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Stories / The Clan Mays
July 24, 2018, 02:16:06 PM
After enduring over three thousand years of relativistic hypersleep (with a bit more during the trip while her daughter and husband were shiphands), the Danielle crashlands on the Rim!

The ship AI kept screaming something about 1974 villagepeople...

On the way down, the crashpod cameras were showing us a mountainous area, with our resources badly distributed. There looked to be a promising geothermal system valley to the west..but we were going to come down in a sharp sided mountain meadow. Good thing my daughter and I know how to dig.

Amazing! Belle found a seam in the slate and followed it. We've opened up a cave, so the work to get to the west valley is much reduced AND we have shelter.

Thermal imagery indicates cave systems to the north, but we have more pressing concerns for the moment. The crashpods only contained a few seeds, some of which say "For Experienced Farmers Only!" I guess we're sticking with corn, rice and potatoes for now. At least we have fertile soil on which to plant.

Jacob thinks we're going to need some walls, and soon, so he's been chipping rocks in the cave. I think we're going too be busy for many days to come, but at least I can snuggle him at night.

Danielle Mays, First Log, Aprimay 14th, Planet Mahasim-8
This was a neat char-gen. Mother and Daughter were there from the start. I had to stop when the  husband showed up. Danielle must have been drawn to him because of the child spy background they share.

[attachment deleted due to age]
I'd enjoy a small change to how diseases are talked about:
1) Combine all the notifications for a single disease into a single letter. It will be a bit less cluttered that way.
2) Give us a new line under the mood warnings ( 2x Major Break Risk / 1x Minor Break Risk, etc). This line dynamically updates with who has a disease, and the immunity/infection. This will let us get rid of the letter after we get the notice.


[attachment deleted due to age]
I saw in patch notes that deadfalls have a exclusion range now. That's fine. But I found an exploit immediately.
The exclusion works in Blueprint stage and excludes other blueprints just fine.
Once a trap goes to Partial Build stage, the exclusion disappears! So you can micromanage pawns to deliver resources, then move on.
You can even forbid the partial build until you get things laid out.
When a trap is finished, the exclusion zone detects the completed trap.

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Ideas / Tree Sowing work overkill
July 11, 2018, 12:48:56 PM
I've seen it mentioned in the Unstable Build thread, so I'm going to break it out here for some more traction:

Tree Sowing takes TOO long. Pawns with 6 planting can attempt it, but I've been watching my Tribal gardener struggle to even manage 1 a "day". She's planted 1 tree and mostly gets distracted before finishing, so she has to start all over again. It seems like it takes about 16 hours, but I need to actually time it.

By the time she's down she's down to .1 nutrition, 0 recreation, even if she started full.

If it could be a left and continued later task like workbench stuff, it wouldn't be so bad. But making 0 progress after 10 hours due to distraction/getting hungry/etc is ruinous.
Latest build will have issues if you had a drug lab with an active Psychite Pekoe brewing job: see attached.

ReBUILD drug lab/creating new lab and those won't have the issue. Moving the lab and reinstalling did not fix the issue. Removing all production bills did not fix the issue.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Stories / Jennifer, the Raid Worthy
July 04, 2018, 11:44:53 PM
Edit - Cassandra|Rough|Mountainous|Boreal 60F to -20F|Dirt Road + River

HI THERE! I'm Jennifer, just a hum drum art teach that got stuck in cryosleep for 80+ years.
I don't drink and I'm not mean to ANYONE, so I don't understand why all these raiders want a piece of me. Maybe they just like to watch me run?

I fell down a ravine and ended up washing down a canyon river. Just my luck, there was s settlement ahead! I radioed them but couldn't tell them anything because the raiders were right on my heels, those go-juice high jocks!

I could hear them yelling in the compound as I sprinted up. Shotguns cocking, wargs howling...bears roaring?! Omigawd.
Cross posting a bit - Time to look at the Raid chases that refugees have coming after them? I've played this game since A13 or so, and it seems like Refugee raids have nearly double the points of standard raids for all that time.
I'm at about 13k wealth, and my last standard raid had 1 shield guy, some decent rifles, about 8-10 pawns. Two pawns had Painstoppers installed in their heads, fun. My two snipers softened them and then I mauled them with my Polar Bear Pair (TM) and Warg pack. I kill 5 and definitely saw 3 retreat.

Then refugee raid shows up a day later, and looks like this:
1) 5 shield guys, with an assortment of clubs.
2) 4 folks high on go juice
3) 4 bionic parts in the party.
4) 18 pawns.

This makes it really dangerous to take refugees. It's literally the most dangerous thing that can happen, and that's odd.

[attachment deleted due to age]
I'm not sure if this belongs in Bugs or Suggestions, but it's a behavior I haven't seen until the 1.0 release.

Predators are set up so that they will hunt their own species, and even have a preference for that compared to taking on anything barely above their body size that might be prey. I've seen it happen with Timberwolves, Lynx and in my example a couple Arctic Fox when they had a live turkey to hunt across map, and multiple fresh animal/human corpses.

This invariably leads to both animals dying shortly after the first one gets hunted down. It's great for my fur industry, but kinda strange.
I've only run Boreal Forest locations so far, so I can't comment on animals in other biomes.

Some changes/fixes:
1) Spawn more small prey animals for the little predators - there should often be something to hunt, or the animal should be moving off map.
2) Increase the corpse find range, to the extent of the map. I nearly always have multiple animal corpses on my map that just go to rot because predators don't go scavenge them after the initial kill. I tend to leave people remnants outside behind a wall for the pigs.
3) Set food preferences for fresh corpses first, then small prey, then challenging prey, then rotten corpses, then stupidly dangerous prey (humans). This lets animals heal bit, mostly avoid food poisoning, and get hurt less. It gives players an incentive to leave out corpses for bait.
4) Predators shouldn't hunt their OWN species, ever. Make love, not war.
5) Predators figure out how to hunt larger prey in packs. Implement it using the Manhunt event as a base, with the predators sticking close to each other, and attacking the same target even if they aren't all hungry. It doesn't have to be universally implemented, but would be neat to see wolves and lions do.

[attachment deleted due to age]