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No mods installed.
I have a mountain base colony. The colony was fighting off a raid of 3. The colony's front entrance has 3 doors, one in the center and two on the left and right of that door. All of the colonists are outside the left and right doors shooting at raiders as they come down the center.

One of the raiders made it to the central door and is shooting at my colonists from there. The colonists down the other two raiders before they reach the doors, and the game tells me the raid is retreating. The remaining raider stops firing and starts trying to beat down the central door. Why? I have no clue, as the door leads into the mountain base and has no path off the map whatsoever.

I decide to have Becky capture one of the downed raiders, while the rest of the colonists shoot down the raider trying to bust down the central door. I line up the gun squad and watch as Becky picks up a down raider and proceeds to try and go through the central door?!?! Except she can't, because a raider busting down that door is in the way.

There are two clear and unobstructed doors to the left and right of the central door. The doors are both only 10 tiles away from each other. If this isn't a bug, then adding a "avoid doors I can't go through due to enemy presence" function to the pathing would probably be a good idea. Also making raiders not bother trying to bust down a door that won't lead to escape during retreat is probably worthwhile too.

Ideas / Conduit Bridge
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:06:34 PM »
Currently every conduit blindly connects to every other conduit. Any conduit connected to another will merge with and become apart of that conduit's power network. The switch is a nice tool to create separate lines and networks, but it is currently impossible to have one network cross the tile of another network without merging the two.

This make power grid planning cumbersome and bulky. I would like to see a "bridge" conduit that works as follows:
-Conduit connected to the bridge from the north only connects to other conduit networks connecting to the bridge from the south and vis versa.
-Conduit connected to the bridge from the east only connects to other conduit networks connecting to the bridge from the west and vis versa.

The map Im on is covered by mountains on the east edge, and the coast to the ocean on the west side.
The south side has an open edge, but a path to my colony is blocked completely by mountain and walls about 60 tiles from the edge.
The north side is completely open, and there is a free and open path from my colony to that edge.

Whenever I try to form a caravan it claims that the caravan cannot leave and that I need to make sure I have at least one side reachable.

Even after making a hole on the south side, it still tells me I need to have "at least one side reachable", despite there now being two sides reachable. I officially cannot create caravans.

Ideas / Reserve and Delay constructions that have pawns blocking them
« on: August 16, 2018, 11:09:05 AM »
The problems:
-If a pawn is constructing something, and another pawn walks on the construction, the constructing pawn will cancel their task and walk away.

This results in the constructing pawn prioritizing other tasks. At which point the construction will not be completed until either the originally constructing pawn finishes the new priority and returns, a new pawn(potentially on the other side of the map) takes over to finish the construction, or the player forcibly re-prioritizes the original construction.

-If a pawn is hauling materials to a construction and a pawn is standing on the blueprint, the hauling pawn will drop the material at the blueprint, but it will not actually be added to the blueprint.

This results in the material that was dropped being hauled back to the stockpile, and a different pawn re-hauling another set of the same material to the blueprint once it is no longer obstructed.

The Suggestions:
Instead of blind canceling the tasks associated with construction in these situations, I suggest two potential options:

Reserve and delay the tasks.
The pawn does not drop the materials, or cancel the construction task. Instead inserting a "waiting for obstruction" task that causes them to stand and wait until they can return to the task. Every X amount of time(0.25 seconds for example) they would check if the obstruction is gone and if so return to the original task.

Push the jack ass out of the way.
If a pawn is obstructing their task then instead of canceling the task, push the pawn that is obstructing the task to a free adjacent tile. If the pawn being pushed is doing a task push that pawn in a way to allows both pawns to continue their work.

Also it may be a good idea to add a pathing cost to blueprints with materials already in them.
It makes sense since those materials shouldn't just "vanish" just because they are apart of the blueprint, and it would go a long way to preventing situations like this to begin with.

Ideas / Direction Specific Pathing for buildings
« on: August 15, 2018, 12:11:11 PM »
This is less a suggestion for a specific building, and more a suggestion for a function that can be turned on for certain buildings(existing or future buildings).

The idea is that the building can be walked onto or off of(like solar panels and tables), but only from one or more specific direction/s. This could allow for things like thin walls where the wall visual is on the edge of the tile, and the pawn can walk on the tile but not through the wall, or floors/bridges with railing to make one direction pathing, ect...

Bugs / 0.19.1987 Only first rock chunk slows colonists
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:59:20 AM »
Im not 100% certain this is a bug but I thought Id bring it up just in case.

I tend to have very large dumping stockpiles for rock chunks because I primarily work with stone walls. Occasionally my colonists will place an animal corpse in the rock chunk stockpile(because I forget to fully setup the dumping stockpile or make it multi purpse if I don't have a corpse freezer yet).
I noticed when the cook went to get the corpse to butcher it he was only slowed down by the first rock chunk he walked over in the stockpile, then was walking at normal speed afterwards despite walking over a bunch of other rock chunks within the stockpile.

Ideas / Make excessively adulterous Colonists be trait exclusive
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:21:56 PM »
I don't mind when a colonist tries to court an already married or taken colonist, or vis versa.
But there are certain situations when it is just ridiculous to the point of annoyance.

Like in my current run in which Shinichi started courting Tatyana on the day that Tatyana married Trumpet. ... And then proceeded to continue to court her constantly to the point of acquiring a -20 mood thought.

