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Stories / Re: Spring break has been extended indefinitely.
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:47:39 PM »
Yeah, I'm not exactly original.

7th of Summer, 5500

I don't know what Jensen 1 and Viktor are thinking getting married. They've been with each other for all of about 1 season. Chill out. Whatever makes you happy I guess. Not gonna last though. I called it.

In other news, the lake is coming along well.

9th of Summer, 5500

We finished up our shore scaping project thing and started building a dedicated room for making better meds. Now I just have to figure out how to make better meds. It's so hard being the smartest person in a group.

Comareiro Meninyo Barro stopped by for a chat. It looks like they've found more survivors and have grown according. They've gone the hunter gatherer route. We gave them some stew and let them sleep in our kitchen. We might want to make guest house so our visitors have a better place to sleep.

I want to build a nice road between the manor and the fields so I spend less of my day tripping of roots and other crap. I should say, I want other people to build the road for me. I mean, I am a mathematician.

I think I'd like to stick it out with Kiriko.

11th of Summer, 5500

Kiriko accepted my marriage proposal. Time to oppress her with the patriarchal institution of marriage. Awwww yeah.

12th of Summer, 5500

Mmmm rice beer.

13th of Summer, 5500

I've gone ahead and drawn up a plan for some exploratory mines. The first purpose of this is to find more compacted machinery as we're running low on mechanical components. The second is the discovery of uranium ore. One of the things I studied before I got stranded on this rock was the small scale nuclear reactor. Getting one of those would give us the ability to provide megawatts of power for our town for years to come.

Toxo came by for a visit. They've also become hunter gatherers. We gave them some wine and told them to go grow some cotton and turn it into t-shirts like civilized people!

2nd of Fall.

Beautiful morning. Raiders though.

2nd of Fall, 5500

Mowed the raiders down easily. One of them thought he was hot shit with a few grenades. he never even got close enough to throw them. We captured the other raider. Says his name is Sebastian. Great name for a raider. We've gathered that he's a recruiter for the "Donkey Men." That makes our second prisoner. We can't feed these guys forever.

3rd of Fall, 5500

We've built a road through town, I guess this'll be good for defense and trade. Something something crumbling infrastructure. We should build some fortifications at either end of town in case the raiders get more feisty.

3rd of Fall (again), 5500

The Jensen twins' mother showed up today. Turns out Fisherman's village found her a few days ago and then her our way. She's going to stay with them though, probably some kind of 'giving your offspring' space thing. Biologically she's the same age as them, although they're all in their 400s chronologically. She's a good shot, that's for sure. We traded her and the other Fishermans some booze and meds. What's funny is that they're still eating survival meals from the ship.

We've got plenty of booze, food, and meds. I can see why people like to trade with us.

4th of Fall, 5500

I've never seen so many people working in the kitchen as when we got our first sweet rolls. Hope nobody steals mine.

4th of Fall evening, 5500

Mad Max tried to escape today so we beat the shit out of him with our rifles. Guy couldn't even walk back to prison. Can't say I feel sorry for him yet, he did try to murder us back in spring.

5th of Fall, 5500

I think I've actually figured out a brilliant solution to our prisoner problem that will also prevent them from ever hurting our town or any of the other peaceful towns other again, as well as send a message to other would be ne'er do wells. We're going to surgically remove their eyes and then send them back to their little raider camps. The surgery will of course be performed with anesthesia, we're not barbarians (unlike them). Although, we really shouldn't waste good meds. Herbals will have to suffice. They will probably experience immense pain after the surgeries.

5th of Fall, afternoon

We celebrated Kimiko and Viktor's marriage. Neither of them really talk much so I guess it actually is a match made in heaven or whatever. We all used it as an excuse to take the rest of the day off and get drunk. I guess that's what parties are all about though. I do miss real wine though.

6th of Fall

We released Mad Max early this morning. Good luck finding your way home, fucker.

Collins was released a couple hours later.

7th of Fall

I've stopped writing the year next to every journal entry. It seems a bit redundant.

While mining, Kiriko found a steel wall in the hill to the south east. I wonder how it got there.

Me and Kiriko also had a marriage ceremony today. I never thought I'd get an actual waifu but here I man, the luckiest gaijin alive.

8th of Fall

It's like Japanese people just fall from the fucking sky on this planet.

In all seriousness it looks like another escape pod's orbit degraded right into our back yard! It contained Yuna Santos, a salaried low skill worker from some Urb world. Probably a cleaner on the ship. I treated her wounds and she left (with a little food) to look for her friends. She's got a good chance of finding them, if they're alive and as long as she stays clear of the raider towns.

8th of Fall

A crate of beer just fell out of the sky, pretty sure that wasn't with the ship when she went down.

9th of Fall

A bunch of alphabeavers appeared in the upper valley. We spent most of the day hunting them into extinction.

11th of Fall.

4 of us have come down with gutworms. I blame the alphabeaver meat.

