Mountain Fortress

Started by JimmyAgnt007, March 06, 2016, 11:59:10 AM

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I just wanted to share my 20 year old colony with everyone since its now March.  No mods except for some tweaking I did to allow the Antimatter Reactor to be build-able indoors and produce 100k power.  This whole base needs 210k power abouts so there was no way I could do it with solar and geo. 

There are 60 active pawns, could have fit more if I made the rooms smaller but it was starting to stutter as it was.  1 pawn was in stasis.  Also this is the second generation, I had already launched 35 colonists into space.  I dev mode recruited the 5 prisoners i had at the time and launched the ship so they became the new colonists.

As you can see I have massive growing rooms and freezers.  Vaults of MREs and neuro trainers.  Medical facilities for colonists and prisoners.  Even an indoor farm for alpaca fur!  The left entrance was the first one, then expanded across the map.  My little artillery park devastated any siege attempted before it could finish building its own guns.  Originally I had very few turrets, I just added them in later because why not.

Toxic fallout means nothing to me!  So what do you people think?

A16 Fort here,


Where did you get that pile of mufallo carcasses from?  That's impressive!

And I only see 10 mortars... how many shells do you have to fire to actually drive off a siege?
If you give an annoying colonist a parka before banishing him to the ice sheet you'll only get a -3 penalty instead of -5.

And don't forget that the pirates chasing a refugee are often better recruits than the refugee is.


That took a LONG TIME of never butchering them.  Also there are a fair share of Thrumbo corpses.  You get a lot in 20 years.

11 mortars actually, and it takes only a few volleys, i have hundreds of shells so id say 20 shorts or so before they start running.

evil scientist

wow just WOW 20 years ? how long did it actually take to mine that all out ?
a knife in a gun fight this is how its done right ?


I did little bits at a time, expanded as my population grew.  since people are harder to come by as you get bigger its a good way to keep things slowly moving.



How did you get grass for your indoor alpaca farm?


Thats no grass, thats dirty green carpet ;D



Where do you get all your elecricity? Modded reactors?


Yes, dirty green carpet.  lol

Power like i said, was an altered antimatter reactor.


Jimmy. Do you have a name for this beast?
Actual cannibal shia labeouf.


No, I just saved it as whatever the random colony name thing came up with.  I guess I should have named it something awesome.  Whenever A13 comes out Im going to do a totally open map with as few mountains as possible.  See how that goes.


Llama , llama , llama .. Alpaca!! :p


I got tired of them getting killed during every raid so I just put them indoors.