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Mods / Re: [Mod request] Weapon limits
May 29, 2020, 12:56:45 AM
Add a custom comp to weapon main xml class. Make it to check its parent for : if its wood/wood log and if its a weapon or weapons of your choice
if not make it despawn and spawn a weapon of your choice. Which might make abit bigger lag when raids spawn.
Or you can go a legit and performance sane way of RawCode :D
Mods / Re: 2-sided walls (mod idea)
May 28, 2020, 01:06:21 AM
How would you determine which side is the room you want that wall side ?
The color thing uses mask and they have it black thats why you dont see the color, nor stuff color, like gold or wood, which is wierd since i remmber doing the mask for them a while ago :D
Nexus yes, as for github i dont have one so no

Soon mate

Still looking into it
Quote from: Malacai on December 19, 2018, 02:34:59 PM
Hey, i had a bug with your doors. I loaded your mod into an existing save but it didnt work properly, even after saving and restarting the game.
The permit system worked just fine for my colonists, but prisoners wouldnt go through any doors even though they were allowed to. It worked just fine with the Locks mod before i installed clutter. I tried it with existing and new doors, but still didnt work.
Clutter was loaded as one of the last mods, after Locks, in case that matters.

Its not a bug it's a feature :D
I didnt look thrugh the new vanilia code but in a18 atleast it was a vanillia thing that wouldnt allow prisoners to open or pass thrugh doors.
Locks Mod do rewrite that, there is a compatibility mod on Lock Mod page for clutter doors it might fix it, thrugh im not 100% sure.

Mate did look at paint thingy, cant do the coloring thing without some big code rewrites, but i can add a button to doors to take a color of connected wall.

Updated windows and structures to 1.0
Dont worry Mad i got bold plan to do it before xmas xD
I got windows and walls already done and if i dont find any more problems with them will upload them tomorrow.
Furniture and after that your color change thingy
Sure can look at it, could you run a little test thrugh and build side and front doors and see if they change colors. Also try to change color(if possible) of not yet fully build doors.
Link To old windows mod and code
Hey guys yehh i kinda burnt out with rimworld, will update to 1.0 thrugh.
Hands and doors are already up
makerror in a month or something like that hopfully i get some free time

Linkable links are added by a code not xml or atleast i think so since my hdd with rimworld stuff kinda half died.
But the wierd linkables are done as intended so not everything links to everyhing, thrugh i need to admint that crafting a power armor while sitting on a couch can be preetty tempting :D

Wall lights ware commented out becouse somewhere there is a special wall mounted lamps, but since i didnt finish the linking code to them i didnt activate them.
General Discussion / Re: To RNG or not to RNG
July 21, 2018, 10:29:50 AM
Tyn 1,2,3,4 just dont, Rimzy just need some polishes and not total conversion.
Idea of that person getting mad for colonist to die is simple a evidence of him getting invested in the game, which i assume is a goal of every game designer.
Friendly fire is obviously  PICNIC error.
Any person that dont fight cheeky using every unfair adventage he can find against enemy, deserve for his colony to die.
Pyro not usefull ... well, imagine your in a god damn iceland, getting struck by constant solars eclipses and power fail`s(Thanks Alot Randy...), close him in a room with vents , and look hows your colony is still not frozen.
Yes game require some inventivness from players, still rng is atleast for me a core part of the game.

Releases / Re: [A18] Locks
March 27, 2018, 03:33:40 AM
Thanks mate for adding the compatibility :)
You cant from xml, walls are coded in , only way to change the cost it so change it in the code
Oh... well thats a bug, thanks for reporting, willl try to fix it soonish
I did talk to Jarcell on that matter already, gave him the source code for locks so he will be most likley implementing locking mechanic and permits in his mod. Since getting compatibility would be much harder since we got entirerly diffrent mothods of coding the doors.
Graphic as it pains me is possible.

Never seen this mod could you give me a link will check it out