14th of Fall

Finished the whole goddamn exploratory mine and not a single speck of uranium. Did get to finish the flop house for our pests I mean guests, and added lighting to the general area of the town. Kind of nice not to trip over shit.

Stories / Re: Spring break has been extended indefinitely.
« on: July 25, 2016, 01:54:00 PM »
4th of Summer, 5500

Looks like there's a bun in the oven. Literally, we built an oven and now we can make bread. There's also sugar and pumpkins growing in the back. Some time before thanksgiving we'll have pumpkin pie. This place is becoming a little bit too much like home, don't want to get comfortable, still miss home. The company is good though if you know what I mean. Heyooooo.

4th of Summer cont, 5500

I figured out this one neat trick that gardeners don't want you to know! You can massively improve the soil here with the this one neat trick that makes gardeners furious! Click here to find out how! You'll never believe your eyes!

But in all seriousness the crops ought to grow better now.

Cotton's ready. Gotta start making some decent clothes. A t-shirt just... ain't cutting it at 50 farenheit. Too bad the climate here isn't... tailored to human survival.

5th of Summer, 5500

I don't know what these dumb fuckers were thinking when they came down the valley with hostile intentions. Raiders don't come in peace. One of them got away so that's bad I guess. The one we killed didn't have much on him. I know it was justified, but I still don't feel right about killing. Maybe we should build a wall to keep the raiders out. They're not coming in peace, they're murderers. Some I assume are good people.

Not sure if I want to turn the empty bedrooms into workshops now that most of us are shacked up.

6th of Summer, 5500

Question: What sounds better than a woman in the kitchen?

Answer: A woman making clothes.

Sexism aside it's time for some fresh clothes!

6th of Summer, evening, 5500

After playing around with soil compositions for several days I think I've discovered a way to fill in some of the marshier stuff around Blue Pond. This should enable us to build out toward it further. Should also mean less squiters and malaria, if there's even malaria on Jabbah.

Stories / Re: Summer vacation has been extended indefinitely.
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:40:27 AM »
Day 13

We expanded the kitchen out to include a new prep table where we can turn our beans into precious protein rich white globs a.k.a. tofu. What did you think I meant? Was it semen? It was semen. That's the joke I was making. Nobody's going to read this crap anyway. I'm like a modern day Mark Wattney.

The first thing I made was a delicious tofu mushroom and of course rice stir fry. It reminded me of MOM'S SPAGHETTI. I'm getting tired and my arms are getting heavy. Can't stop memeing won't stop memeing. Okay I'm done.

Day 14

It's probably around midnight. A particularly strong solar flare seems to have zapped our electronics. My room is cold and I am not happy.

Day 15

So there I was, engineering us up some automatic doors so we can carry shit around more esier and BOOM I hear fighting from the next room. Something Viktor said really set Shizuka off because she attacked him. They beat each other up pretty badly. Our healroot isn't due to riped in at least a few weeks so treating them is probably going to put a dent in a medical supplies.

I mean shit, they did more damage to us then that guy sitting in the jail cell. At least he just sits there and eats food like a good boy.

1st of Summer, 5500

No longer shall we live in the poverty of darkness. Let there be light!

In other news, the Jensen twins seem to be really happy about having an extensive ventilation system. Can't figure out why. Today marks the day in which the star is highest in the sky, meaning it is officially summer. I considered donning bathing trunks, running to the pond and yelling "It's finally summer!" before jumping in but I don't have swimming trunks. They blew up one season ago today. I guess this is the start of my extended summer vacation.

2nd of Summer, 5500

Some beraucrat named Samantha dropped out of the sky today. Her pod looked like one of the ones from our ship. I guess they engineered those things to keep people alive for probably tens of years. I wonder who might still be in orbit around Jabbah. I wonder how many of those pods have failed. Nope, don't want to think about it.

Stories / Re: Summer vacation has been extended indefinitely.
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:02:02 AM »
If this gets past a page I'll just start keeping links to each entry in the OP.

Day 10

Another fine rainy spring day on frigid wet hell not that I care. I spent all day inside working on new tools. Viktor said he could get us some wind power running with some of the components off our poor downed ship's hull. I thought the hulking mass added something 'je ne sais quois' to Blue Pond but the prospect of having electricity is just too good to pass up. He took Kimiko with him to do the salvaging. Those two have been spending a lot of time together recently. I wonder if he actually talks to her. I wonder if we'll ever find him a shirt.

We were also visited by a trade caravan called "Toxo of Frog." I guess people just can't stop memeing, even out here on the outskirts of galactic human civilization.

Day 10, later

Viktor forgot that trees stop wind, so we spent several hours clearing a path for the wind.

Day 12

I built an air conditioned hut to contain the batteries used to suck up the extra juice when the wind's blowing. I figure this is the first battery hut on Jabbah.


Stories / Re: Summer vacation has been extended indefinitely.
« on: July 24, 2016, 11:39:48 PM »
Day 6

Had a little trouble today. The colony was attacked by a madman, who happens to be named Max. He claims to be a sheriff in The Cutters gang. He also probably didn't expect to run into a bunch of people with guns. Either we're geniuses and nobody else on this rock remembers how to use a fucking firearms or we got really damn lucky with our escape pods.

As far as I can remember there were no pirates on this planet before we were stranded here which means 2 things. A, there are a lot of survivors. B, some of them have gone bad. We're holding him until we can figure out what to do with him. This calls into all kind of questions of morality I'm sure.

Day 8

These days are definitely long. Our first crop of rice is ready. I shouldn't complain because we'd already burned through all the emergency rations. A group of traveler's from Fisherman's Village came by for a chat. They must be at the lake to the north west. I wish I had a map.

It's rice porridge and whatever we can scrounge up until we can figure out something more permanent and tasty. I'm going to try and figure out some stonecutting tools so we can build a more fireproof house. It's actually more like a manor at this point. Hell, we've even got a jail.

Stories / Re: Summer vacation has been extended indefinitely.
« on: July 24, 2016, 08:48:41 PM »
End of Day 1

We took a few minutes to mourn the probably dead thousands of vacationers from the Arugula. Then, we started getting to work building a shelter. We had a fell a bunch of dumb oak trees. I guess it's a good thing that this world has been seeded with species of plant and animal from Earth. As far as getting stranded lightyears from the nearest port goes we did get pretty lucky. We've planned out a rice field (typical) and a bean field for a more long run sustainence solution. Jane says together they form something called a complete something something something. She's a good med student and claims to be a crack shot. I'd like to see her put that rifle to good use. Fresh turkey would be nice. These survival meals sucks.

I want to go home. At least I don't have to spend the night outside. Shelter's pretty decent.

End of Day 2

The days on this planet are incredibly long, but the year length is similar to that as experienced on more terrestrial worlds. A day here is about the length of a week on Earth, which is why we're able to get so much done in a single day.

We began construction on a more permanent housing complex, or compound. Not sure what the difference is. Don't have a dictionary. The bedrooms are mostly done. Hopefully we'll be able to plant the fields by the end of tomorrow. Still miss my home.

End of Day 3

I probably lied about the time it'll take to complete our private rooms. Probably another day at least. Probably. We were visited by a couple of mostly Spanish speaking primative types named Canto and Colmea. I was able to get that they're from a tribe called "Comareiro Meninyo." Kind of wonder how they got here. They didn't seem interested in trading, just wanted to visit so we gave them dry place to sleep and I think they understood our hospitable intentions. They think the rations are gross too.

If you find this journal and we're all dead, I guess they were cannibals. Good luck. Seriously.

Day 4, Morning

Woke up and hadn't been eaten by cannibals. Wooo. We decided to name this place the Town on Blue Pond, after the pond next to the house, which we've named Blue Pond. We're really sophisticated. I'll make another entry after we finish the house and get the farm planted.

Day 4 cont.

A big fucking hunk of spaceship just came out of the sky and landed next to the pond. Pretty cool on any day that you don't need a spaceship to get you off a forgotten shithole backwater nothing planet.

Day 5

A half naked Slav ran out of the woods today wielding a club. After calming down he said his name is Viktor. After not very much deliberation we decided to let him join the town. Viktor seems to know a little bit about everything, says he used to have his own ship but I don't believe him. It'll be good to have someone else around who can pull their weight. He doesn't talk much.

Stories / Spring break has been extended indefinitely.
« on: July 24, 2016, 06:47:11 PM »
Spring break on Jabbah has been extended indefinitely. According to the other survivors of the crash, shortly after takeoff there was a catastrophic failure in the engine which essentially banana-peeled the ship up to the cargo holds in the middle. After the subsequent loss of thrust the pilot issued the order to abandon ship, The time to get from the cryosleep bed in which I was already asleep to the escape pods was approximately 90 seconds. The ship was in free fall for approximately 60 seconds. I don't remember moving from my cryosleep bed to the escape pod. I don't know why I'm alive. Neither do any of the other survivors.

Let's call this, "Day 1."

Here's what we've got:
- Survival meals from the pods, approximately 1 year's worth.
- Medicine.
- Survival rifles.
- The scrap from the pods.
- The components from the pods.
- I don't know why I'm saying "from the pods" everything is from the fucking pods.
- 1 bottle of wine that Mia was drinking on takeoff. She probably thinks drinking wine while leaving a planet is "romantic."
- 1 piece of bread, also Mia's. Looks like whole wheat.


Releases / Re: [A14] Phi - Multiplayer interactions between colonies
« on: July 24, 2016, 04:33:52 PM »
I might send people some of the random organs I harvest from raiders.

Hi, I just registered to say that this is my favorite mod ever, because playing the game without it is tedious at best.

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