort of behavior. I will post my mod list below. If anyone knows which mods could cause this, I would be very thankful.

    <li>Community Core Library</li>
    <li>Ancient Amulets v1.21</li>
    <li>Community Core Library - Vanilla Tweaks</li>
    <li>Craftable Medicines</li>
    <li>Modular Tables</li>
    <li>Pawn State Icons</li>
    <li>Stonecutting Tweak</li>

I also remember changing the load order after creating the world so it's nice and alphabetical. But afaik the load order shouldn't matter with this mods except CCL.
Mods / Bring back realistic gun sounds
May 31, 2016, 04:20:29 PM
This is a call to the creator of the realistic gun sounds mod, one of the best mods I've ever used, and now it's completely  gone. I would really like for this to be uploaded again.
So we're crash landed on a mostly uninhabited planet at the edge of the known galaxy. What is the possibility that all of the sudden the brother of one of our colonists walks in and turns out to be stranded on that exact planet some time in the past. Alongside with the facts that the colonists may have spend the last two hundred years in cryptosleep, that humanity spread out across the galaxy and that there's no way to travel faster than light, I think it's nearly impossible to find family members on some random planet you happen to come by on your journey (in fact it even surprises me that there are other people in the first place, but that's a different story). If this is not some Bermuda triangle thing where all the ships entering the system get destroyed for some reason I don't see how this makes sense.
General Discussion / Can't finish Alpha 12 colony
April 08, 2016, 04:25:18 AM
So I installed A13 parallel to A12 and started it once to test it, didn't create world or game. When I now try to load my A12 savegame with the A12 version of the game, I just get a black screen. I would really like to finish my last colony so if anyone knows how to solve this I would be thankful.
I like it here.

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Barnstar, our home. When seasons turn, we're gathering in the main hall for a big banquet. It's a tradition that we celebrate survival of the "Planetfall" or, as Maxwell liked to say it: ,,What gravity can do to a human in the most undesirable circumstances." Back then, it was just some barracks build up from a lot of space junk, but we never stopped moving on, and though it was a rough trail, we're finally here.

I miss Maxwell.

In Moon Harvest, we reap the crops from the field and after a year of saving we just blow everything left in the storage at a big party with the whole's quite funny. Some say we have to save for bad times, but no matter how long you survive on these lands, every day can be your last. Max had to find it out the hard way.

When he followed the traces of a missing alpaca, he managed to run right into a tribal assembly, the holiest of all their traditions, were no outsiders are allowed. They claim Maxwell wanted to spy on their rituals and killed him without a warning. They didn't even handed out his body, but declared war because "his ghost could tell us the secrets of their ancestors". Damn savages, what do we want from their Muffalo shit eating fucking grandparents that they kill our people. It has be thirteen months, THIRTEEN, since we lost our last member! Jovi, poor girl, would've loved to see how big Starscape has grown. She even knows her grave. And now this all happens again, and again it's because of this stupid cave stalkers or however the hell they're calling themselves.

Ceta came back in the morning: ,,Close the Gates! The ice shaman is riding out!" The chaos bringer, he's riding night and day to destroy everything and everyone his chief is pointing at and we have only so much to stop him. We will defend us like we always did. With the Jovian cycle, a tactic named after Jovi, its inventor. Our best snipers will climb the mountains flanking the entry to our colony, and once the enemy has reached the open fields, we fall in their back with our secret weapon: A herd of war elephants trained for mounted combat! I laughed when Jovi told me the idea. I stopped laughing when a group of heavy armored pirates was stomped to the ground in a matter of seconds. Sadly, Jovi's elephant, Starscape's mother, threw her off her bag and ran over her. When Starscape saw her, she nearly killed her guard and claimed Jovi's body, guarding it for three days without sleep. Must be an elephant thing...

Here it comes. At sunset, as prophesied. I can see their torches in the distance, they're holding on towards our entry screen, just as we want it. They heat up the air, it almost looks like a mirage, a mirage of death. "Don't freeze up" they keep telling me. Idiots.

We only have to survive this one last fight, then we can seal the entry with this "Terraformer" Randy is working on...but for now, we're waiting for the sun of a new day, listening to the RimWorld Trailer Music.


I recently bought the RimWorld original soundtrack and when I read through the titles, it almost felt like they were telling me a story, so I wrote one.
I remember that haulers would haul dead humans before they haul anything else. I wonder why this was changed ans also if it would be possible to bring it back because it requires a lot of micro to clear the base of corpses.
General Discussion / Unfetilized eggs hatched
November 24, 2015, 06:09:29 PM
I have five hen in my colony, no rooster. One day I had chikens. Anyone knowing how?
General Discussion / Question about crafting
July 12, 2015, 05:48:23 PM
Does ingerdient health and quality influence the product made from them?