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You can also use LaborManager mod to automatically mark trees for cutting when you are below a certain target wood amount
Got a few questions to anyone using this mod:

  • Do you have to research the buildings or are they instantly buildable for a tribal start?
    How big is the second map and does it cost significant performance?
    Will infestations occur?
    Is wealth counted towards main base? Can you enable/disable that in options?
    Can I safely run it on 1.0?
    Can I add this to an existing save?
Quote from: Backstab1993 on October 24, 2018, 04:16:09 PM
So im looking for a mod that includes a way to get back textiles from clothing. there was one called reclaim fabric but its outdated. is there any current mods that have this feature, even if its not the only feature in the mod? i get way too many clothes from raiders and the low trade values do not equal the storage space they all require in my opinion.... plus waiting for a caravan or sending one is to time consuming when you end up with 50+ peices of clothing your colonists will never wear....

Currently I run Medieval Times that has a special workbench where you can "Disassemble Apparel".
I use a couples of jobs disassembling all damaged or low quality items. Then also jobs burning items where I don't need the material.
Of course Medieval Times affects many areas and changes the game significantly so no idea if you want to use it.
General Discussion / Re: Mechanoid Rant
October 25, 2018, 01:22:51 AM
Quote from: FTR on October 24, 2018, 08:10:44 PM
Like.. what am I suppoused to do when there is raid of 10+ scythers, 10+ lancers and 10+ centipedes? There is no way you can fight them w/o really solid defenses like killbox full of turrets and traps. I was thinking of having team of 10+ melee fighters, but I have 15 colonists total so do I really have to make almost of them melee fighters to be able to repel single type of enemy in the game?
I am doing a diff serious game where I don't do killboxes. I am not at the point yet where I get size 30 mech raids but they are starting to ramp up. I am playing with the Sidearm mod where I can give every colonist two weapons a ranged one primary and a melee one secondary. They autoswitch by distance and you can also manually switch.
I am not sure if the way I play without much defense architecture so leaving my base intentionally open in all directions and not concentrating the enemy into some area by walls is really playable without that mod. The enemies always break through and I want it that way. One weapon per colonist is totally unrealistic anyway sidearms are a thing.
General Discussion / Re: Guide to mastery of the game
October 24, 2018, 06:30:02 AM
I currently play Randy Extreme or serious or what its called so the highest of the normal diffs. That said I have a few mods that make stuff easier like the Medieval Times mod and Sidearm mod and a few minor others and I started with prepped Tough+Jogger Tribals in Boreal Forest. Biome choice was only because I dislike seeing Boomaloopes/Boomrats as they are ugly and they don't appear in that Biome.

I am not a Hardcore Rimworld player you are way more HC than me. I have not even finished the game once all my earlier plays (most of them on rough though) got boring and I abandoned them. Also occasionally stopped a game when a new version came out. That said I still have many hundreds of hours in it don't know exactly how much atm. I am a hardcore Dwarf Fortress and PDX player though so my current attempt at having fun at the game is coming from that mindset of gimping yourself in those SPs.
I want a reasonable size colony that remains vulnerable to attacks from all sides and where every large Raid usually leads to some melee somewhere where some pawns can be maimed or killed. That said when I see its getting too tough I do a bit better defense construction but I always want to stay at that edge if I see that noone gets injured in a raid I have to deconstruct some constructions to make it harder again. My main goal currently is to keep my starting 5 guys relatively unharmed so I am sacrificing the others for the flanks and their ranks get refilled with prisoners and other Randy Gifts.

I am not really playing in your league I am just stating what I do to keep the game interesting. I don't even know if I can manage it the way I currently play this colony might get horribly destroyed. That said loosing is fun (DF). Loosing the colony would be more fun for me than giving it up because its too boring.
General Discussion / Re: Guide to mastery of the game
October 24, 2018, 05:19:58 AM
I thought that whole point of "be prepared" is to reduce risk. Of course if risk is your criteria of fun then you shouldn't be prepared for any events but you have to understand that for many people "don't be prepared" is bad recipe for fun.
Yes you are right of course normally the idea is to build a smart base to counter all the challenges and be prepared in the best possible way. Best possible way meaning no harm to your colonists and your base.

Its just that there is no event that causes any threat after the beginning of the game when you have high enough mood bonus and stone walls and a couples of months of Pemmican or frozen meat in cold biome plus other resources.
So the only challenge remaining are Raids.

And with traps/turrets/minigunners plus assisting architecture you can remove the challenge from raids completely. At that point you are playing a peaceful Sims game. So you either enjoy that invul basebuilding aspect or you intentionally don't eliminate the challenge. Since the only roughly dynamic challenge are Raids and I also enjoy epic fights thats why I decide to not remove their Threat.
Ultimately theres no real challenge in SP games when you figured out all mechanics only MP against other humans could give you that. So you either like the more Mini-Zoo approach and pure basebuilding or you intentionally do stupid things to then have new things to figure out basically how you save the mess you just created.
General Discussion / Re: Guide to mastery of the game
October 24, 2018, 02:00:28 AM
Quote"trap entrance" which is corridor filled with traps

I don't do any trap corridors, killboxes, narrow hallways, walled off map sides or designs like that.

