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Outdated / [MOD] (Alpha 8) Basic Parka Rebalance
January 11, 2015, 11:33:19 AM
Dead simple mod that attempts to rebalance the Parka a little by drastically reducing colonists' maximum comfortable temperature when wearing it.
Unless you're in one of the colder biomes, keeping them on all-year-round is no longer a good idea.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Ideas / Damage Threshold for Armour
January 03, 2015, 12:49:54 PM
I find it pretty annoying that being pin-pricked with a shoddy shiv is still capable of dealing.. well, any damage at all through power armour. I feel like there needs to be a more meaningful measure of protection for the armour, but just increasing the stats of it starts to make it a little OP and still doesn't solve the problem.

I suggest the addition of a damage threshold (hereafter, DT), as well as the already-present damage reduction (DR). This DT is simply a minimum amount of damage to even get through the armour; before calculating the DR, you deduct the DT from the amount of damage. If it's 0 or less, then the damage was completely absorbed by the armour and does no damage to what it was protecting.
Ideas / Persistent Faction Population/Strength
January 01, 2015, 06:46:41 PM
Something that has been bugging me about Rimworld is that, no matter how many of these damn pirates I slaughter, there are always so many more to throw themselves against my wall of turrets and snipers. My colony has barely gotten into double figures for its population, yet there are 40+ tribals knocking down my door every other month, with barely 2 or 3 escaping afterwards.

What I'm suggesting is some form of population tracking for factions, or perhaps a "faction strength" that is consumed when they attack (and regained for every one that returns? Possibly with extras for kidnapped people?). This could also expand into the possibility of completely eradicating factions, removing them from the world forever.
Ideas / Assign specific items to specific stockpiles
December 29, 2014, 04:57:54 PM
An option to assign specific items to specific stockpiles would be useful.

The scenario I have in mind here is that of trading. Currently, to be able to trade the best solution you have is to keep all of your stockpiles without roofing, and have the trade beacon covering them. This is sub-optimal. If there were the option to have specific items taken to specific stockpiles, it would allow the player to have a central stockpile deep in their base and take out certain items when there are traders in the area. Or the player may wish to transport excess supplies to the beacon, to be sold off as soon as possible.
Ideas / "Drop and haul"/"drop in stockpile" option
December 29, 2014, 04:53:17 PM
This is a fairly simple suggestion.
Currently, if you want a colonist to drop something into a stockpile (assuming they are not at the stockpile), you have to first have them drop the item, then select it and un-forbid it, then select the colonist to order them to haul it (if they even can haul things). Alternatively, you must draft them, order them to the stockpile, have them drop the item, undraft them, then un-forbid the item.

Such a simple thing shouldn't really be such a hassle. My suggestion is to add an extra option when dropping items, which will cause the colonist to find the correct stockpile for the item and drop it there.
So micro-managing a colonist's equipment makes sense from a military perspective, but having to manually tell everyone to put on warm clothing in the winter and vice-versa is just a complete hassle, especially once you get a decent amount of them.

My suggestion is to add an option to each colonist to allow them to automatically change their clothing to suit their needs. Obviously, this would need to be an option so that colonists with specific gear do not drop it and ruin your loadouts.

As a secondary suggestion to add to this, it might also be a good idea to have an ownership system of some sort, where you can assign equipment to colonists. For example, if I were to assign someone a rifle, they would automatically take the rifle and try their best to hold on to it, automatically going back to pick it up again should they ever drop it. This could be extended further by allowing the colonists to store things in their rooms or beside their beds. Again, this could go further than this by giving colonists set loadouts that they will automatically switch between as and when certain conditions are met, but now I am perhaps overcomplicating things.