This is what I would consider ... excessive.
I think these kinds of excessive pursuits should only happen when the pawn has a specific Trait for it, and normal romantic pursuits should have the following filters:

1. Only X number of attempts at pursuing a romantic target per quadrum.
2. Only X number of attempts at pursuing a "taken" romantic target per quadrum.

Maybe even a sort of defensive move for the "taken romantic target":
If in a romantic relationship and courted by someone outside of that relationship X number of times within a single quadrum, then become annoyed and "Shame" the courting pawn.

A pawn shamed in this way will get a negative mood thought, and will not pursue the source of that shame for an entire quadrum(or longer?).

[attachment deleted due to age]

Bugs / 0.19.1987 Mixed up Mood Thought expire feedback
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:08:05 PM »
The tooltip for this thought claims the thought will start expiring after it ends expiring.

[attachment deleted due to age]

I just deleted my grow zone while ordering blighted crops to be cut, because I misclicked and accidentally clicked the grow zone instead of the blighted crop.

If the final intended purpose is to force us to sit there in boredom and click spam for a minute to combat blight then maybe make the hotkey for these two actions different?

Bugs / Raiders keep attacking walls forever after their group flees
« on: August 12, 2018, 07:59:14 PM »
Raiders do not cancel attacking walls when they decide to flee.

Normally this isn't that big a deal, but if the wall is particularly durable(or has been cheesed by having a repairer counter the raider's damage for 1 and half days straight) they get blinders on to anything else.
They even ignore their own needs for food. This feels so "wrong" that it I feel it has to be an unintentional bug. especially since it can be exploitable to down raiders(through exhaustion and malnutrition) with little to no threat or consequence.

Ideas / Option to Prioritize Farthest
« on: August 09, 2018, 10:42:11 AM »
When hauling, or just doing anything in general, Colonists/Pawns will prioritize the closest destination. Whats worse is that prioritization is determined by straight line distance rather than total walking cost. I can understand the reasons for both of these things. Most of the time you will want to prioritize the closest stuff first, and it could potentially be a massive CPU cost to calculate the potential walking cost for every available task before deciding which one to do.

However, there are times(frequent times) when this prioritization will result in a task never getting done or it being days before even getting started. The only recourse in these cases is to manually prioritize the task. Which means the player has to constantly check if long distance tasks are getting done and manually re-prioritize.

Normally this isn't that big an issue. The problem is when there is numerous at distance tasks to be done. This situation requires the player to babysit the colonist/s and constantly manually prioritize the at distance tasks until they are done. This is alot of work that provides no benefit or fun for the player, to accomplish something the colonists should technically be able to handle on their own.

So my suggestion is a global toggle, similar to the "Auto expand Home Area" toggle, that will reverse the distance priorities for the colonists causing them to prioritize long distance tasks instead of short distance tasks. There should also be a filter toggle on each colonist that excludes them from the global toggle. (So players can dictate which colonists get their distance priorities switched in case some colonist don't have the movement or mood to support at distance tasks)

Ideas / Damage should disrupt repair
« on: July 31, 2018, 11:54:20 PM »
If a door or wall or other building is damaged the door, wall or building should become incapable of being repaired for a small amount of time.

Ideas / More visibly distinct projectiles
« on: July 30, 2018, 03:02:36 PM »
I noticed the Auto Cannon fires a projectile that, while in terms of damage is very different from the mini turret's projectile, is visually and audibly identical.

I would like to see more visually and audibly distinct projectiles for different classes of weapons:

Single shot small arms
Burst fire small arms
Single shot rifles
Burst fire rifles
Rapid fires
Charged rifles (lancer is already good here)
Burst fire charged rifles
Charged rapid fires

Mini turret
Auto Cannon turret
Sniper turret(I haven't seen this one yet)

The Chased Refugee event comes with only two options.
Accept or Ignore.

Ignoring is one thing, but the problem is Accept. I think it is too binary. Risking an accept can potentially place a liability on your colony. The way the description is worded, I get the feeling you are not suppose to know before hand what potential new colonist your getting. The problem is it doesn't work out that way.

If your colony is defended enough to fight off the Raid of a Refugee Chase, you can just accept and immediately banish if the new addition is too much of a "bad egg". You get a -3 mood debuff, that banished colonist is permanently added to your colony's history(Got a rescue prisoner quest for one of these banished souls, and the quest claimed they were previously apart of my faction despite having never "lost" a actual colonist), and have/get to deal with a Raid. None of which are particularly consequential events if you are well defended enough.

Whats worse, is you may have better odds of getting a decent new colonist by downing and capturing the Raiders.

My suggestion is to add "Banishment Immunity" to new colonists for a set amount of time. And to add a third option to the Refugee Chase called "Offer Temporary Asylum". That way if you want to risk an actual new addition, you have to deal with the consequences of it for a time afterwards if the new addition is not so beneficial. Or you can offer asylum, fight off the raid, and then the refugee will leave after a few days and you get a relationship boost with which ever faction they were apart of.

(also, maybe only include colonists that have been a colonist for more than 2 days in the prisoner rescue quest?)

Ideas / New Trait: Anti-Gourmand
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:03:45 PM »
Actual Trait name to be determined, but I think a trait in which the character doesn't care about the taste of the food would be an interesting counter weight to the Gourmand trait.

Nutrient Paste? Meals made from Insect Meat?
Sure. Whatever, its all fine to them. But they also don't get any positive bonus thoughts from eating fine or lavish meals, ect.. Maybe they even only get 80% of the nutrients from any give meal they eat because they are just disinterested in finishing(which ends up wasting the other 20%).

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