As soon as you build some kind of funnel for enemies to be forced into and be killed with traps or other means like 20 mortars or smartly placed miniguns the game gets boring for me so I don't do it.
I have a big defence perimeter meaning cover and some slowing down stuff all around the base. I got a few scattered traps without any supporting walls so they can be easily avoided and I do a few scattered turrets for distraction which have to be constantly rebuilt. Enemies can attack from every direction and even multiples ones and roam around the outer perimeter, start fires in the back while I am at the front or enter the base with explosives. Big later raids often overwhelm single pawns who will loose organs or might die. You sometimes even have to call factions for help or use other emergency things if Randy does evil things.

Its fun.

Basically the point is don't use architecture to defeat raids. Yes the game gets insanely harder you can't do it with all your restrictions.
My only real restriction is is: Don't do any defense that guarantees a raid being defeated without any effort. So every raid has to have a chance of wounding and killing some colonists. Architecture restrictions are basically a secondary result from that.
I feel animals are important to reduce the giant stacks of meat so it doesn't flood your base.
Gets made into kibble for storage with hay then someone has to nibble away the kibble.
More important if you have cannibals and human meat but even with normal ones I often have too much meat. Guess I love Leather and Manhunter packs maybe other peoples play a different playstyle.
Quote from: Canute on October 23, 2018, 10:44:52 AM
Fertile Field
a terraform mod, you can transform any vanilla terrain into some other.
Thanks a lot this is exactly what I need also it seems the other bridges mod is what the old bridges mod was
Can I use the water pumps in this mod to create a moat for my castle?

I guess I have to try.
Hello everyone,

I want to start a new low tech game for 1.0. I will have lots of Castle building with Medieval Times. Want to do a nice looking castle without killboxes. What I can't find is a mod enabling Water for 1.0. I found the bridges mod that even has a drawbridge but that is only Beta 18.

Also does anyone know of a 1.0 mod that disables all guns from the game? Found one but that is only beta 18 too.


Chris aka CyberianK
General Discussion / Re: Bionic limbs like in Rimworld
December 18, 2017, 03:33:32 AM
Quote from: BasileusMaximos on December 17, 2017, 05:46:07 PM
Quote from: sadpickle on December 17, 2017, 02:54:15 PM
Quote from: BasileusMaximos on December 17, 2017, 02:29:15 PM
And I think people would ultimately prefer having a real arm than a cold robot one.
Some people, yes. Probably most people. But I can think of all sorts of reasons one might want a superior, synthetic alternative. Embedded multi-tool functionality. An arm with dampeners to cancel out essential tremor, giving a person fine motor control they might otherwise never achieve. Sensory organs so acute they can detect things that are essentially invisible to humans. A respiratory system that can filter out airborne toxins and pathogens. A liver that never fails.

Eventually, given enough time, the field of biomechanics will create superior alternatives for almost every part of the body. Of course, the ultimate end-goal of such a discipline would be the elimination of organic material entirely, to cheat death. Biological immortality, without the biology.

Frankly I think all those improvements will be biological in nature rather than mechanical.
Yeah mainly because of energy source.
I am not scared of the Terminator if I can push him over with one hand or even when hes strong if he looses power or overloads 10 seconds into a wrestling match.
If you had unlimited budget you could probably build a pretty good robotic arm with todays technology but there is just no energy source that can give high output, duration and low weight and tiny form factor to even start to rival regular human performance not to speak about trained athletes. We would need something multiples category above what is used in todays consumer electronics.

Then even if we had that do we want peoples to walk around with small bombs in their body?
So its probably hybrid solutions or all grown/cloned body parts.
General Discussion / Re: Trading madness
December 18, 2017, 02:46:12 AM
I don't get why its better selling it raw. I remember selling quite a lot of excellent/masterwork/legendary leather pants and if I remember it had quite a hefty price increase.
As for what I sell I usually just sell excess stuff so everything that I have more than enough of. Plus a little arts so the good statues I place in rooms the rest I sell off but its not very excessive. I don't do mass production lines for trade I just produce lots of stuff that I want my pawns to equip and sell of the excess. Only thing I am selling much raw is leather/wool because I have 40 muffalos and 20 pigs and also kill all the wild animals to survive the winter. Doing 20/60 boreal forest so there drug production does not work for me because I need most of the space for the base and big food/haygrass fields and some devilstrand.

Also usually the traders plus the occasional requested ones are good enough I don't do caravans.
General Discussion / Re: Best use for Synthread?
December 18, 2017, 02:20:13 AM
Depends if you have a Devilstrand indoors farm or not. Use Devilstrand if you can for the t-shirt and pants as its better if not do your Synthread that you found. But usually one cargopod drop is not that much anyway so you can probably only dress 1-2 peoples.
does anyone know why I can't seem to be able to smelt some of the items: