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Ideas / Cocoa Trees Should Not Die From Cold
October 09, 2018, 02:28:39 AM
At least from "sane" cold like -10 C to -15 C. I don't know of any tree that would actually die from a brief period of cold like this, and this tree has been genetically modified in the first place.

I invested an incredible amount of time planting these stupid goddamned trees in an all year growing zone, and now they all die to a single coldsnap bringing temperatures down to -10 C.

I would expect this from normal crops, but not trees grown past 50%, that's just absurd.

Every single time I plant these trees, I end up regretting them and hating the feature being put into the game in the first place. It's just a totally useless thing unless you're in the tropics.
Ideas / Neutroamine Manufacturing
September 27, 2018, 05:43:49 AM
It has always bugged me that Nutramine is under "manufactured" when there is no way of manufacturing it in the game.

Chemfuel combined with devilstrand seems like a logical choice -- requiring a significant amount of investment in time (growing the devilstrand), research (chemfuel refining, devilstrand, nutramine refining), and construction materials (refinery as capital investment, devilstrand and chemfuel as producton materials). Could be created at existing refineries.
Ideas / Fix Animal Weights
September 22, 2018, 05:58:58 PM
As an example, a hen is right now around 12 kilograms. That's around 5 times more than a chicken weighs in real life.

A lot of them are either too light (like the capybara, clocking in at 35 kilograms, making it a quite malnourished/small capybara) or too heavy like the chicken and the chinchilla.

I don't have a table of them readily available, but I am sure there are a lot of major discrepancies, and tweaking this could potentially fix our "preydator"-problem as well. What does a RimWorld squirrel weigh?

I know a RimWorld rat weighs like 8 kilograms. That's not a rat. That's a (large) cat wearing a sewn together rat costume from rat skins.
I found myself wondering about this, as I have literally never used penoxycyline since it seemed like a useless thing to have unless your colony is tropical or swampy in nature.

Does anyone know? Could it be used as preventative care for surgery or for when your poor colonists are torn up by a stray capybara?

If not, should it?
Lone caravaneer with a muffalo. Two mods enabled, EdB Prepare Carefully (unused in this save, but still active) and Mad Skills. Mid-trip, caravaneer resting on an excellent cloth bedroll. Not sure if it matters, but I am playing on Savage permadeath. It's not the first time this has happened (and I have, to my recollection, never seen a colonist do what is expected here).

I expected my caravaneer to gain some amount of comfort.

He did not.

To reproduce, send your colonist on an caravan trip with an excellent cloth bedroll. Maybe the muffalo makes him uncomfortable, staring at him when he sleeps.

Is this a bug or as intended?

[attachment deleted due to age]
Version 0.19.2009 (64-bit)
Running two mods, EdB Prepare Carefully and Mad Skills.

PC Specifications:
Mobile i7-8750H hexacore with 2.2 ghz up to 4.1 ghz (usually running at around 4 ghz).
Nvidia GTX 1050TI
16 GB of ram

Recently I started experiencing stuttering in a game where (up to that point) I had experienced none. It doesn't appear the game is using any serious quantity of processing power, RAM, or GPU. The behaviour is "regular" stuttering at roughly one second intervals, where it does not matter what I am doing.

I noticed this behaviour starting at the return of one of my colonists from a trading trip, when there was a total of 9 people in my colony (I only have one). Map size is within normal specifications (it may be the larger of the two "normal" map sizes, I don't recall and am unsure how to check it). Development mode does not yield any errors.

Has anyone else had similar problems? I don't think it's my specifications, as I've run similar colonies on a much less powerful computer. Thoughts on how to reduce this annoying stuttering?


One of my colonists died in a raid and the stuttering intensity decreased, the frequency seems the same.

Edit 2:

Nevermind, it went back to the usual annoying intensity.