[1.1] Rimsenal v1.5: beta edition

Started by rooki1, March 03, 2015, 11:54:10 PM

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What do you want to see in the next update?

Improvised equipments pack: Homemade pistol, pipe shotgun, scrap armor... and glorious Thunderstick!
34 (20.5%)
Xeno beasts pack: Is there anyone want to see a genetically modified cyber-raptor?
68 (41%)
Celestial pack: New faction pack. Adds new xeno human faction, the celestials.
64 (38.6%)

Total Members Voted: 166

Voting closed: September 02, 2015, 09:08:09 PM


v0.72 mini update.

- Major balance adjustment.


Can't use any of dropbox links, they don't work.



Are the balance changes documented anywhere?


Is the girl in the picture wearing, the nerve suit or the drop suit?
Quote from: faltonico
I truly can't understand that sense of balancing a LOT of modders have, pouring more resources on something doesn't make it more difficult, but more annoying. It is not engaging, even if i'm swimming in silver at late game ┬┐why to bother?, why all the effort to get there?.

Deimos Rast

Quote from: kunyomi on September 15, 2016, 06:54:22 AM
Are the balance changes documented anywhere?
Does not appear so. Changelog in op is outdated. I suppose I could do a diff compare and report back. Might be a bit though...


Deimos Rast

I'm back from Mordor with the r...erm, patch notes. Didn't check Hair mod or Storyteller mod.
TLDR Version:
Everything got a big boost to WorkToMake (probably because of my post so you can blame me for this one :P)
Greydale stuff nerfed
Kinetic stuff buffed
Suppressor thinger suppresses now
Might have fixed feral hoods problem
Changed all preview pictures

@rooki1 your grenade fix was incomplete - you missed the opening bracket typo "<explosionRadius >". Also, did you mean to remove WorkToMake entirely from the Fed Jumpsuit?
I think it's really encouraging how you listen to feedback, by the way. Thank you. :)

The exhaustive patch notes, from 0.71 to 0.72.

====================== v0.72 ======================
Rimsenal: Core
- Changed preview picture
- Carbon Suit WorkToMake increased from 14,200 to 64,200
- TacVest WorkToMake increased from 15,000 to 75,000
- TacHelmet WorkToMake increased from 12,000 to 32,000
- Exoframe WorkToMake increased from 18,000 to 98,000
- Laconian Pioneer Armor WorkToMake increased from 35,000 to 105,000
- Laconian Pioneer Helmet WorkToMake increased from 18,000 to 30,000
- Drop Suit WorkToMake increased from 42,000 to 172,000
- Drop Suit Helmet WorkToMake increased from 19,000 to 49,000
- Nerve Suit WorkToMake increased from 40,000 to 110,000
- Nerve Suit Helmet WorkToMake increased from 18,000 to 39,000
- Bjorn Armor WorkToMake increased from 44,000 to 174,000
- Bjorn Helmet WorkToMake increased from 21,000 to 41,000
- Nemesis Armor WorkToMake increased from 41,000 to 161,000
- Nemesis Helmet WorkToMake increased from 18,900 to 38,900
- Lynx Pistol WorkToMake increased from 8,000 to 42,000
- GRC Carbine WorkToMake increased from 12,000 to 110,000
- GRC Carbine CoolDown increased from 0.6 to 0.65
- GRC Carbine WarmUp increased from 85 to 95
- GRC Carbine range increased from 28 50 29
- GRC Carbine BetweenBursts increased from 5 to 8
- GRM Marksman Rifle WorkToMake increased from 15,000 to 130,000
- GRS Support Machine Gun WorkToMake increased from 15,000 to 130,000
- GRS Support Machine Gun CoolDown decreased from 2.1 to 1.95
- GRS Support Machine Gun BurstCount decreased from 12 to 8
- GRS Support Machine Gun BetweenBursts increased from 5 to 12
- Jaguar Grenade Launcher WorkToMake increased from 19,000 to 120,000
- Caracal HV SMG WorkToMake increased from 14,000 to 59,000
- Hrunting Molten Rifle WorkToMake increased from 20,500 to 120,500
- Trollsverd Molten Pistol WorkToMake increased from 10,500 to 50,500
- Fafnir Siege Shotgun WorkToMake increased from 20,500 to 120,500
- Gramr AMR WorkToMake increased from 30,500 to 130,500
- Grendel Siege Gun WorkToMake increased from 60,500 to 160,500
- Muspell Suppressor Cannon WorkToMake increased from 22,500 to 122,500
- Muspell Suppressor Cannon Cooldown increased from 0.2 to 0.6
- Muspell Suppressor Cannon WarmUp increased from 18 to 36
- Muspell Suppressor Cannon BurstCount of 4 added
- Muspell Suppressor Cannon BetweenBursts of 12 added
- Muspell Suppressor Cannon ForcedMiss of 1.5 added
- All Grenades: partially fixed typo in "<explosionRadius >".
- Kinetic Rifle WorkToMake increased from 20,800 to 120,800
- Kinetic Rifle WarmupTicks decreased from 61 to 59
- Kinetic Rifle Range increased from 27 to 28
- Kinetic Rifle BurstCount increased from 1 to 2
- Kinetic Rifle BetweenBursts of 10 added
- Kinetic Pistol damage increased from 6 to 8
- Kinetic Pistol Warmup decreased from 70 to 59
- Kinetic Pistol WorkToMake increased from 17,800 to 47,800
- Thudd Gun damage increased from 5 to 10
- Thudd Gun WorkToMake increased from 26,800 to 126,800
- Kinetic Long Rifle damage increased from 22 to 28.
- Kinetic Long Rifle WorkToMake increased from 26,800 to 126,800
- Storm Cannon damage increased from 5 to 10.
- Storm Cannon WorkToMake increased from 35,800 to 155,800
- Shard Rifle WorkToMake increased from  20,500 to 120,500
- Swarmer WorkToMake increased from  25,500 to 125,500
- Spike Rifle WorkToMake increased from 35,500 to 135,500
- Shard Pistols WorkToMake increased from  20,500 to 120,500
- Microwave Emitter WorkToMake increased from 25,000 to 125,000

