[1.1] Rimsenal v1.5: beta edition

Started by rooki1, March 03, 2015, 11:54:10 PM

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What do you want to see in the next update?

Improvised equipments pack: Homemade pistol, pipe shotgun, scrap armor... and glorious Thunderstick!
34 (20.5%)
Xeno beasts pack: Is there anyone want to see a genetically modified cyber-raptor?
68 (41%)
Celestial pack: New faction pack. Adds new xeno human faction, the celestials.
64 (38.6%)

Total Members Voted: 166

Voting closed: September 02, 2015, 09:08:09 PM


I've used this mod for a long time and I think it's fantastic work. It's become one of those essential mods that I hate to play without, so I'm happy it updated so fast for A15. That being said, since I enjoy it so much, I figure I should offer a couple pieces of feedback.

The first point is that I agree with ngcq1811 on the Nerve Suit Helmet; given that characters in this game can't use melee and ranged at the same time (like a ranged primary/melee secondary, or vice versa), it's very odd how it conflicts with the melee-centric armor. Not to mention, even if it didn't, and the armor was shooting-based, the marksman helmet and dropsuit helmet blow it out of the water.

The second point is that I love the way the Nemesis armor looks, but I feel like it's missing something compared to the other brands. I get the extreme heat resistance gimmick, but it could really use something more interesting like the other armor sets have (Marksman Gear's amazing shooting and social impact hit, Dropsuit's multitude of bonuses, the Nerve Suit's trade offs, et cetera.)

On a much, much, extraordinarily smaller note, it's named "Reflactor" in-game instead of "Reflector." Usually I wouldn't bother pointing out typos and whatnot, but it's much more obvious when its in the name of armor pieces.

Keep it up!  :)


Small issue with one of your new guns. Kinetic Rifle has some sort of audio warping when firing rapidily that causes audio to crackle on my speakers. i have aluminum Logitech speakers playing at. 24bit 48k Hz. it fires the first time with issue 2nd time it crackles 3 shot it cuts out and causes speakers to pop.


Is EXO-19 from your Rimsenal mod?  If yes, is there any way short of disabling your mod to get rid of it.  The sucker is way over powered, IMHO.


Quote from: asquirrel on October 05, 2016, 01:08:19 PM
Is EXO-19 from your Rimsenal mod?  If yes, is there any way short of disabling your mod to get rid of it.  The sucker is way over powered, IMHO.

Nope its mine and it been changed so it shouldn't spawn anymore but i can't get rid of any in play so try using the kill command on it.
It was an oversite and im sorry.
"So weird looking, like a twisted hulk of man and machine both scary and... well scary i mean it would look like a crab with limbs on limbs."

Yay i have a mod now ''https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=20513.0''; It adds mercs


Has anyone else experienced trade ships not arriving with Hildegard Epic?   


Quote from: Deimos Rast on September 11, 2016, 02:47:54 AM
I just finished putting all the weapons of Rimsenal (regular) into a spreadsheet with stock weapons and High Caliber weapons, and there are a few discrepancies you might be interested in.

Im greatly interested in this information good sir. Might you have it at hand and be kind to share it with me?

Thanks in advanced.


Hello, rooki

We completed the Chinese translation for Rimsenal
Could you add the files to your mods?

RimTrans translation tool for RimWorld
RimWorld-English original text for translating RimWorld
RimWorld-zh.com my translation team website


AGS nest doesn't shoot. It's manned, hold fire is off, a red line appears from the gun to the target, but nothing is fired.


Do we still have a working rimarsenal Combat realism patch? if so can i has links. been trying to find it for a bit now.


I've just noticed that raiders/visitors never appear with most of the content from this mod. Only Pioneer Helmet/Armor and melee weapons (vibrosword, combat blade,..). Nothing else ever spawns with a raider. My colony is 12 years old and super wealthy. Is this intended or a bug?


I tried snooping through the xml files, it looks like the outfits/guns use different tags, that's why they don't spawn with raiders. Again, is this intended?


The JI Siege Gun is broken for hunting.  If an animal is downed and you tell the colonist to hunt them the game will hang for a while, then pop up with an error about a stack overflow.  The colonist is left as "Standing." until I intervene.

Some other errors seem to happen for non-downed animals, but I'm not sure what particular behaviour provoked them.

Only Rimsenal is loaded and on a new map.  The dev tool was used to down an animal prior to hunting.


Are there a compability patch with combat realism? In that mod every gun needs ammo, which makes firing them a bit impossible.


Good luck banana i asked that a while ago and was ignored.


Quote from: Kolljak on December 01, 2016, 11:31:40 AM
Good luck banana i asked that a while ago and was ignored.

We basically ignored it because at that time the Combat Realism mod had stopped being supported by the author at the A14 patch. So you asking if there was a patch for an A14 mod in an A15 mod seemed somewhat nonsensical. Now that the community has made an A15 patch for CR, there may be an update in the future (if A16 is not released before then).

So no, there isn't. Rook1 may work on it in the future, or he may not.