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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Random stuff -

The ability to "make" your colonists when starting a game, giving you x number of points to flesh out skills, maybe start all your skills off at 3, and then you can add points in the different skills. 

Skills -
Leadership â€" Humans are a hierarchical species, and therefore crave leadership (Not true ofcourse :p). Maybe gives a small bonus to different jobs, so that your colonists work harder if your skill is high, and the colonist is the leader of the colony ofcourse. Overseeing jobs and the like.

Ingame stuff -

Leader â€" Make a colonist the leader of the colony. Maybe having a leader makes the colony run a little smoother then it normally world. A small bonus to colonist walking speed and work tempo.

Vermin control areaâ€" Colonist will hunt down small animals â€" Boomrats, squirrels and the like, when they enter that area.

Buildings -

Recycler â€" a building that is able to recycle weapons/debris from walls and the like back into metal, maybe only giving 25% or so back.


Scrap collector â€" Collects free metal on the map (laying around outside)


Characters' movement speed should depend on their situations and health. Colonists shouldn't just leisurely walk to cover when falling back under heavy fire, and mostly-uninjured colonists should be able to catch up with fleeing, near-death raider scum.

Other than that, I'm sure it's been suggested, but it seems like a stun gun would be useful. Very low range, but stuns and potentially incapacitates enemies. Maybe you could carry one as well as a 'primary' gun.
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a power in/out meter for electricity would be good


Not sure if these things are cheap, i have zero understanding of code;
-Machinegun pods, like a fixed MG42 or something. Perhaps mobile but with much more accuracy when deployed on a sandbag. Would be an awesome combination if bunkers or window were to be added.
Maybe applicable to the sniper rifle too?
-Pets, purchased, found or caught. Need food and attention. Provides happiness, some pets could help fight.
-More wildlife(probably mentioned much earlier). A raging unicorn would be the bomb :)


a power in/out meter for electricity



Artillery Emplacement - Large (like 4x4 or something, maybe have a smaller version as well), needs open sky, and fires large shells with a mining charge-type explosion. Would need someone or something to spot for it (If that's not too hard to do), and can't fire within a certain range. Would cost a lot of metal and have a large power draw, and wouldn't be terribly accurate.
Also, as an idea (Even though it's not cheap, time-wise), perhaps it could be set to fire on pods (and other things) entering the atmosphere. Wouldn't be the best at it, but it still could take out, say, 15-25% of a raiding party at best, which could mean something. As a downside, it would prevent you from trading due to shooting down the drop pods full of stuff.

Manned Turret - Lesser power draw, about the same metal cost, and needs to have a drafted colonist to man it. Would pull from the skill of the person. Perhaps have it act as partial cover, too - The turret or the person manning it can be hit.

Defense/Safety Zones - Set like a Home Zone, these would still have colonists fighting fires (More urgently in the Safety Zone), but in the case of a raid, colonists assigned to a defense zone (Or with the 'Defense' job/setting active) will man their stations, taking the best cover they can, manning turrets, etc. If raiders make it into the Home Zone(s) (or just get into the Defense Zone, former might be better), all colonists will attempt to either retreat to the Safety Zone (And block the doors up) or, in the case of a 'Normal' mode (Thinking it could be something toggling between 'Defender', 'Normal', and 'Non-Combatant') act like those set to defend would. It would be a way to be able to set up defenses without having to worry about drafting people all the time. They would (hopefully) be smart enough to avoid grenades, and if the metal is available, the colonists that are building would try to re-build defenses (Or just sandbags/walls) after the attack. The way I see it, it's using the Raider's combat AI and limiting it to a zone.

Herbivore Inertial Generator - Just a treadmill that colonists would drag Muffalos onto, keep them fed, and it would generate some power more or less continuously. You could use a re-named variant of the 'Prisoner Treatment' menu thing to set how well they treat it and how much power it makes. Downside is that if that muffalo gets free and angry.. Well, it's probably close to things that can be blown up.

Mass Grave - The same size as a dumping ground (or maybe just 2x2), can hold a larger number of corpses. Can possibly also be used as a fall trap, but that'd probably be a bit expensive.

Food Dispenser Upgrade - Takes a bit of research, makes the dispenser use more food per meal (possibly), as well as some spices (A different thing for a growing zone), but it's a cheapish way to make a standard level of food that people don't complain about nearly as much (if at all). Produces Ration Paste ("Some spices have been added. It is now mostly edible."), adds a production option in all Nutrient Paste Dispensers.

Item Transport Tube/Item Transport Receptacle - A cross between a stockpile and power lines, only bulky. Have a 2x2 area where colonists can put collected items which, if connected to a pump (For the tubes to have suction), the pump is powered, and there's a tube leading through the pump to the Stockpile, it will quickly transport the item there. Perhaps there could be a range limit on the pumps (Maybe not), and even a slight need to have the Stockpile and Food Dispenser connected by pipe to keep it topped off.
Can then lead to 'Fun' storyteller events ("A boomrat was in the wrong place at the right time and was sucked into your stockpile! It gorged itself on the food within." -15 food, "One of your item pumps has become clogged, and it sounds like a Muffalo is stuck inside." Damage/shutdown of the pumps along a line, won't re-activate until the blockage is cleared.)