Rimsenal: Federation
- Changed preview picture
- Fed Jumpsuit marketvalue reduced (800 > 100) and WorkToMake value removed entirely
- Riot Gear WorkToMake increased from 39,000 to 159,000.
- Riot Gear Helmet WorkToMake increased from 18,000 to 32,000.
- Marksman Gear WorkToMake increased from 39,000 to 119,000.
- Marksman Gear Helmet WorkToMake increased from 18,000 to 38,000.
- Crucible Rifle WorkToMake increased from 20,500 to 120,500.
- Crucible Pistol WorkToMake increased from 10,500 to 50,500.
- Heat Cannon WorkToMake increased from 50,500 to 150,500.
- Crucible Precision Rifle WorkToMake increased from 40,500 to 140,500.
- Plasma Caster projectile speed reduced (5 > 4) and damage reduced (25 > 15)
- Plasma Caster WorkToMake increased from 50,500 to 150,500.
- Plasma Caster Range decreased from 25 to 20.
- Plasma Caster burst count reduced from 3 to 2.

Rimsenal: Feral
- Changed preview picture
- added "menuHidden = true" to all Feral hoods
- decreased meat and leather amount of Ogre (by ~half)

Rimsenal: Security
- Changed preview picture


 Awesome mods and very cool art!  ;D OP's so multi talented.


Cheers Deimos Rast, much appreciated. And Thanks rooki1 of course, for the wonderful mod ^^


But the balance game is always on, here are some more feedback:
@Deimos Rast

>Concussion baton is meant to be a speed-for-damage version of the hammer (31% less cooldown, 37% less damage) but its not worth it in the long run because time-to-kill of the assault hammer is significantly shorter. Well, because the hammer boinks everyone in one hit while the baton takes 2-3 hits to do so, and the offsets are made meaningless. Though I haven't seen what secondary effects the baton has, I haven't seen it stunning anyone (given its "concussion" prefix). Does this thing really stuns people?

>Survival knife is not a weapon, it's a neat toolbelt to equip on non-combat characters. If you try to use this thing on a hunt or during a raid, it'll be like fighting with toothpicks.

>Vibrosword seems balance in theory, but is vastly inferior in combat compared to assault hammer and concussion baton. When used on unarmed colonist, my brawler suffered 4 punches to the face before managing to down the target, whereas a single blow from the hammer blew away the target's leg and consciousness in one fell swoop.

> Nerve suit is intended for melee user, but Nerve suit helmet is a happy trigger item (-20% acc -20% aim time). Meaning that the pieces aren't intended to be worn together since they greedily and unnecessarily try to take on two categories of combat that can't be used together. I suggest the Nerve suit to boost melee accuracy instead. And here is why the Nerve suit helmet shouldn't even try to compete in the firearms race:

> The Nerve suit helmet is vastly inferior to the Dropsuit helmet and extremely inferior to the Marksman helmet. The armor stats are intentional so I won't bring that up, but the bonus stats make the Nerve suit helmet a very sophisticated item.
Nerve suit helmet: -20% accuracy -20% aim time -10% work speed
Dropsuit helmet: +10% accuracy +5% aim time -5% work speed
Marskman helmet : +40% accuracy -10% aim time -50% social chat impact

>Its ironic how the best item to go with the Nerve suit helmet is a Marksman gear on a Careful shooter character, totalling a +60% accuracy and +5% aim time. But even so, the Nerve suit helmet is a spoiled potato compared to the Marksman helmet anyway. Honestly the social chat impact penalty isn't even worth mentioning because I only equip these items on a lonewolf masksman who stand far away from other hunters.

=> The best way to get rid of this problem is, you guess it, make the Nerve suit and helmet completely devoted to melee combat.

Well, I crafted a Nerve suit helmet that is infused with +12% trade price improvement so now it's on my trader/doctor's head. Bummer.


These are awesome and the varying strengths and weaknesses are a great idea.

Also, if you want any help, I am willing to provide graphics or help with code :)


Thanks a lot for the mod rooki, any plans on adding a new trade group?


I can't seem to craft the Exoframe and Pioneer armor, looked at every workbench and the option is not there. Are they meant to be bought from traders and not crafted?

Also, I've tested every weapon aside from Greydale. I'll be doing a detailed analysis on their balance and functions soon, I hope you have time to evaluate and modify them in upcoming patches.


So i'm into my 5th year now and the feral have attacked a few times. One aspect of the attack is the ranged crucifiers  accompanied by the sand leapers/razorteeth. It's a rather common assault tactic the feral use but as a raid it feels like a food delivery service. I'm in a boreal forest and my freezer is essentially stocked with these things.

The notion that a raid gives you tons of food has made my game rather easy and i've largely not even hunted other than to cull wild herbivores from eating my livestock's grazing area. Normally getting meat from raiders required cannibalism which itself not only created a debuff from eating human flesh but also ensured recruiting a psychopath to carve up dead bodies mitigated, only partially, the colony mood penalty of butchering dead raiders.

Now raids generate guilt free food. Maybe razortooth meat should have a taste debuff like insect meat - i'm not sure if this could be easily done with the Defs so what i'm asking might be impossible.

Regardless this situation potential obviates the potential a colony will have to resort to cannibalism which was a cool game mechanic