Rock Crusher - Has a 3x3 storage area for rocks (is 5x3), destroys the rocks or turns them into a very small amount of metal/other resource or gravel. If gravel, then that could be a tile that you could put down. Slightly faster movement (?), makes a nice crunchy shifty noise. Possibly even using gravel as a resource for an alternate sandbag?

Organic Material Reconstitutionalizer -  Can be used to 'store' corpses in, alternate food dispenser. Dispenses 'Green Goop ("It doesn't smell that bad.. But there's something that feels off about it. Food's food, though.", causes a happiness loss between raw food and nutrient paste, slight fear increase).

That's all I've got for now..


I saw rockets win watching a you tub show and was thinking that u could add rocket turrets/more power stuff /land mines and some sort of med bay thing


Quote from: Voltronguy on October 30, 2013, 03:06:45 AM
Electrified Fences nd allow us to teh Turrets programming so we can make them target wild life, or even our own people during mass riots!

overseers chair, and even artificial intelligence to control turrets or forced systems to work during electrical storm, maybe goes rogue! ok thx!

also please add flame throwers

incenerators for our dead and alsooo traps! incenerator or laserhall way traps from resident eviL!!


i love these ideas

also please add a cybernetics operation station

Id like to also be able to bring back my dead using a

Re-animation Puppet Station- devil technology from the planet Omicronus Perseus 12, used to bring back the dead in state of the art puppet bodies, imbues user with:

like maximum shooting, hand to hand,


Inferred Vision


Research (maybe different bodies can remove this limitation, maybe only some treatments for the dead brain can be made to revive it fully, or only half making it like robocop.)

and then if they mess upo the installation of the brain
negative traits include

Faulty Wiring
0 law (causes madness, and then, well, perfect shooting + madness =  )


Quote from: RebCom1807 on November 02, 2013, 12:46:56 AM
... Organic Material Reconstitutionalizer -  Can be used to 'store' corpses in, alternate food dispenser. Dispenses 'Green Goop ("It doesn't smell that bad.. But there's something that feels off about it. Food's food, though.", causes a happiness loss between raw food and nutrient paste, slight fear increase). ...

"Solvent Green is people!"


Cheap Idea

1) -  Loyal Friend : Dog arrives with crew , Will kill all small non friendly vermine on site ( if 2 or more dogs are on premesis , will kill large animals aswell )

2) -  Overpopulated Colony Ship - Offers to give you 2-3 colonists  ( and or a dog ) in exchange for  100  natural resources of your choice  , per colonist

Your Captain

I'd like to see new areas with the possibility to attaching people to it. It would be a panikbutton for the people to take position when terrible things happen.


I dont have any clue how complicated it would be to do this, but I would like to see some kind of bodies of water. A river, a pond, a lake, etc. it would be cool if my map could randomly generate me on an island in the middle of a lake or something. I could construct a bridge to the rest of the map at 5 metal per bridge section. or construct a boat.... or even a floating colony that i can move (VERY SLOWLY) around the body of water.

Mostly I just want water so that there can be more animal types. more possibilities for emergency food in case my crops get destroyed every day like in the video Swidgey (or whatever his name was) had on youtube. and more tactical options in combat. say you have a river running near your colony and you get attacked by raiders. Maybe some of the raiders try to swim across and cant shoot or defend while in the water. on the other hand, if you kill them in the water, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to scavenge their weapon, and even if you COULD find the weaon, the condition could decrease by 10 points per day

It would be a way to increase terrain variability without adding 'Z' levels


Quote from: CosmicKobal on October 31, 2013, 12:54:20 PM
Another Idea is to add Engineering as a skill. add a 'Workbench' just the same as there are Research tables and depending on your engineers skill lvl, he or she can use metal to make different types of guns and armors. that would introduce crafting without having to have a complicated crafting and component system.

I would suggest a skill lvl of at least 6 just to be able to make a pistol and a skill lvl of 15 to make an M-24

Engineering could even be used as your colonies primary source of income. mine or buy metal, an engineering spends 50 or so metal and 2 or 3 days to make a m16 and you can sell it for 7 or 8 hundred maybe? if you had 2 or 3 engineers you could make enough dough to where you wouldn't even need to grow anything yourself.

maybe certain kinds of trade ships could be more common depending on what your colony focuses on producing? if you make a lot of weapons( decided by a value system that already exist in the already established prices of guns) then more industrial,and weapon ships would stop. if you focused on food production, maybe more farming and slave ships would stop by.


Making it possible for Raiders to pick up weapons on the ground that are better then the ones they have. Would make raiders alot tougher then they are now.


I reckon you should add an escape/retreat zone so when you issue the order all the people who are not drafted run to the escape zone. You could set up turrets in the wall to kill the raiders as they come to the escape/retreat room.